Casual Fling to Relationship: Top 5 Signs If You Suspect Your Casual Relationship is Becoming a Serious Relationship

Casual Fling to Relationship: Top 5 Signs If You Suspect Your Casual Relationship is Becoming a Serious Relationship

Is something serious brewing?

If that question is constantly at the back of your head, don’t be alarmed because it happens to more people involved in casual Short Term Relationships, than you can imagine.

While this man you’ve been seeing started off as a Casual Fling you met off some Casual Encounter App, that doesn’t mean you can’t have your happily ever after with him.

If your Dating Relationship with your “Casual Hookup” exhibits the following characteristics, you can be pretty sure you’re on to something serious towards a Committed Relationship.


Casual Fling to Relationship

Here’s the Top 5 Signs to look out for if you suspect your Casual Dating relationship is getting serious … Enjoy!


1. Caring text messages

Instead of the usual licentious booty call text: “Wanna f*ck tonight?”, he asks a thoughtful “how’s your day?”.

Or, he takes the initiative to send a caring “wanna grab some dinner tonight?”, because he’s afraid that you will be burying your head deep in work, and forgetting all about your dinner, again.

Nowadays, he seems more involved in your life, and is showing more care and concern about you and your well-being.

This is a totally cute and good sign, because he’s probably taking some interest in you, and hoping to get more out of your current Casual Hook Up relationship.

If you think he is potential boyfriend material too, jump on it!


2. You spend more time together (not just for sex) – (#1 Top Casual Fling to Relationship Sign)

He is asking you out more often, and the frequency of the both of you meeting has gone from once a week, to almost every single day.

Every chance he gets or whenever you are free, he’s on the top of the list of who to hang out with (vice versa).

You enjoy his company, and he also craves for your attention.

Essentially, you are both starting to fall love with each other. Aww…


3. Physical touches that do not lead to sex

Physical contact isn’t just restricted to sex now.

He’s gently pushed back your hair, or has even put his arm around your waist, when you were both out.

You have playfully punched him before, and grazed past his hands, when you were walking side by side.

None of it has made you recoil, nor did he show any irritation when it happens.

In fact, you both seem to secretly enjoy these small physical touches.

And you’ve got to admit, that they do make you feel like you have butterflies in your stomach (in a good way of course!).


4. You both engage in a variety of ‘couple’ past times – (#2 Top Casual Fling to Relationship Sign)

Meet-ups are not just Netflix and chill or restricted in each other’s homes or bedrooms now.

They involve the great outdoors, fun couple-type activities (like heading for movies, checking out new food joints, dining at fancy restaurants and even grocery shopping!)

Things are starting to get exciting and you enjoy not just sex with each other, but doing a variety of activities together.

After all, it’s the company that matters, not what you are doing!


5. He compliments you differently nowadays

He used to say “you look hot in this lingerie”. These are superficial comments that only focus on the outward appearance and are very sexual in nature.

But nowadays, he plants deeper compliments like: “It makes me happy to see you happy. Your laugh is seriously contagious and you have such great and positive energy. That’s what I really like about you…”.

These comments focus solely on you, your emotions and you as a person.

Obviously, he is probably also moving away from just the sexual aspect of your relationship, into a more personal and deeper one.

This means he is not merely viewing you as a Casual Fling, but as a person (and potential Serious Dating partner) whom he likes.


Concluding Insights on Casual Fling to Relationship

Obviously if you’re not into something serious, and your Casual Dating relationship starts to show the above-mentioned signs, you have to make sure you address the issues quickly.

It’s really not a good idea to lead the other party on in the direction of a long term Exclusive Relationship, when you’re not the least interested.

Talk it out, and set your expectations straight again. If it doesn’t work out, just walk away.


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