Best App To Find Friends With Benefits: 6 Best FWB Apps that Cater to Your Different Needs and Wants

Best App To Find Friends With Benefits: 6 Best FWB Apps that Cater to Your Different Needs and Wants

With so many FWB Apps in the Dating Market competing for a share of the pie, it can be challenging sometimes to locate the Best Dating App that actually works.

Because of the huge demand for Online Dating Apps of this nature, it’s not surprising that Dating App creators are doing all they can, to differentiate themselves from the rest of the competition.


Top 6 Best App To Find Friends With Benefits

Over here in this insightful article, we share with you some of these Best Friends With Benefits Apps, that cater to the different needs and wants of people, just so that they could grab our attention … Enjoy!


1. For Easy & Successful Matching with FWB Partners, you MUST use HappyMatches ( – (Indisputable #1 Best App to Find Friends With Benefits)

No other FWB Dating App has captured the Friends With Benefits dating niche as successfully and elegantly as

Whilst still a new entrant to the Online Dating market, HM has distinguished itself with its superbly high performance Dating Site and Dating Apps, and advanced verification process (aided by state-of-the-art AI algorithms) to remove bots, scammers, fake and duplicate profiles.

Its unique straightforward concept of “Explicit Dating” is another key strength. Over here, “Date” and “Suitor” profiles alike state upfront the type of Dating Relationship(s) they are looking for (e.g. Friends With Benefits, Hookups, Open Relationship, One Night Stand, Short Term Relationship, Flings, etc.). This makes it easy to filter out the exact profiles that match what you are looking for.

All available Dating Profiles are listed from the GO – which means NO MORE time-wasting swiping to the left or right, waiting endlessly for a “Match” to happen. It is obvious that tiresome and ineffective SWIPING over profiles is already drastically losing its appeal in the modern dating app arena.

Cost-wise, you cannot expect Happy Matches to be any more affordable: “Date” profiles use this FWB Site/FWB App entirely FREE! Whilst for “Suitors” who do the chasing, you can kickstart your premium membership for the first month at a mere USD 1! Superb quality for an incredible price, right?

To stand out as a “Suitor” and attract your most ideal and attractive FWB Dates, simply upgrade your paid membership to a higher level to achieve FWB Dating & Relationship SUCCESS!

Kudos to the HM Team for a fantastic job to make FWB matching so simple, straightforward and effective. It is no wonder that the HappyMatches site is growing so rapidly and explosively, week-on-week and month-on-month, in its loyal user base and activity rate.


2. For an urgent booty-call, try Pure – (Popular #2 Best App to Find Friends With Benefits)

For the veterans out there who have tried just about every single Friends With Benefits App in the market, they would certainly agree with us that Pure is definitely one of the highest performing Dating App.

Why would we say that? Simply because the whole experience at Pure, from the sign-up right to the Hook Up is literally seamless.

When you first open this FWB App, you’re going to blaze through the registration process, since Pure really doesn’t give two hoots about who you are (or who you’re going to bang).

It’s straightforward – once you’ve got an account set up, simply post and wait for a response.

With a community of sex-hungry users as large as Pure, you’re likely to get laid within the hour.


3. For fuss-free one-night stands, try CasualX

For some reason, our experience with ladies at CasualX have been nothing short of amazing.

We’ve gotten lucky on quite a few occasions and had lots of fun banging ladies who are merely looking for a night of fun and excitement.

I suppose that’s one of the biggest advantage about an app like CasualX – it aims only to bring together like-minded individuals who are just looking for a Hook Up; nothing more.

Functionality-wise, it works pretty much like Tinder, minus the people who are looking for serious relationships.


4. For the busy professional, try Now

If you’re single, eligible, horny and simply can’t find time to have fun with ladies, you’ve got to try Now.

It’s a Casual Dating App that is designed for busy professionals, who need something that gets the job done – land them a date (or get them laid).

The awesome feature about Now, is that it allows users to indicate their availability, and also upload their schedule.

This really cuts down the time needed for matching to take place, and at the very least, you’d know that you aren’t wasting your time.

Frankly, we haven’t had much luck with Now so far, but I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot?


5. If you fancy a strong lady, try Coffee Meets Bagel

No, we’re not referring to ladies who can lift you up with their finger. Instead, we are talking about ladies who enjoy their privileged status in Coffee Meets Bagel.

If you haven’t already known, Coffee Meets Bagel gives female users special rights – guys won’t get a chance to ‘speak’ unless the ladies have shown some interest through the Dating App.

Definitely not our kind of FWB App, but if you don’t mind waiting for things to happen, you could try your luck here.


6. If you’re rich and insecure, try The Inner Circle

The name of this Friends With Benefits App is pretty self-explanatory we’d say.

Creators of this Online Dating App are fully aware, of how some men out there are just not too inclined, to spend their wealth on girls who are not worthy.

These men prefer to be in a mutually beneficial relationship (that goes beyond sex and orgasms). That’s how the Inner Circle came about.

It’s really about meeting people who are as successful as you, so you could say that there’s some kind of networking involved here.

If you’re considering joining this FWB Dating App, you’d better have an active LinkedIn account.


Concluding Insights on 6 Best App To Find Friends With Benefits

Are these the only FWB Apps out there that are trying to be different? Certainly not.

In fact, it’s impossible for us to list all of them here. Though we strongly recommend that you try to succeed in FWB Dating.

Take your time to explore around – we’re sure you’d be able to find something that works for you eventually.


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