Friends With Benefits Or Dating: 8 Clear Signs Your FWB Wants a Serious Relationship Instead of Just Getting Into Your Pants

Friends With Benefits Or Dating: 8 Clear Signs Your FWB Wants a Serious Relationship Instead of Just Getting Into Your Pants

Ladies aren’t the only emotional creatures out there. Men do have their emotions too.

If Casual Arrangements have always been your thing, you’d probably come across men who just can’t seem to keep things status quo.

For some reason, they would try to force the Casual Relationship into something a little more serious, and most of the time it’s wishful thinking on their part.

In any case, here are the Top 8 Obvious Signs to watch out for, because it’s high time you re-draw the boundaries with him, before anything complicated starts to happen … Enjoy!


Friends With Benefits Or Dating


1. He probes about your availability – (Top #1 Clear Sign for Friends With Benefits Or Dating)

At times, he might try to ask if you’d consider going out with him long term (if he’s direct).

Otherwise, he might try some indirect means.

The reason why he’s doing this is because he is clearly interested in you, and he’s just curious as to whether you’ve got other suitors.


2. He looks at you in an endearing way – (Popular #3 Clear Sign for Friends With Benefits or Dating)

Men who are just out to f*ck your brains out all have that look.

But if you ever noticed any guy looking at you in a somewhat loving way, there’s a possibility that he’s genuinely interested in you.

Trust your instincts on this because you’re most likely right about this.


3. He buys you gifts

If he’s meeting you just for sex, it doesn’t make any sense for him to buy you gifts (unless they’re sex toys that you could play with together).

Obviously, it shows a lot and you might want to consider making things clear with him (if an exclusive Committed Relationship isn’t in your agenda).


4. He’s asking you out, and it’s not for sex – (Best #2 Clear Sign for Friends With Benefits Or Dating)

He’s getting you to go to the movies with him, shop with him, and he even has plans for a road trip.

If he just wants to get into your pants, he definitely wouldn’t go to such lengths.

It’s highly likely he wants to engage with you in other aspects, beyond just the bedroom.


5. He invites you to gatherings

Here’s a SURE SIGN that he’s interested to take things up a notch with you.

Guys would absolutely avoid bringing their flings to family events, or introduce them to friends.

The fact that he’s willing to do that is a clear message, and you really have to give him an answer now.


6. He tries to impress you

You’re clearly impressed with his bedroom skills already (that’s why he’s your f*ck buddy), but you’re starting to notice that he’s trying to impress you in other departments as well.

He whips up a good plate of steak and shows off his sashimi cutting skills.

He is just addicted to impressing you about everything, aside from what you see in the bedroom.


7. He plays the jealousy card

IF you ever try to talk about other men in his presence, he will not take it lightly, and will often try to get back at you with their own stories.

At times, these stories they share (about how hot this supposed lady is) are not even real.

They just don’t like the idea of you hanging out with other men. Period.


8. You feel he’s hiding something from you

There have been a few occasions when you thought he had something to say, but he eventually freaked out and decided against it.

You know he wants to tell you something, at the same time you sense the apprehension in him to share his thoughts.

Well, we all know what this is about. It’s up to you, if you want to help him out here.


Concluding Insights on Friends With Benefits Or Dating

Always remember what FWBs are for – sex and nothing more. Unless you too, are also keen to move things with him, into a serious Romantic Relationship as well.

If you allow emotions to come into the picture, you’re jeopardizing that autonomy and freedom of FWB relationships.

Be sure to make things clear if there is ever a need to – even if it means repeating yourself countless times.


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