FWB Dating: Top 5 Dating Tips on How to Make Men Crazily Desperate for You in a Friends With Benefits Relationship

FWB Dating: Top 5 Dating Tips on How to Make Men Crazily Desperate for You in a Friends With Benefits Relationship

Are you a lady who is addicted to sex, but frustrated with the massive number of your own species on Casual Dating Apps and Casual Relationship Sites?

If so, you’re probably looking for ways to attract more men to your profile.

We gotta say that you’re a rare species indeed and we absolutely adore you.

Honestly, we think the world needs more ladies like you, and that’s why we know all the things you can do to make men crazily desperate for you … Enjoy!


FWB Dating: How to Make Men Crave for a FWB Relationship With You


1. Go straight to the point – (Top #1 FWB Dating Tip)

Guys deal in business-like ways.

And that means you got to be direct and straight to the point.

If you’re wet and horny, make sure that reads clearly on your profile.

If you like to be f*cked from behind, be sure to write that down as well.

You will be surprised by how many hits you’ll get just by being downright truthful about the things you love to do behind closed doors.


2. Consider a fetish (even if you’re not into it)

Guys love kinky girls.

And how can they tell if a lady is kinky? Fetish is the answer.

For some weird reason, guys are attracted by ladies who share the same fetish as them.

If you’re looking for a quick, relatively harmless fetish to include in your profile just to score some hits, including the word ‘lace’ in your description might just do the trick.

Plenty of guys are turned on by lacy stockings, bra, panties, you name it.

Go ahead and you’d be surprised.


3. Non-nude photos – (Best #2 FWB Dating Advice)

Nope, you didn’t hear us wrong – non-nude photos.

That’s the best way to get the attention of guys and to get their imagination running wild.

The internet has made it far too easy to access naked girls and that’s why the non-naked ones are more desirable these days.

A few suggestive poses could do the trick.

If you’re up for it, upload some accidental ‘slips’ of yourself – a peek into what you’re wearing underneath, may just be all it needs for a guy to send you a text.

To avoid issues with any of your “more suggestive” profile pictures being “flagged out” by other users, be sure to use a quality FWB Relationship site like HappyMatches.com which has the “private photos” function.

In this way, you can be more selective about who you want to show these more intimate photos of yourself with.


4. Don’t talk about your personal life

It’s obvious that the guys who are looking for a quick f*ck, aren’t keen to know about your personal life.

So if there’s ever a description field called ‘hobbies and interests’ that asks for your inputs, don’t waste your time and just skip it.

Alternatively, you can use that to write about your sexual interests, favorite positions, type of men etc. You get what we mean.


5. Lead him in slowly

If you get a text message (we’re pretty sure you would), don’t be too quick to suggest a meet-up, no matter how wet and horny you are.

What you can do instead is to engage in some sexting, or even send him a pic of your sticky juices on your finger.

The point is to withhold your naked body from him until he starts begging for it.

You need to be the one in control so that the sex will be explosive when you meet up eventually.


Concluding Insights on FWB Dating

There’re plenty of guys out there (even more so than ladies), looking for f*ck buddies so you are pretty much in a good place.

The challenge then, is to stand out from the rest of the ladies who are also as desperate as you.

If a particular Online Dating App or Online Dating Site doesn’t give you any leads, it’s always a good idea (though quite troublesome and time-consuming) to consider whether to register yourself on multiple platforms.

Before you hop onto other Dating Apps and Dating Websites, be sure to register yourself on HappyMatches.com, which is popularly renowned as the World’s Best & Most Effective Dating Site for Casual Dating and finding your ideal attractive and charming Friends With Benefits partners.

The established and popular ones are always good places to start, since your profile is more likely to be viewed by a much larger pool of potential male FWB Dates.


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