FWB Dating Site: Top 8 Best FWB Dating Apps & FWB Dating Websites for Singles & Anyone Ready to Mingle

FWB Dating Site: Top 8 Best FWB Dating Apps & FWB Dating Websites for Singles & Anyone Ready to Mingle

With such a wide variety of choices, it can be hard to make a decision as to which FWB App or FWB Website to sign up for.

The solution? Sign up for a few FWB Sites, and let your luck do the rest. The numbers are in your favor if you do that.


FWB Dating Site: Best FWB Dating Apps & Top FWB Dating Websites to Find Friends With Benefits

Here are a few of the highly recommended FWB Dating Site to get things started on your search for FWB Partners … Enjoy!


1. Happy Matches (www.happymatches.com)

HappyMatches is clearly the market leader for the Friends With Benefits dating niche. It is the kingpin, and most exciting and established FWB Dating Site and FWB Dating App in the world.

HM is equipped with a solid World’s First facial recognition verification feature, together with other advanced algorithms. These effectively eradicate bots, scammers, fake and duplicate profiles which continue to plague most other Dating Sites and Dating Apps, marring their user experience.

Add to this an elegant and intuitive site layout, and a very affordable usage cost (i.e. Free for “Date” accounts, USD 1 for 1st month for “Suitor Accounts”), this high performance FWB App and FWB Site is growing its User base by leaps and bounds week after week.


2. Mocospace (https://www.mocospace.com/)

This FWB Dating App with a quirky name, might be good for those who are looking not to put all their eggs into one basket.

When it comes to Online Dating Apps, it’s always a good idea to sign up for a few, and just let luck do the rest.

Mocospace features a smooth interface and it’s really easy to learn its features quickly. It won’t be long before you find a date here we’re certain.


3. OkCupid (https://www.okcupid.com/)

The algorithms in OkCupid are pretty smart we’d say.

That’s because it matches people, based on a certain “percentage” level that is calculated based on the profile of users.

So it makes sense that you put in more effort into writing a full profile, so that the system algorithm can do its job properly.

The interface is also pretty much like Tinder – just swipe and you’re good to go.


4. JustSayHi (https://jsh.mingle.com/)

Now we all know a picture says a thousand words but what about videos?

JustSayHi is a platform that is BIG on videos, because its creators wanted to create a platform, where its members get a full picture of who they’re meeting.

Let’s just say that, it’s much tougher for videos to lie about how somebody looks.

The site allows unlimited chatting which is great – and if all is well between two people, they just have to “heart” each other to arrange a date.


5. Surge (https://www.surgeapp.co)

This is definitely one of the most fastest growing FWB Apps for Gay Men.

Unlike the conventional raunchy Dating Sites which are aplenty, Surge focuses on driving activism and encouraging men in their platform, to engage about issues which are of global significance.

It’s bringing Gay Dating to an all new level, but at the same time, you can expect the quality of men here to be good.


6. Mingle2 (https://mingle2.com/)

Now the best part of Mingle2 is that it is a completely free website.

You won’t find any surprise pop-ups asking for your credit card information, or fake marketing techniques that entice you with “FREE” membership (yet asking for your credit card details).

We’ve all been through that bullsh*t, and we don’t have to subject ourselves to more.

The community is huge, and your chances of landing a suitable FWB Date is pretty good, we would say.


7. Jaumo (https://www.jaumo.com/)

Yet another free website, the user interface of Jaumo is clean and easy to pick-up.

The owners of Jaumo claims, that everything about the website is managed in-house, and that means there is a great extent of support for users if it is ever needed.

The concept is pretty much no-frills – chat, flirt, meet-up and the rest they say is history.

It boasts a HUGE number of users signing up daily, so why not give it a shot?


8. Scruff (https://www.scruff.com/)

Another website for Gay Men as well as other alternative arrangements.

Scruff boasts close to 12 million users, and its community is still growing fast.

Its FWB App previously ran into some issues with the Google Play store, due to explicit content uploaded by its users.

However, it has since managed to pick itself up, and is continuing to provide a smooth user experience.


Concluding Insights on FWB Dating Site

Not getting any dates with a potential Friends With Benefits? Patience is key.

Just remember not to let your family or colleague peek at your phone, or they’d be disturbed by the FWB Dating Apps and FWB Dating Site you have.


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