FWB Or Dating: If You're a Lady Who Harbors These 5 Thoughts, Friends With Benefits Is Your Cup of Tea

FWB Or Dating: If You’re a Lady Who Harbors These 5 Thoughts, Friends With Benefits Is Your Cup of Tea

Are you thinking whether FWB Relationships are your kind of thing?

And wondering, if you would be able to survive the No-Strings-Attached nature of such Casual Relationships?

It’s perfectly normal for ladies like you, to ask themselves such questions about Casual Dating.

After all, you wouldn’t want to be getting yourself into something, which you would later regret.

FWB Dating may sound all fun and enticing, with all the promises of great sex without the emotional baggage.

However, you’d be surprised by how many ladies go into it, only to realize that they made the wrong decision.


FWB or Dating

If you want to be absolutely certain that you are made for such FWB Open Relationships, these thoughts should have occurred to you before you plunge into one … Enjoy!


1. I have no qualms about sex on the first date – (#2 Top FWB or Dating Advice)

If you can say that confidently without any uncertainty, you could at least be sure that Non Monogamous Relationships can be an option for you.

In order for you to be in such Casual Dating Relationships, you obviously need to fulfill one key criterion – the love for sex.

And, having no qualms about sex on the first date is evidently one way of showing it.

Looks like we’re off to a good start!


2. Sex is a MUST for every relationship

If you feel that a Dating Relationship cannot survive without sex, you are essentially saying, that it is a crucial aspect of every Romantic Relationship.

Consequently, this equates to you being an avid lover of sex, which further suggests that Friends With Benefits Relationships might just be your kind of thing!

Glad we’re on the same page here. For those who feel that sex is not important in a Non Exclusive Relationship, they are probably just not doing it right.


3. Who cares what next, as long as he makes me cum … – (#1 Top FWB or Dating Tip)

Do you feel used, extremely needy or emotional, right after sex?

Or do you feel satisfied, and can’t wait to experience the next round (perhaps with your real boyfriend, who is waiting to pick you up)?

If you fall into the 2nd category, you can be damn sure that open Short Term Relationships are for you.

And Congrats! Because you seem to have this extremely rare ability, to compartmentalize sex and pleasure, from all other emotions.

Most ladies can’t do that. So embrace this gift and don’t waste it away!


4. He’s watching porn? Oh okay

Would you feel disgusted or infuriated, if you were to find out that your boyfriend has been watching porn?

And wanking off to them, behind your back?

If you can be totally chill about this, and think that it’s perfectly okay for boys to watch pornography (heck, even you watch them sometimes), you are TOTALLY a Friends With Benefits Dating kind of person.

Not every lady would be able to stomach the fact, that their man is masturbating to other naked girls.

So if you genuinely don’t give a f*ck, and in fact, feel that porn is doing good to your sex life (since he probably can last longer now that he has shot off a load), you really don’t have to reconsider this Casual Encounters FWB thing.


5. He’s going away for 2 months? YESSS!

Suppose your boyfriend is going away on a work trip for 2 months …

Would you be balling your eyes out, or celebrating your new-found freedom?

If your answer is the latter, you are damn well suited for FWB Casual Relationships.

People in such open Non Monogamous Relationships treasure freedom more than anything else.

Because it means, that there’s no need to account for one’s actions to anybody.

Friends With Benefits Dating and Relationships, are all about satisfying each other’s sexual cravings, and nothing more.


Concluding Insights on FWB or Dating

Honestly, it’s tough for a lady to fit all the above descriptions.

If any of them doesn’t fit you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that FWB Relationships are not for you.

We’re just talking about an ideal case scenario here (which hardly exists in reality, we know).

In any case, if MOST of the above sound familiar, stop wasting time! You are definitely going to enjoy your FWB Casual Relationships.


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