How To Date A Friend With Benefits: Top 5 Best FWB Advice for Friends With Benefits Relationship

How To Date A Friend With Benefits: Top 5 Best FWB Advice for Friends With Benefits Relationship

She’s/He’s hot, has a great personality, is great in bed and whips up a mean breakfast the day after. You know she’s/he’s everything you want. Yet, you are both still in a confusing state of a FWB Relationship.

You can’t tell whether she/he is ready to take your relationship to the next level, yet at the same time you can foresee the both of you together. Wondering how to date a friend with benefits? Keen to learn how to make your hot FWB WANT to get serious with you?

Instead of mere wishing, hoping and praying for that happily ever after, here We Share Our Top 5 Practical Insights to make her/him want to get into a Serious Relationship with you … Enjoy!


How To Date A Friend With Benefits: Our Top 5 Best FWB Advice


1. Find Similar Interests and Hobbies – (#1 Top Advice on How to Date a Friend With Benefits)

Hang out with her/him. Do things that you both enjoy (besides having sex). Look at similar interests you both have and do what makes both of you happy.

If you are both movie buffs, catch the latest Marvel movies at the theaters. If you are both foodies, grab some lunch at a highly recommended restaurant your colleagues been telling you about.

Sooner or later, she/he will realize that “hey, you’re pretty cool and I really like spending time with you”. This would definitely make it easier for her/him to ask you out for a date, rather than just make a booty call.


2. Do Not Put Your Eggs Into One Basket, Stay Available! – (#2 Top Advice on How to Date a Friend With Benefits)

Instinctively, you may think that you should stop seeing your other FWBs to make yourself available to this one lady/guy you want to be serious with. But this may backfire because you may appear too invested in her/him.

Inevitably, without the companionship (and sex) from the other FWBs, you may become needy and she/he may freak out. It is always good to have a handful of FWBs around so you would not set your sights on just one particular lady/guy so soon.

With a string of ladies/guys around you, not only will you increase your self-esteem and attractiveness by ten-fold, she/he may also perceive you to be a highly coveted sex goddess which only makes her/him want to own you more.

That way when she/he gets you, she/he would feel like the luckiest lady/guy in the world.


3. Get to Know Her Bffs/His Mates …

If she/he ever gives you a chance go hang out with her bffs/his buddies, jump at it! But just be really mindful not to appear too desperate for them to like you or that you have been waiting donkey years for this golden opportunity.

The key here is to be nice and genuine, and treat them like your own friends. The rest would take care of itself. If a potential FWB opportunity presents itself at such meetings, there’s really no harm taking it up!

It’s always a good idea to get her/him jealous and hungry for you. Truth be told, ladies/guys absolutely loathe the idea of ‘sharing’ – and that includes FWB relationships.


4. … and of course Get to Know Her/His family (& Get Them to Like You. A Lot!)

If she/he invites you to a family event, good news! She/He probably sees you as someone she/he really likes; so much so that she/he would like her/his loved ones to meet you as well.

We all know that first impressions count, so be ready to dress appropriately for the occasion and bring along a nice gift fit for the event. If you’re not sure what to bring, don’t be shy to ask her/him.

She/He may be pleasantly caught by surprise that you care so much about this invitation, so take the chance to let her/him know! Once you get into the good books of her/his loved ones, it’s half the battle won!

Just try not to seem too interested in his younger or elder brother even if you really are.


5. Know Her/His Likes and Dislikes

If you both have been hanging out long enough, and presuming that you’ve been observant all this while, you should have a rough gauge as to what her/his likes and dislikes are.

Take for instance – is she/he into tea or coffee? Does she/he like his eggs scrambled, fully-cooked or poached? What are her/his hobbies? Does she/he collect anything out of interest?

Knowing answers to these questions could put you in a favorable position to pleasantly surprise her/him. Through your actions, let her/him know that she’s/he’s more than just the vixen/stud in bed.


Concluding Insights on How to Date a Friend With Benefits

As much as you’d like to progress into a serious relationship, never ever jump the gun and ask her/him to be yours explicitly. That’s a huge no-no and it’s literally FWB-suicide.

Not only will you lose your nights filled with multiple orgasms, but you could also totally jeopardize the chance of her/him asking you to be her/his bae if there’s ever a possibility in the future.

Always be in control and play it cool, no matter how much you’re dying to make her/him yours. The aim is for her/him to ask you to be in a committed and serious relationship, not the other way around.

This definitely takes patience and time, so do not rush right into it. Good things come to those who wait.

So wait it out, have more Friends With Benefits fun in the meantime, and nature will take its course!


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