How To End A Friends With Benefits Relationship: Top 4 Advice for Breaking Up with Your Lady FWB (Guys Edition)

How To End A Friends With Benefits Relationship: Top 4 Advice for Breaking Up with Your Lady FWB (Guys Edition)

“People come and go” – For those who are in FWB Relationships, you really can’t deny the truth behind this saying.

While it is easy to get hooked up and enjoy nights of exciting, raunchy sex, things become a whole lot trickier when you decide to “come and go”.

It could be because you’re getting used to her moaning, or it could be that sex with her is just getting too routine. Whatever the case, we know you want to move on (to her hot girlfriends, probably, or to other girls).


Top 4 FWB Advice on How to End a Friends With Benefits Relationship

So here are some Top 4 Proven & Effective Tips to do it right and properly (whether like a gentleman or not), so that you don’t hurt her and her feelings as much as possible … Enjoy!


1. Wane off the sex – (Top #1 Tip on How To End A Friends With Benefits Relationship)

You may not be able to resist the idea of some great break-up sex before you call it quits, but we advise you to stop before you regret it.

These kinds of situation messes up with your rational mind and may complicate your already complicated Friends With Benefits Relationship with her.

If you have already decided to end your relationship with your FWB, chances are there is a good reason why and you should stick to that.

You may end up getting hurt or hurting her if you decide to still prolong this intimate physical contact with her.


2. Break up through text – it’s ungentlemanly, but who cares right?

If possible, make the break-up fuss-free and straight to the point.

Since FWB Relationships tend to be casual and fleeting, breaking up with a text should not be too big of a deal.

Make it simple and send her a text message without attaching any emotional baggage along with it.

If you’re caught in such situations frequently, you might want to draft out this breakup message and save it properly for future use.

People come and go in FWB Dating. They’ll get it.


3. Initiate the break-up somewhere public

If your FWB tries to avoid the topic or did not address your text message about the break-up, choose to meet somewhere public to initiate the break-up.

This could be at a pizza joint, the park, a normal Starbucks cafe, or even just the supermarket.

Chances are she would not react badly to the break-up, because there are many eyes watching. And things will not stray to the dark side (relapse to break-up sex again) as you are both in public.

Just be mindful in choosing the location to talk about the break-up.

It shouldn’t be somewhere too private (eg. a hotel room or either person’s place) or too romantic (eg. a beach resort setting).

In case you both fall back into the vicious cycle of being FWB again.


4. Provide her the real reason for wanting to breakup – (#2 Best Advice on How To End A Friends With Benefits Relationship)

The best-case scenario would be to be completely open and truthful to her on the reason of the break-up.

Since you wouldn’t have to be afraid of her uncovering your lies in the future.

This also allows her to fully understand the situation so she can move on to another relationship, FWB or with whomever she likes.

With your honesty, she will have closure for this FWB Relationship.

So, be a man and tell her the truth because even though she’s just your FWB, she deserves it.


Concluding Insights on How to End a Friends With Benefits Relationship

So how to end a Friends With Benefits Relationship? Exiting a FWB relationship shouldn’t be that tough.

Especially if you have been following the rules of the game, and making sure things don’t get too burdensome and emotional.

If she is still not accepting anything you say for the break-up, just tell her that your ex is back, and you would like to try to work it out with her. This excuse works almost 100% of the time.

Sometimes, a white lie is needed to get you out of things. But do only use this as a last resort.


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