Looking For Friends With Benefits: Top 6 Fun Facts & Hard Truths about a FWB Relationship

Looking For Friends With Benefits: Top 6 Fun Facts & Hard Truths about a FWB Relationship

We got to admit that although FWB relationships come with a ton of frivolous fun, there could be pain and heartache at times too.

As with all things in life, we wouldn’t want to merely paint you a rosy picture of the situation, and keep you in the dark about the (slightly) scary things of having a FWB.

We believe it’s good for you to know them, so that you are a well-informed player in the game.

Here we play the devil’s advocate and uncover the hard truths of FWB Dating, while also revealing the exciting and fun stuff it entails which assures us that it’s all worthwhile.


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Looking for Friends With Benefits?

Here’s 6 Interesting Facts you need to know about a FWB Relationship before plunging into one … Enjoy!


1. Fun Fact: You get to f*ck, leave, repeat.

Need we elaborate the benefits of No Strings Attached sex?

Imagine having a good time, taking a hot bath to recharge, before heading right to another hot babe’s place to have another round of sizzling hot sex!

You don’t have to be bothered about staying over at her place and giving her cuddles, and making her feel like she is the queen just because she decided to give you a blow job.

Flirt, mingle and have as many other FWBs as you like because you aren’t restrained or held back by any commitment. That’s the beauty of having a no-strings-attached FWB Relationship.


2. Hard Truth: You may fall in love.

In an ideal FWB Relationship scenario, the parties involved are devoid of emotions and are literally there to fulfill the sexual needs of each other.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that we are humans capable of feeling emotions, the intimacy we share with our FWB may very likely fuel us into the trap of a Serious Relationship. One has to be an unfeeling or heartless freak to not develop any feelings for your FWB, especially if you see her regularly.

The fact that you have decided to be FWBs with her would mean that you can connect and have a physical attraction towards her.

With time, it may develop into something more. You are treading on thin ice, so always be aware of your feelings in case you end up falling head over heels in love with her.


3. Fun Fact: You get to experiment.

If once isn’t enough, you can always negotiate for two. If conventional sex is too boring for you, you could always try to coerce her best friend to join in for a threesome.

That of course, is on the assumption that your FWB is perfectly fine with it (and that you’re up for it).

The beauty of being in a FWB Relationship is that you get to evolve your sex life in the way you deem fit. For instance, seeing your FWB twice a week to have sex and not having any sleepovers thereafter.

These will inexplicably become part of your routine with your FWB, so long as you both are satisfied and contented with this arrangement and nobody ever questions it.

Have fun experimenting without the fear of being judged!


4. Hard Truth: Sometimes (most of the time), people forget.

Even though you both know the importance of setting ground rules, expectations, and jolly well sticking to them, in reality, you both are so absorbed in the sex that these conversations don’t happen.

Although it is necessary in an FWB Relationship, no one wants to be an absolute killjoy and start talking about the boundaries you both should abide by, reciting the commandments to not fall for one another or to not invade into each other’s private space and lives, so on and so forth.

Naturally, these important matters get pushed off and that’s when things will become complicated (when it’s too late). Perhaps knowing this piece of hard fact will save you the misery of heartache in future.


5. Fun Fact: Friendships and FWBs are compatible.

Studies have shown that majority of friends that get involved as FWBs are likely to become friends again.

Friendship triumphs all, and a little sex isn’t going to hurt most friendships in the long run.

With an increasingly liberal and open-minded society, FWBs are getting more and more common and many people are getting it on with friends and acquaintances who are at least people they know and trust.

It’s really no biggie to screw around anymore.


6. Hard Truth: Happily ever after’s are a rare occurrence.

Research has shown a correlation whereby couples who started off as FWBs are unlikely to take their relationship to a more serious level.

Some cite insecurities that this person may be on the lookout for other Casual Relationships even if they are dating them and that their partner may stray and be unfaithful.

Simply put, it’s hard to trust someone whom you know has been sleeping around without a care in the world.

So if you’re looking to make serious progress with a FWB, you can try but don’t get your hopes up. We say you’re better off starting from a clean slate.


Concluding Insights on Looking for Friends With Benefits

Armed with these hard truths and fun facts, we trust you’re now in a better position to determine if you’re ready to be part of the game.

So if you’re decided on looking for Friends With Benefits: Have fun, and stay safe while you’re at it!


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