What Is A FWB Relationship: 5 Exclusive Secrets to Make a Friends With Benefits Relationship Work for You

What Is A FWB Relationship: 5 Exclusive Secrets to Make a Friends With Benefits Relationship Work for You

“No relationship, no emotions, just sex” proclaimed Mila Kunis in a Hollywood rom-com, Friends with Benefits starring her alongside with Justin Timberlake. With sex in the equation, things get rough and a tad messy between the two sexy co-stars in the box-office topping film.

Let’s just put it this way – when you’re FWB with someone, you’re not exactly friends with that person, nor are you dating them either. It’s this grey-area where things can get a little complicating, but with boundaries and your feelings in check, your FWB Relationship could very well work out.


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What is a FWB Relationship & How to Make a Friends With Benefits Relationship Work?

So, having explained “What is a FWB Relationship” above, How does one make it work? In this article, we share some of the Top & Best 5 Proven Tips from FWB Couples who actually managed to make their Friends With Benefits Relationship work … Enjoy!


1. Find Someone Totally “Undate-able” to be Your FWB

We don’t mean someone totally abhorrently disgusting that you cannot bear the look of his face. I mean, you still have to do the deed with this person and we don’t think you’d want to always do it with the lights off.

He probably just has to be someone you won’t consider dating because he has widely differing hobbies or clashing political and moral outlooks as you do.

Consider carefully if you’d fall for this person, and if there’s even a slight indication of ‘yes’, scurry on, or risk suffering a heartache later.

Falling for your FWB is a big NO NO. So an early round of screening would definitely do you much good!


2. See No Evil, Hear No Evil and Speak No Evil. Basically, Mind Your Own Business

Chant to yourself and make this your personal mantra “See no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil“.

This is especially relevant to keep a good FWB Relationship up and running. Ignorance is bliss and it’s best to know that certain topics (especially those of a personal nature) are off-limits even though you may be itching to know.

For instance you don’t need to know who was that girl who texted him the other day or how many exes he has. Knowing too much information just puts you in a position where you get jealous and upset.

It stirs up a whole load of BS and drama. Be detached, be zen and just enjoy the sex.


3. Don’t Do the Couple Things (with Sex being the Exception)

If your FWB asks you out for movies, brings you out for brunch and sleeps over at your place and does all sorts of relationship-y stuffs with you, and you are the sort to fall for someone over these, it’s best for you to steer clear.

It may just be his character or he could be playing nice, however you have to bear in mind that he is your FWB and both of you are not romantically involved.

Draw clear lines and check your feelings so you don’t get too ahead of yourself and fall head over heels in love with your f*ck buddy who has no intentions of dating you.


4. Don’t Lecture Him

Don’t hound him when he didn’t text you back or badger him because he spent the night out with his mates and did not return your calls.

Don’t interrogate him just because you found out that he has visited pornography websites and had forgotten to clear his history.

He is not your boyfriend and he doesn’t have to answer to you nor be responsible towards you.

In FWB Relationships, there are no commitments so besides the sex, there are no strings attached.


5. Explore Each Other’s Desires

It’s important to keep the flame alive, just like any other Dating Relationship. If you ever feel that things are getting less steamy than they ought to be, suggest something kinky and explore your fantasies together.

If you’re into uniforms, ask him to get a pilot suit off a website and you could perhaps complement the session with a nurse outfit which he so desires.

If you’re into threesomes or even something more exciting, feel free to talk it out with him (he may very well just be waiting for you to suggest it!)

Remember that it takes effort to keep a Friends With Benefits Relationship going, only that in a FWB setting, it’s actually fun to put in the effort.


Concluding Insights on What is a FWB Relationship & How to Make a Friends With Benefits Relationship Work for You

You would know by now “What is a FWB Relationship”.

If you aren’t too keen on the “maintenance” of a FWB Relationship, there’s always the option of letting go and finding another; and there’s totally no harm in that as well!

BUT – if you find someone highly compatible and loves exploring kinky things just like you, it will pay to invest a little, and try to prolong this Friends With Benefits Relationship.

After all, it’s hard for good f*ck buddies to come by!


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