Gay Singles Vacations: Top 5 Best Travel Destinations for Gay Men & Gay Guys Who are Singles

Gay Singles Vacations: Top 5 Best Travel Destinations for Gay Men & Gay Guys Who are Singles

Traveling is a great way to broaden one’s horizons, learn about new cultures and meet new people.

However, it could be difficult and intimidating for gay singles because they lack the knowledge and experience to do so, causing them to put it off until they’re ready to travel with their partner, family, or friends.

Travelling alone and single could very well be that breath of fresh air that you need, and you might even meet someone along the way.

Before you completely shelve the idea, let us guide you through a couple of destinations and experiences that might ultimately make you change your mind.


Gay Singles Vacations

Here are the Top 5 Solo Travel Destinations for Gay Singles … Enjoy!


1. Thailand – (#1 Top Gay Singles Vacations Destination)

Often touted as one of the most gay-friendly places to travel to, Thailand is perfect for first time travellers, gay and straight alike.

In Thailand, gay, lesbian, and trans lifestyles are generally accepted, and the locals are friendly to everyone.

You’ll be able to find gay tour operators here that’ll guide you along the different sights and sounds of The Land of Smiles.

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you can always explore the vibrant city on your own.

With great shopping, delicious food, and interesting nightlife, it’s no wonder Thailand is popular with Gay Travelers.


2. Copenhagen

With a long and admirable history of promoting freedom and gay rights, Copenhagen is a travel destination where anyone is always welcome anywhere.

It is one of the world’s most travelled places due to the rise of Hygge, a Danish lifestyle concept that embraces comfort, simplicity and minimalism, as well as the gastronomical revolution of Nordic cuisine.

Combined with various museums and cultural landmarks that stretches way back to the Viking times, world-class public transport, and inviting public spaces, it’s easy to see why everyone’s flocking to this lively Scandinavian capital.


3. Amsterdam

South of Copenhagen lies Amsterdam, another popular gay-friendly city that sees throngs of tourists every year.

Spend your sizzling summer in this Dutch metropolis and immerse yourself in its culture.

The Netherlands plays an important role internationally, and you can pop by to visit the International Court of Justice, International Criminal Court, and the Permanent Court of Arbitration just southwest of Amsterdam.

The Gay and Lesbian Summer Festival is not to be missed, as it remains one of the biggest and best celebrations of Gay Pride around the globe.

LGBT films are constantly being screened on weekends during the festival, and on the last Sunday, you’ll be able to binge watch in a movie marathon to catch any movies that you might miss.


4. Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is another destination to consider if you’re looking for the ultimate summer vacation.

No matter which part of the city you head to, you’ll be able to find picturesque locations with gorgeous, iconic imagery and exotic hotspots throughout.

Single and ready to mingle? The city and sun-kissed beach of Ipanema is the ideal summer spot for Gay Singles to relax in the Sun and soak up all the eye-candy around.

Of course, the beach isn’t the only reason to visit this idyllic, South American city.

You’ll be able to find Gay Parties around almost every corner, and with that comes an endless amount of opportunity for flirtation and romance.


5. Singles Gay Cruise

Overwhelmed by choices or have no idea where to visit?

Cut down on the hassle and just embark on a singles gay cruise and you’ll have a much less stressful vacation.

A cruise ticket usually covers room and board, so you don’t need to worry about food and accommodation.

There are plenty of activities on-board cruises, and a singles cruise will usually include a mixer event to allow its guests to mingle, usually over some music and drinks.

Don’t feel like doing much on a lazy afternoon? Just grab a book and chill by the deck pool and watch the world drift by.

On a cruise, you’re in charge of your own experience and journey.


Concluding Insights on Gay Singles Vacations

Without a doubt, travelling alone and single can be scary if you’re not prepared, be it places to visit or what to expect.

We hope that this guide can help encourage that adventurous spirit within you and set you off on a globe-trotting experience that you’ll never forget, and the people and stories that you pick up along the way make for great conversation topics for the rest of your life.


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