Best Casual Hookup Dating Apps: Top 6 Best Casual Dating Apps for Ladies Not In A Rush to Fling & Have Casual Sex

Best Casual Hookup Dating Apps: Top 6 Best Casual Dating Apps for Ladies Not In A Rush to Fling & Have Casual Sex

If you’re lady looking for Casual Relationship Apps, the good news is that there’s plenty to choose from.

The fact is that wherever you go, you’re always in demand.

That’s because the ratio of men to women, in practically every Dating App tips in favor of the ladies – there’s A LOT of men to choose from.

Because of this obvious advantage, it makes sense for you ladies out there to try your luck at places where you’re less likely to run into freaks or desperados.


Best Casual Hookup Dating Apps

Here are a few of the Best Casual Hookup Dating Apps for you to consider … Enjoy!


1. Tastebuds

It might be awkward to get it on during the first meet-up, and that’s when Tastebuds come into the picture.

The creators of the app understands how food brings people together, and therefore decided to come up with this novel idea of matching people who have the same tastes in food. That’s half the battle won isn’t it?

Besides, good food creates great conversations, and that can lead to mind-blowing sex.

It would be fun to burp in the middle of the session too.


2. Now

If you’re a professional and you just can’t seem to find time to date, you need to act Now.

Because it’s a place where busy people meet and unwind, and simply because busy professionals need to f*ck too.

One of the obvious perks is that you get to network while you’re dating, and knowing a few powerful men isn’t going to hurt your career, right?


3. Bumble

You’d probably have heard of it by now – Bumble is a Casual Relationship Site which was created by ladies, so obviously they’re going to get some special rights.

Here’s how it works – once you’ve signed up for an account, you get to browse through a myriad of profiles and initiate the chatting.

The male users are unable to send any messages, unless they have first been “liked” by a lady.

Sounds good? We think so. It’s probably one of those rare apps which you wouldn’t get harassed.


4. We are her

And if you’re lady looking for a lady, we haven’t forgotten about you!

WeAreHer is built on a very strong community of users, and it doesn’t matter what one’s sexual orientation is, because everyone respects one another over there.

It’s a great place to get to know like-minded people, and subsequently, a great way to land some great sex.


5. Elite Singles

If you’re lady looking to Hook Up with someone, why not someone rich?

In fact, you should make Elite Singles your favorite haunt, because the men there are more likely to be RICH.

Who would say “No” to great sex, followed by a spa session or even a trip to some exotic island, which you would never be able to afford at your current stage of life?


6. Hinge

If going straight into the sex isn’t your kind of thing, there’s also an option for you.

At Hinge, it’s all about getting to know someone first (although you might still run into people looking to go straight to the deed).

The trick here, is to manage your expectations right from the start, so that people don’t go directly knocking on your (profile) door for sex.


Concluding Insights on Best Casual Hookup Dating Apps

Like we mentioned, there’re always plenty of choices for the ladies.

With the exception of HappyMatches (the World’s renowned #1 Casual Dating App), don’t be in a hurry to invest all of your time into a single Hookup App.

It’s always good to explore around to have an idea what each Casual Fling App has to provide.

It also doesn’t hurt to be simultaneously engaged in a few of such Casual Encounter Apps, because you never know when you might get lucky!

Just be warned though – you are bound to get A LOT of messages from guys, and you’ve got to be prepared to silence your notifications.


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