Casual Hookup Advice: If Your Man’s Showing These 5 Signs, He’s Only Keen in a Casual Fling & Sex With You

Casual Hookup Advice: If Your Man’s Showing These 5 Signs, He’s Only Keen in a Casual Fling & Sex With You

It can be really painful to be caught in a one-sided affair.

Such a Casual Relationship is characterized, by one party taking things a lot more seriously than the other.

And when there is no reciprocating over an extended period of time, trouble brews.


Casual Hookup Advice

If most of these 5 Signs show up in your relationship, you can be pretty certain that your man isn’t quite keen to take things to the next level (at least with you, anyway) … Enjoy!


1. He keeps telling you he’s not active on social media

He may want to keep his social distance if he is not accepting your friend request on Facebook.

Accepting your friend request would mean that you may have access to his friends, social circle and day-to-day activities or even the events that he’s attending that weekend.

Furthermore, you may realize that you both have mutual friends between the both of you and this could spell trouble if he is just toying with you.

He could be hiding some of his own posts or even a mutual friend’s uploaded photo album where he is seen behaving intimately with other girls in tagged photos.

If you are not accepted as his Facebook friend, it is likely he is hiding you from the world as well.

And this means you are probably not going to his bae. Boo hoo hoo.


2. He has 101 excuses for being late – (#1 Top Casual Hookup Advice)

He doesn’t seem to respect your time, because he is always running late for your “dates”.

Even if he’s the one initiating a booty call, he will be late as well.

Seemingly always in a fluster, and in a hurry, he is never punctual (forget about arriving early and waiting patiently; like gentleman for this date).

Maybe he’s too busy (probably dating other girls) to arrive on time for your meet-up.

If a person prioritizes and values his time with you, he would never make you wait.


3. Whenever he texts you, it’s for sex

Whenever he texts, it’s asking for sex.

He doesn’t seem to care about you as a person.

There’s no asking about your day, or if you would like to have dinner after work.

When he contacts you, it is always for a booty call because you are just his Sex Buddy, Casual Fling or Friends With Benefits. Nothing more.


4. He is not keen to know anything more than what makes you cum (#2 Top Casual Hookup Advice)

Other than your name, he doesn’t know much about you. And he doesn’t bother to want to know more.

Because you are just his fling, he doesn’t need to know more about you as a person, your interests, hobbies, friends or family.

He just needs to know when you are available for some fun in bed.

As sad as it sounds, he is just not interested enough to learn more about you.


5. He isolates you from his social circle

Never had he once asked you to meet his friends.

Even though you have initiated on a few occasions that you could go on a road trip together, the plan never materializes.

He seems to want to hide you away from his friends, because either he is embarrassed about you, or he just doesn’t want them to know of your existence (because you are no one important to him).


Concluding Insights on Casual Hookup Advice

Nothing good will ever come out of a Dating Relationship that is forced.

Thus if you’re ever in such a situation, don’t expect things to magically turn out your way because chances are, it will never.

If the man you’re with has interest in only getting into your pants, it’s going to be tough to convince him to love other aspects of you.

Just move one, and the right person will definitely come along going forward.


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