College Hookup: Top 4 Lessons on College Hookup Culture from College Seniors Who've Been There Done That

College Hookup: Top 4 Lessons on College Hookup Culture from College Seniors Who’ve Been There Done That

College Casual Encounters might seem enticing to you at this point in time. Or it could be a thing of the past.

If you fall into the latter category, you might have learnt a couple of lessons from all your College Casual Dating experiences, and you would likely even relate closely to the following.

Conversely, for those who are looking forward to your first Casual Fling at college, this would be an insightful read for you, we promise … Enjoy!


College Hookup


1. Guard Your Self-Worth

College Hook Up culture has taught me a real hard lesson. I am actually better than a meaningless One Night Stand/Hook Up/Casual Fling.

It has inculcated in me self-love, and a mantra that I didn’t used to have, when I was first involved in a Casual Sex encounter with a random hot stranger from college.

I learnt that I need to treasure and love myself more. I needed to know the other party better, before I could let myself be intimate, and be so vulnerable in front of him.

Some of these f*ckboys could really destroy the impression I had about love, commitment and attachment. So, it’s better to sober up before things spiral down into a bad state.


2. Know Your Alcohol Limits

When you have too much to drink, things can really go out of hand.

You may be wearing a set of beer goggles and could get yourself into deep trouble by sleeping with the wrong people.

Because alcohol tends to impair your decisions and your judgment, you may be caught in dangerous situation where you don’t even know it.

The worst that could happen would be waking up in the morning, all hung over and not even knowing what the heck happened.

The experience would be extremely scary because really terrible things could have happened last night.

Just be very mindful about the amount of alcohol you drink.

Don’t drink and drive, and definitely don’t drink beyond your limit (be sober enough to walk yourself home and to have fun).


3. Just Go With the Flow in a College Hookup

Meaningless Flings are just part of growing up in college.

Even if you are totally not interested to participate in it, or you are all thrilled and excited to jump right in, just know that it is the social norm in college nowadays.

Be sure to keep in mind, that all sex should be consensual by both parties, and that protection is always used during sex.


4. Hookups Could Lead to Something More

College Hooking Up could be that steep learning curve where people partake to learn more about themselves, their dating preferences, likes and dislikes towards different partners.

So, these short term, Casual Dating relationships in college, could be crucial for you to finding a life partner and your soul mate.

They can teach you a lot of things about love, commitment and loyalty towards a person.

Who knows, you may be the lucky few who found your Prince charming through a Casual Relationship in college!

Know that you would have to put yourself out there, to experience these Casual Flings, and one day, you may find your dream partner.


Concluding Insights on College Hookup

It’s always nice to hear about what others have to say, so that one could be mentally prepared towards what is to come.

College Casual Relationships are a great way to discover yourself. You become much more aware of your likes and dislikes in a relationship and in your dating partners.

Through such Short Term Relationships, you even start to appreciate the importance of sexual compatibility in a soul mate.

Sure, you might say that sex isn’t everything – but let’s just face it; it all begins with sex.


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