College Kids Hooking Up: 5 Types of Girls You Should Totally Avoid Sleeping With for Your College Hookup

College Kids Hooking Up: 5 Types of Girls You Should Totally Avoid Sleeping With for Your College Hookup

All geared up and excited for the semester to finally begin? We completely understand.

For some reasons, girls seem to be hottest once they hit college (even the not-so-pretty ones from before).

Either that, or the boys are just getting impatient and desperate.

Regardless, before you hastily hook-up with someone at college, consider the implications.

As much as you want for things to be kept Casual Dating and fuss-free, you never know what the other party has in mind.

So in this article, we share valuable insights on the 5 types of girls you should TOTALLY avoid sleeping with in college.


College Kids Hooking Up

So, these are the 5 Types of Girls you should TOTALLY avoid sleeping with in college … Enjoy!


1. The one who knows practically everybody in college – (#1 Advice on College Kids Hooking Up)

And yes – we’re talking about the Resident Advisor. Tread very carefully when you choose to Hook Up with your RA.

Although they are the ones who are there for any school related issues you are facing; supporting you as an academic role model, things could get complicating when you sleep and tell on one.

She could either make your dorm life all lovely and awesome, or she could unleash pure living hell for you.

Because of the leadership position she possess and the power she has, your room could be on the hit-list of being searched, or you could even be caught for having contraband in your room.

So, be smart and don’t sleep with your Resident Advisor. Some mindless flirting and fun is fine, but don’t tread any further than that.


2. The one with separation anxiety

She is always hanging around you and no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to shake her off.

It would seem like her entire life revolves around you, and you just can’t get her off your back.

Everywhere you go, she follows and she has no sense of personal space at all.

It would also seem like she is pining for you to be her boyfriend, and she is killing all your chances with the other babes at school, cause her presence is truly the best cockblocker.

For clingers, you just have to make sure that you do not lead them on, or make them even think that they have a sliver of chance with you.

Be firm about your Casual Relationship status and leave, before things get worst.


3. The one who once dated your best friend

Sleeping with your friend’s ex is a total no-go.

Unless you are planning to end your friendship or you hate your friend’s guts, go right ahead.

If not, it would be the ultimate betrayal towards him.

Even if your friend’s ex is totally smitten by you or that you both are ‘truly in love’, you shouldn’t do it if your friendship means a lot to you.

You shouldn’t just expect to keep both your friend and his ex by your side. That’ll be really selfish of you and things could get really awkward.


4. The one who’s getting a cut of your college fees

We know some of you may have fantasies and fetishes, of sleeping with your Teaching Assistant (TA) or even your Professor, but be extremely careful about this.

You may have your eye on one of your TAs, or that you find your Professor very sexily intelligent and young for her age.

Hooking Up with them may seriously backfire, because they may suddenly become stricter towards you, because they don’t want to play favorites in class, or you may even jeopardize your grades because of the relationship souring.

It’s best to keep this relationship strictly professional and academic so as to avoid any problems in your college life.


Concluding Insights on College Kids Hooking Up

So what do you think? This list makes lots of sense, doesn’t it?

The rule of thumb is to always consider the implications before Hooking Up any girl in college.

The last thing you’d want is to screw up your college life and grades over a moment of desperate folly.


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