Falling In Love With Best Friend: Top 5 Obvious Signs You're Longing for Lesbian Romance with Your Lady BFF

Falling In Love With Best Friend: Top 5 Obvious Signs You’re Longing for Lesbian Romance with Your Lady BFF

Could you be falling for your best friend? And in serious danger of becoming a Lesbian cliche?

It’s a timeless narrative that has spawned a thousand lesbian rom-coms – you know the one, two girls are suddenly struck by a thunderclap of recognition after years of cosy sleepovers and armloads of friendship bands.


Falling In Love With Best Friend

You might think that will never happen to you. Never in your life!

However, here’s our handy guide for some 5 Tell-Tale Signs, your heart might already be taken by someone much closer than you think … Enjoy!


1. You never want to hear about her crushes

You both share everything, and have always done so since the beginning – bubglegum, music, clothes, opinions on everything in the world – but the one thing that is strangely off-limits for you is when she starts talking about liking someone else.

It literally hurts your ears and you can’t bear to even think about it. Uh oh, alarm bells.

You also find yourself absolutely repulsed by her exes – if you’re disgusted by the thought of your friend’s ex doing stuff with her, you’ve caught feelings.

One of the most glaring signs is having a visceral reaction to the mere thought of them being intimate with anyone (who isn’t you).

You, on the other hand, might be demonstrating a distinct absence of exes.


2. You want to look hot for her

The beauty of best girlfriends is being able to let it all hang out – you know, slobbing together in your most threadbare sweatpants nursing a hangover with a bucket of chicken.

That’s one of the most enjoyable aspects of sisterhood; you can let it all hang out together.

However, sometimes you find yourself checking yourself out a whole lot more when you’re together – making sure your hair is looking effortlessly sexy, or that your makeup is on point.

And, let’s not even get on to those ridiculously short shorts!

If you’re finding yourself wanting to look hot for her, it’s probably worth wondering why.


3. You can’t stop talking about her

It’s only natural for her to crop up in your conversations with other friends a lot.

Especially when you both do everything together, but when you start parroting her opinions or even worse, allowing what you think she’ll like or not, to dictate your everyday decisions – you should start worrying.

As much as you love your friends, they shouldn’t usually spin through your mind constantly like a daydream.

If you find your mind constantly circling back to her throughout the day, and you catch yourself missing her physically when she isn’t there, you’ve caught the “feels” for her already.


4. You are fiercely protective of her

You seem to have a hyper sensitivity when it comes to being alert to the people around her.

You have a sixth spidey sense for when people might be expressing an interest in her, and you make sure you’re always there to vet their suitability (for her own good, of course!) when that happens.

You also find yourself trying to do things to impress her, as though you were trying to win her affection before someone else does – and that is way too much effort to make for someone who’s just a friend.


5. Admit it, you feel tingly feelings

You’ve been having… dreams, the kind that sometimes feel wildly inappropriate but that you never want to wake from.

And when you’re with her, you can’t help but feels little zappy tingles when she unexpectedly touches you.

There’s simply no denying the blatant physical cravings of such desire – girl, you’re in this deep.

You both might already be pretty physical – women often are, as we love physical touch.

So, you might already be hugging and cuddling a lot, but if you find yourself always finding ways to push it a little further rather than simply enjoying the closeness, you know something’s up.


Concluding Falling in Love with Best Friend Insights: What if You Fall in Love with Your Best Friend

If you’re engaging in more than one of these tell-tale signs with a lady “friend”, I would take a long, hard look in the mirror.

And then decide, whether you’re prepared to take the relationship any further with her.

It can be a complicated situation, especially when there’s the risk of ruining a close Platonic Friendship.

But sometimes, such feelings can’t be suppressed forever. And who knows, she might be feeling an awful lot, of the same kind of feelings towards you too.


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