Signs Of A Toxic Relationship: Top 4 Signs You're Addicted to Toxic Lesbian Relationships in Lesbian Dating

Signs Of A Toxic Relationship: Top 4 Signs You’re Addicted to Toxic Lesbian Relationships in Lesbian Dating

Are you addicted to toxic lesbian relationships? Recognizing that you are enabling “crazy” is the first step to freeing yourself.

You crave deep, intense connection; you thrive on the heat of passion; but you are also thoroughly sick of the wildly manipulative, unpredictable, narcissistic women who seem to be the only ones who can turn you on.

Perhaps instead of wondering why you always seem to get stuck with high drama individuals, maybe you should take a long, hard look in the mirror – and examine if your own penchant for drama is leading you towards the inevitable.


Signs Of A Toxic Relationship


1. Everyone is, like, your soulmate

You believe in connecting deeply (is there any other way?) and having such intense soul-sharing that it sears your very souls.

That’s beautiful – and it’s also worth acknowledging that it’s a rare and precious experience that one is lucky to experience in one lifetime.

So if you look back on your previous relationships and realize they all started with declarations of absolute star-struck love, you might get a clue as to your tendencies.

If you’re falling in love with every person you go on a date with, the people you date can sense your manic energy.

They can smell that you’re so desperate to fall in love that you’re projecting fantasies on to them, and that can also be a huge turn-off.


2. You don’t do sober on dates

What’s the harm in a bottle – or three – to get an awkward date going?

Everything’s better when you’re a little fuzzy. If that’s your default modus operandi, it’s worth asking what you’re trying to avoid when you’re in switched-on party date mode?

Is it the fear of not being interesting enough? Is it the need to “loosen up” or arm yourself with a fun-loving personality?

Dates aren’t just about escaping into an alternate reality of self-gratification – it involves two people interested in getting to know each other, and that always works better when both are vertical and functioning.

Do yourself a favor, and take a lucidity break – instead of meeting at a bar at midnight, go for a picnic in the sunshine – you might be surprised by how much you like it, and yourself.


3. You’re turned on by narcissists

Does the sound of “self-obsessed player” actually intrigue you? Does her unavailability and maddening game-playing only serve to challenge you further?

This is your top clue as to why every girl you date follows a pattern of what your friends would describe as “toxic”. This isn’t merely bad luck; this is you.

This is you subconsciously seeking out people who are bad for you because you don’t feel worthy of kindness – and you certainly deserve better than that.

Instead of allowing yourself to remain stuck circling around those same old, miserable patterns, recognizing your habitual tendencies is the first step to making a change, even if it’s just stepping back and taking things slower than you normally would.


4. Your exes have blocked you on social media

Everyone’s had the odd melodramatic Instagram fall-out with an ex-girlfriend, but if a recurring pattern in your life is that most, if not all, of your exes have axed you on social media, you might want to back up.

Incessant stalking and raging in the comments section is not a good look. Obsess much?

Perhaps you think it’s down to your passionate personality, or the fact that heartbreak and madness are but a whisker apart – it’s still pretty extreme behavior that has resulted in your exes forbid you from ever contacting them again.


Concluding Insights on Signs Of A Toxic Relationship in Lesbian Romance

If this made for uncomfortable reading for you, take heart that you’re doing yourself a massive favor by recognizing your habits for what they are, and nipping them in the bud.

Change will not happen overnight, but taking the first step towards being kind to yourself and allowing yourself new ways towards happiness is the best start you can have.

Many times, we have internal triggers that, when activated, latch us onto another person.

The most empowering thing we can do when we realize we’re in a toxic relationship is to acknowledge it and examine our own role in getting sucked into unhealthy patterns in the first place.


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