No Strings Attached Relationship Rules: Top 10 Biggest No-Nos When In An NSA Relationship

No Strings Attached Relationship Rules: Top 10 Biggest No-Nos When In An NSA Relationship

You’re cool, you’re chill, you’re DTF, you’re No Strings Attached (NSA). You can say that till you’re blue in the face, but if you find yourself unwittingly stepping over the relationship line again and again without knowing it, it might be time to rethink your status.

No strings attached relationships mean exactly that – no commitment, no fidelity, and no obligations to each other. Just honest, straightforward, independent, empowering, glorious sex.

Wondering what are the most important No Strings Attached Rules for a successful NSA Relationship? Read on and Enjoy!


Best 10 Takeaways for No Strings Attached Relationship Rules

Here are some of the Top 10 Cardinal Sins for No Strings Attached Relationship Rules in any NSA Relationship – seemingly little things, but significant enough to indicate either one of you might be hoping for something more.


1. No Sleeping Over – (Top #1 No Strings Attached Relationship Rules)

When all’s over and done with, it’s tempting to roll over and have a little cuddle.

After all, you’ve both just been involved in a massively intimate act and it’s only natural to be feeling a bit loved up with all those endorphins whizzing around.

Well, OK, go ahead, have one little cuddle – but whatever you do, do not fall asleep in their bed and spend the night.

You’ll be treading on dangerous couple territory there with potential snuggling and spooning.


2. No Breakfast

OK, so you’ve broken the first rule, get over it, it happens to the best of us.

And all that sex can be exhausting, we get it.

But now that you’re awake and it’s morning, it’s time to make your escape – maybe a cup of coffee, but even that’s pushing it.

By no means should you accept any invitation to go for breakfast or, even worse, have breakfast cooked for you.

That’s definitely date territory – you’ll be proposing marriage next over your flapjacks and waffles.


3. No Kissing Goodbye

You’ve got your stuff – keys, check; wallet, check; underwear, check – now maybe a quick friendly hug and you should be out the door.

No leaning over for one final goodbye kiss, what is this, A Walk to Remember?

You’ve probably already been snogging a lot before this, you certainly don’t need another one now.


4. No Holding Hands

Holding hands is just so… affectionate. Sure, there can be a high level of physical intimacy in your time spent together, but it’s usually charged with a certain sexual tension, a frisson.

The underlying current is always hot. Holding hands, however, is supportive, caring, and frankly a little soppy. Let’s not go there.


5. No Checking In – (Important #2 No Strings Attached Relationship Rules)

When you’re not together, you shouldn’t be thinking about each other – if you catch yourself wondering where they’re at and what they’re doing, alarm bells should be going off.

So definitely no “hey what’s up?” or “whatcha doing?” type texts out of the blue, unless it’s a precursor to arranging to meet up.

Simply just checking in means you’re interested in knowing more about their lives and what they’re doing, and is that really a good idea?


6. No Casual Chit-Chat

TV, movies, books, general gossip – all good topics for keeping it light. Mundane everyday type stuff that nudges over into your personal life – not so good.

Mind-numbing details about what your dentist told you at your last session or all the things you need to do to get ready for your big camping trip are information you probably want to save for your friends.


7. No Questions Asked

You guys meet, you have a fun time, and then you part – poof, it’s like magic. You want to maintain the illusion of this relationship being light as air, elusive as morning mist.

You definitely do not want to start interrogating the other person about their whereabouts or who they were hanging out with – this sounds too much like you’re becoming possessive, and you’ll only send out red flags to them.


8. No Social Circle

Your NSA partner might be a really cool person, but it’s usually not a good idea to start ingratiating them into your personal social circle and hanging out together with your friends.

Too many blurred lines, too many shared spaces – it can also mean it will be more difficult to extricate them from your life should the time ever come for that. It’s best to just keep this thing DL between the both of you.


9. No Social Media

No following, no liking, no commenting, no stalking. You’re not in a relationship, and you’re not even really FWB.

Intertwining your digital lives can quickly become too pally, you might even find you have friends in common, and it’s not being very discreet at all.

Best to stick to your own territory and keep the other person a delicious mystery.


10. No Catching Feels – (Crucial #3 No Strings Attached Relationship Rules)

Easier said than done.

After all, you are sharing some pretty special moments with this person, but you know you’re only making yourself vulnerable to rejection by putting your heart out there.

However, these things are difficult, if not impossible, to control.

If you find yourself thinking about them despite yourself, wondering what they would think about a particular book or movie, and start wishing you were spending more time with them, perhaps it’s time to have a little talk with them about how you were feeling.

Yes, it can be scary and yes, you’d agreed to be chill, but these things happen.


Conclusions on No Strings Attached Relationship Rules in an NSA Relationship

Remember the above No Strings Attached Relationship Rules if you want to maintain an NSA Relationship with your NSA Partner.

However, if you feel that the relationship has somehow grown beyond a Casual Relationship, then consider if you are keen and ready to take things to the next level of a Serious and Committed Relationship.

For this and everything relating to No Strings Attached (NSA), we have provided a lot of valuable articles in our comprehensive guidance and tips in our proprietary and exclusive NSA Relationship section.


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