What Is NSA Relationship: 7 Tops Myths & Misunderstandings about NSA Relationship Meaning & Definition

What Is NSA Relationship: 7 Tops Myths & Misunderstandings about NSA Relationship Meaning & Definition

The NSA Relationship Definition and NSA Relationship Meaning have frequently been misunderstood and wrongly perceived by many.

This article therefore seeks to dispel the myths and clarify the facts about What is NSA Relationship. Through this, we trust that you’ll be enlightened why NSA Relationships are such a popular, accepted and ever rapidly growing type of preferred Dating Relationship in our modern society and culture.


What is NSA Relationship – NSA Relationship Meaning & NSA Relationship Definition

Let us help you sift through the Top 4 Myths and Misinterpretations of an NSA Relationship … Enjoy!


1. No Strings Attached Relationships – Fact or Fiction?

First of all, let’s unpack this concept of a no strings attached relationship – what is it, how does it work, and above all, why does it work?

Basically, it is what it says on the tin – it’s a relationship between two people who mutually agree to date each other with no promise of commitment, fidelity, or obligation to one another.

Either person is free to carry on their life as they wish outside of this relationship, be it enjoying other sexual partners or simply choosing to remain out of touch, no questions asked.

Oftentimes, this mutual agreement works for many reasons – it could be that you are not in the right point of your life for a relationship, it could be you are working hard and need the head space, or it could be that want to enjoy being cared for.


2. Non-Committal with Mutual Benefits

Often, there is a mutually beneficial aspect to this kind of Dating Relationship.

An NSA party is looking for a Casual Relationship partner (or partners) to enjoy sex, romance and companionship with, without the commitment of a Serious Relationship.

This works for individuals who are not looking for a Committed Relationship – particularly those out to have fun and excitement, are at a stage of life where they are not ready to settle down, are too busy with their education careers, are living abroad for a limited period of time, or have just come out of a failed relationship or marriage.

Sometimes, there is even a sugar daddy-sugar baby type dynamic, in which the (often richer, older) man offers to sweeten the relationship with a regular allowance and/or gifts in exchange for quality time with the woman, however that occurs.

A sugar arrangement can sound mercenary, perhaps even immoral to some. (Note: HappyMatches.com does not offer sugar dating, so do try other sites if you’re looking for compensated dating.)

At its best, NSA relationships can be an empowering and satisfying experience for both parties, when mutual respect and independence are earned and appreciated.

Being humans after all, we all long for romance, companionship and physical intimacy.

So a No Strings Attached relationship works very well for most individuals, whether one’s into heterosexual dating, gay dating, lesbian dating or bi dating.


What is NSA Relationship – The Dynamics of No Strings Attached

Here we look at some of the 5 Main Assumptions around the dynamics of a NSA relationship:-


A) Women Will Always Lose Out

Fiction. The arrangement of a No Strings Attached Relationship is that it can be a very honest exchange – you would like something, the other person would like something, you work it out.

This “setting” is meant to leave both parties happy, each obtaining what they specified for, and either party is free to call an end to the relationship should they decide to.


B) Men only want dumb blondes

Fiction. The overplayed image of a gorgeous young lady is the one we see all the time in the media – the Playboy bunny, the blond bombshell, the man-eater.

However, there are men out there who seek more than just killer curves, they are looking for someone with style, charisma, and substance – someone they can be proud to be seen with and also have a good time with.

Instead of a mere pretty vase, most men are instead looking for someone they find attractive and with substance, i.e. a “Jackie Onassis, rather than a Marilyn Monroe”.


C) Women will be “kept” as trophies

Fiction. That all depends on the individual goals of the woman in the NSA Relationship. Not everyone goes into such a relationship looking to improve their financial well-being. In fact, sugar arrangements still remain the exception rather than the norm in modern society.

However, if what you want is to live in the lap of luxury and treat yourself to shopping trips and spa treatments ad infinitum, then by all means.

Obviously, there are the success stories of women who pay off their college fees, set up businesses, and carve out their lives on their own terms.

Rather, the crux of a No Strings Attached Relationship is to leave a lot of room for one’s personal goals and lives, whatever they might be, so neither party should feel suffocated by the NSA Relationship.

So you select an NSA partner who can fulfill what you are looking for: whether based on looks, chemistry, comfort level, maturity, ease of communication, circumstances in life, or more likely, a combination of all these factors.


D) You can’t develop feelings – (#1 Meaning of What is NSA Relationship)

Fact. This one, unfortunately, is a truism in all NSA relationships. It is only to your detriment to start wishing for more emotionally.

Oftentimes such feelings will manifest themselves in wanting to be with that person as much as you can, which can in turn become possessive and controlling, and nobody wants that.

These are all red flags to any NSA relationship, and often spells the beginning of the end, as both parties usually enter such relationships to maintain their personal space and independence.


E) Men don’t want relationships, just sex – (#2 Misunderstanding of What is NSA Relationship)

Fiction. The bond created should be based on chemistry and mutual respect, and often goes beyond simply sex.

Neither party should feel used, and if they start feeling that way, they should articulate their feelings and seek a resolution.

Many of these men who choose to be in NSA relationships tend to have little time to devote to a relationship, and therefore want to optimize their enjoyment – and that could could mean sex, but also fine dining, travelling, entertaining, basically enjoying what life has to offer, but with no strings attached.

In other words, you two could become a great team, as long as nothing more is demanded at the end of the day.


Concluding Insights on What is NSA Relationship

With the demands of our hectic modern lifestyles, more and more people are opting out of long term, serious and committed relationships in favor of NSA Relationships for practical reasons.

An NSA Relationship can give you the joy, romance, excitement, physical enjoyment, companionship, adventure and pleasure you are seeking. All without the hassle of feeling tied down to a particular person with the burdens and expectations of family and fidelity to a particular person.

It is no wonder about the ever growing popularity of NSA Relationships all over the world, not just in the U.S. … So just sit back and relax, find your potential NSA Partners easily through HappyMatches, and enjoy your fulfilling and exciting No Strings Attached relationship and romance.


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