1 Night Stand: Top 5 Tips for Ladies to Snag Your Ideal Guy for a Serious Relationship After a One Night Stand

1 Night Stand: Top 5 Tips for Ladies to Snag Your Ideal Guy for a Serious Relationship After a One Night Stand

For the ladies out there who think you’ve found yourself a rare catch, you’re probably wondering what you can do to try and make him yours for good.

First things first, ask yourself if he is really worth the effort and investment, or if you’re just infatuated and amazed by his tongue flicking skills (it’s tough to find men who does it really well).

Once you’ve determined that he’s serious boyfriend or husband material, you can read on … Enjoy!


Best 1 Night Stand to Serious Relationship Advice & Tips

Here’s our 5 Proven & Effective Tips to snag the Guy you like for a Committed Relationship, after you’ve had a One Night Stand with him … Enjoy!


1. Make Him Crave for You – (Top 1 Night Stand to Committed Relationship Tip)

Maybe you drank a bit too much, or you both were a bit too tipsy, to be on your best performance.

But rarely, is the first night of sex a mind-blowing encounter.

If you want him, you have got to keep him coming back for more.

And, it will only happen, when there is some sort of chemistry between you both.

Guys especially like it, when girls say that they have performed well.

It strokes their ego and gives them validation, that whatever they did was great.

And, that keeps them coming back for more.

You don’t have to fake an orgasm, or say he’s huge when he really isn’t.

We’d advise against this – in any case the compliments may backfire.

But just emphasize on things that are true, but play it up a little.


2. Keep Your Clothes On

Ask him out for some coffee or a movie date.

Pique his interest by showing a different side of you, instead of only hanging out when you are both naked.

Engage in intellectual conversions, talk and listen to him and show your easy-going and fun loving personality.

The trick is to make him fall in love with your personality and when that happens, things will going according to your plan.


3. Resist the Urge to Discuss Taboo Topics

Don’t scare him off by broaching on heavy topics such as whether he plans to settle down, how many kids he’d like to have and what he’d like to name his kids.

These are taboo subjects especially when you’re meeting him for the first couple of times after your one night stand.

Emotions are probably running high right after, so you don’t want to throw him off with such awkward and uncomfortable questions that may get him running.

Choose topics that are lighthearted so you both can have take the opportunity to get to know one another better.


4. Stop Being Clingy

You may have developed some feeling over the passionate night you had with this particular guy.

But do note that guys are extra sensitive, if you are clingy the morning after. So, don’t appear too desperate!

Take things one step at a time, don’t plan to overstay the morning after.

And, remember to just get his number so you can decide if this is worth chasing after!


5. Play Hard to Get – (Best 1 Night Stand to Romantic Relationship Advice)

Do not give him the wrong impression that you are an easy woman.

Because if things come easy, they’ll lose interest and move on to the next.

Let him feel the thrill of the chase and play a little hard to get.

Tease him but don’t give it to him and when it’s eventually built up to the level where you both can’t wait to tear each other’s clothing off one another.

He’ll be lusting for even more.


Concluding Insights on Snagging the Guy You Like after a 1 Night Stand

Word of caution – whatever you do, just be certain about your decision before investing all your effort.

If this man is f*cking you without even knowing your name, how sure are you that he won’t be doing the same with other ladies out there?

Perhaps you’re better off just enjoying the sex, than putting effort into something that you’re not even sure would work out.


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