Best One Night Stand App: Reviews of Top 5 Hookup Apps and Free Casual Fling Sites for Great No Strings Attached Casual Sex

Best One Night Stand App: Reviews of Top 5 Hookup Apps and Free Casual Fling Sites for Great No Strings Attached Casual Sex

So, you’ve just exited a crushing Committed Relationship, and you’re dead tired about having to go through all the drama-mama again, with a new partner.

We feel you. After all, we’ve all been there, done that.

That’s the reason why we have decided to forsake the idea of serious Long Term Relationships, and to instead make serious plans about adopting the Hookup Culture, and living the Hookup lifestyle!

Once you’ve tried it once, you’ll never return to the boring Romantic Relationships.

Here are some Casual Dating hooking up platforms for you to try, if you’re looking for a decent Casual Encounter App or One Night Stand Site to get started …


Best One Night Stand App

So here’s our Valuable Recommendations for the Top Casual Fling Apps & Best Hookup Sites for ALL of You out there who appreciate great mind-boggling, extremely memorable and lust-satisfying sex … Enjoy!


1. Wingman Dating (

If you’re an avid traveler and are looking for a casual Vacation Hookup to have some fun with; Wingman dating may just be the right app for you!

Created for wanderlusters, connect with fellow travelers via your airplane’s WIFI to view people traveling on the same route as you.

Well, it seems like vacations or business trips don’t have to be such a lonely affair anymore with Wingman dating!

Also, you can win the title of the ultimate matchmaker by pairing friends up with potential One Night Stand and Booty Call partners traveling to the same destination as them!

What’s great about Wingman dating is that you can view the name, age and gender of potential matches and chat with them to see if you’ve got a chance!


2. Badoo (

A staggering 450 million users are on this Online Dating App, and you’re bound to find a Casual Encounter here as well.

With its geo-tagging technology, you can search for matches living near you for a Quick Hookup, or you can also look for hot and sexy Casual Flings from all over the world.

This Online Dating App has a wide range of international audience; so if that’s totally your cup of tea, remember to try this app out!

Indicate your favorite hobbies and pastimes, so that Badoo can connect you with like-minded people who share the same interests as you.


3. Happn (

A location-based search Dating App meant for pairing you up with that hot guy you met at your local café or bookstore, Happn helps you meet people without the awkwardness of going up to them in reality.

Basically, you get to chat with random users you pass by in your daily life, because Happn knows you don’t want to miss that chance with the cutie you saw at the bus-stop, again.

Boasting 25 million users and counting, Happn might be the answer to your next NSA Relationship and Casual Hookup!

Have a go and hopefully you’d score yourself some great sex!


4. Coffee Meets Bagel (

With more than a million downloads and a high 4-star rating on Google Playstore, CMB is an up-and-coming Online Dating and Casual Hooking Up app!

Registering for a profile on CoffeeMeetsBagel requires you to link your Facebook profile; thus eradicating scammers and fraud accounts on this Online Dating App.

In addition, CMB uses their smart algorithm system to source for potential matches living near you.

It also takes into consideration some of your basic details such as your gender, height, ethnicity, religion etc. when searching for a perfect fling or hookup for you! How awesome is that!

Furthermore, if you are unsure about the pictures you’re using on your CMB profile are up to standards, the Coffee Meets Bagel community is known to provide constructive and genuine feedback on how to improve your photos too!

Try it out and see how this Dating App works for you!


5. HappyMatches

HappyMatches is rated highly as the World’s BEST Casual Dating App and Site.

Without a doubt, this is attributed to its growing popularity and importance to Online Dating.

Starting from the United States, HM has exploded beyond United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, to most parts of Europe, Asia and the Pacific.

What differentiates Happy Matches is its uncanny ability to “get you EXACTLY what you want” – direct, no bull-shit, straight-to-the-point clarity on the Type of Dating Relationship(s) and Dating Partners you are looking for.

Simply state clearly that you’re seeking a “Casual Dating” relationship, identify whether you’re looking for heterosexual, gay, lesbian or bisexual dating, choose the appropriate tags to provide insights on your dating preferences and date requirements.

And hey BINGO! You’re All Set to interact with and attract a substantive list of ideal potential Casual Relationship partners.

Usage of HappyMatches as a “Suitor” is extremely cheap and affordable at a mere USD 1 for the entire first month, compared to the much higher paid subscriptions of most other supposedly “FREE” Dating Apps and Dating Sites.

Nonetheless, if you prefer to let others do the chasing, or simply prefer to use the platform entirely Free-of-Charge, no worries too – you can always register your “Date” account and open yourself to the amazing world of active suitors out there.


Concluding Insights on Best One Night Stand App

Perhaps you’re still feeling slightly insecure, about adopting a Short Term Relationship Hookup lifestyle.

As such, you’d definitely be comforted to know that 9 out of 10 adults in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia (and many parts of Asia), have all engaged in Casual Sex with a stranger, at least once in their lifetime (though more often than not, they’ve done it a lot more times than just once!).

If (almost) everyone’s doing it, what’s holding you back?

Life’s too short to miss out on great fulfilling Quick Hookups and memorable no strings attached Casual Fling booty calls!


(Last Updated: 30 June 2020)

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