Best One Night Stand Apps: 5 Top Hookup Apps & Free Fling Dating Sites that Make Great NSA Relationship Casual Sex Available to All

Best One Night Stand Apps: 5 Top Hookup Apps & Free Fling Dating Sites that Make Great NSA Relationship Casual Sex Available to All

If you haven’t been involved in a No Strings Attached Casual Encounter at least once in your lifetime, you’re probably really missing out on something extremely amazing.

Perhaps you might have been too caught up with work that you just don’t have the time for anything else.

Or it could be that your serious Romantic Relationship is just sucking the life out of you.

Whatever the case, it’s time you put your foot down and take charge of your sex life.

These Casual Dating Apps and Casual Hookup Sites will give you a renewed sense of physical intimacy in life, and you’d be surprised how accessible great sex and straightforward romance actually is! …


Best One Night Stand Apps

It’s actually really easy and convenient to find charming, attractive and interesting people for Casual Dates and Casual Relationships, whom you can also have Booty Calls with to indulge yourself in your romantic desires and sexual needs … Enjoy!


1. Once (

Once is an Online Dating App and Hookup Site which is big on science and technology.

Integrating the science of attraction into their match-making algorithm, Once helps you to find your perfect partner (be it a Booty Call or a date).

Once also sends you potential matches on a daily basis, and it’s up to you to decide, if you want to pursue the relationship further with any of the users they’ve introduced.

What’s really interesting about Once is that you can actually sync your FitBit to track your heart-rate and if they monitor a spike in your heart-rate, they will trace it as you being physiologically interested in someone on the app.

With that information, Once would be able to recommend potential users who’ll appeal to you and you would certainly notice the matches getting better and better!

You should definitely give this app a shot since it is backed by science and who knows, you may find someone really suitable for you here.


2. Tonight (

Tired of chatting endlessly on Online Dating Websites and Dating Apps and not getting down to any action?

Tonight helps you to find a date fast and eliminates all the nonsense and slow baiting conversations.

Basically, you just have to indicate your availability for a date tonight at 6pm, and you would be able to view other members who are available that particular evening as well.

The app automatically matches you with members or you can choose to go on a date with someone you are interested in.

What’s even more awesome is that you wouldn’t have to rack your brains to think of where to bring your date, because Tonight can suggest a location for your date as well!

Cheers to the team behind Tonight for making online dating such a fuss-free and fun process.


3. Bumble (

Whoever said women can’t make the first move?

Bumble stands by this mantra because it only allows female users to approach, and chat up with guys whom they are interested in.

Gone are the days where you get sent d*ck pics and have weirdos chatting you up.

From Casual Flings, Companionship to long term Committed Relationships; Bumble caters to a wide audience.

Understanding that people who move to new cities may feel isolated or lonely, they also have a BFF function which allows you to socialize and meet new people!

Give this great Online Dating App a try, and you’ll likely not regret it!


4. Plenty of fish (

With a super cute tagline, ‘Ready to dive in’, Plenty of Fish is a quirky dating app which boasts more than 90 million users worldwide.

POF also quiz you and draw out unique aspects of yourself so they can match you with people sharing similar traits (for instance if you are more of a cat or dog person, if you are a middle child or if you can speak multiple languages).

Most of the features on this app are free and you can chat people up, view new members and even see who’s checked out your profile!

With so many fishes in the sea, you’d definitely be able to find one that suits you.


5. HappyMatches

Widely-regarded as THE Best Thing that could ever happen in Online Dating, HappyMatches is the smorgasbord of everything you can dream of in a Dating App and Dating Site.

Casual Dating (including Hooking Up, Casual Encounters, Open Relationship, NSA Relationship and Friends With Benefits) is currently the mainstay offering, though more and more Users are also leveraging on the site’s massive and rapidly growing dating community to find exclusive and long term Serious Relationships as well.

Happy Matches caters to one’s dating preferences of all types (with the exception of Compensated Dating, a.k.a. Sugar Dating, and extreme and violent Sexual Relationships).

So you can effectively find your ideal Dating Partner and preferred Type of Dating Relationships, simply by selecting the relevant fields in your dating profile (eg. Casual Dating, Open Relationship, Serious Relationship, Travel Companion) and your gender preferences (i.e. whether you’re a male/female looking for other males/females/or both genders).

These means that your search results of recommended profiles will be highly-targeted and relevant to your chosen cities, and entirely restricted to the type of dating you are looking for: whether heterosexual straight dating, gay dating, lesbian dating, or bisexual dating.

You can further add distinctive “tags” to your profile to be even more specific on what you’re exactly seeking in your dating relationship(s): eg. activity partner, staycation, no strings attached, weekend dates only, senior dating, no attached partners, trans-friendly, etc.

Sounds amazing, isn’t it? Whilst “Date” accounts use the apps and site completely Free-of-charge, we highly recommend that you register for a “Suitor” account instead (which costs a mere USD 1 for the entire first month) to open yourself to the entire huge array of gorgeous and alluring “Date” profiles in the HM community.


Concluding Insights on Best One Night Stand Apps

Remember – you don’t have to settle for mediocre, non-fulfilling routine “go-through-the-motion” sex, just because your partner lacks the skills.

Not in this day and age anyway!


(Last Updated: 30 June 2020)

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