One Night Stand Dating App: Top 10 Free & Best Dating Apps, Sites & Websites for Hook Up, Casual Encounters & Fling Relationships

One Night Stand Dating App: Top 10 Free & Best Dating Apps, Sites & Websites for Hook Up, Casual Encounters & Fling Relationships

Let’s just face it – there are too many Casual Fling Dating Apps and Casual Hookup Sites out there, and you’re spoilt for choice.

Sometimes, we face that too. But let’s just say that we would rather have more choices, than to have none at all.

Each Casual Relationship App and NSA Relationship Site has its own unique features and strengths, that can help you score a date.

But before that, it is definitely a Great Idea for you to have a Good Overview of some of these Top & Best Short Term Relationship Apps and Casual Dating Sites in the Online Dating world …


One Night Stand Dating App: Knowing Which Casual Encounters Apps & Casual Fling Sites to Use for Casual Dating

Here are the Top 10 Free & Best Casual Sex Dating Apps on the Apple App Store & Google App Store that should catch your attention … Enjoy!


1. Bumble (

The creators of Bumble are pretty proud of their Bumble Date feature. That’s because in Bumble Date, only ladies are able to initiate dates.

That seems to work on the assumption that men are creeps, and women aren’t.

But hey, it doesn’t matter.

If you’re popular with the ladies and looking to score, try Bumble Date.

You might just get picked!


2. Wingman (

This app provides users with a unique experience because friends and families can chip in to help individuals find a date.

In Wingman, friends and family members can help to create a profile, include testimonials, images and much more.

We say that this is definitely one of the most genuine form of verification that any app can offer.


3. Ship (

Ship is a dating app which allows you to hook up without lifting a finger.

Doesn’t make sense? It’s okay, just read on.

In Ship, all you have to do is invite your friends to join your crew, wait for your crew to give you suggestions, and you get to decide who you’d hook up with at the end of the day.

It’s definitely worth a try if you’ve got a group of friends as kinky as you are.


4. 3rder (

Similar to 3Fun, only that it boasts a bigger user community.

Threesomes are fun and exciting, yet not too many people are into it.

It really doesn’t matter if you’re a threesome novice or veteran, just download the app and you’d be surprised by the possibilities.


5. Happn (

One of the most fun casual dating apps, we say!

That’s because you literally get to see who you’ve crossed paths with in real life on the app’s timeline.

If you like someone secretly, that person wouldn’t know unless he or she likes you too!


6. Blendr (

One of the few apps that allow users to message one another when they are in close proximity.

It’s really an on-demand booty call kind of concept where being in the right place at the right time is all that matters.

No harm downloading it and giving it a try!


7. Tingle (

Tingle allows users to video chat before deciding if they would like to meet up eventually.

For those who can’t wait to meet up to get it off, video call sex might be the next big thing for quickies.

Just make sure that you don’t put yourself at risk when you expose too much skin!


8. Disckreet (

While not an entirely dating platform of its own, it’s rather an app that you could turn to once you’ve landed yourself a cyber-sex date.

Disckreet boasts military-grade end-to-end encryption which keeps messages sent across the network fully secure.

Users are also able to delete images sent remotely from the other user’s phone.


9. 3Fun (

The name of the app says it all – 3 fun. Anything less than 3 isn’t fun.

That’s why it’s an app that was created for kinky people who enjoys getting it off with multiple partners.

It’s really a place for open-minded people to meet and to lead a swinger lifestyle while at it.


10. HappyMatches

HappyMatches is the World’s Premier & No. 1 Dating App and Dating Site for Casual Relationships.


Concluding Insights on One Night Stand Dating App

Whatever the case, just be sure that you keep yourself safe when meeting anyone.

Always practice safe sex and never trust the background stories that your ONS casual partners tell you.

Be discerning!


(Last Updated: 2 June 2020)


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