ONS Relationship: Top 5 Exclusive Secrets No One Ever Tells You About a One Night Stand (Ladies Version)

ONS Relationship: Top 5 Exclusive Secrets No One Ever Tells You About a One Night Stand (Ladies Version)

If you’re the sort of lady who is occasionally horny and doesn’t mind the casual nature of a 1 Night Stand, congratulations because you’re one of the rare few highly sought after by men all over the world.

The bottom line? You will never experience a lack of studs wanting to get a piece of you.

After all, the economics of such Casual Encounters has always been lop-sided in favor of the ladies.


ONS Relationship: Top 5 One Night Stand Secrets for Ladies

What’s important is for ladies like yourself, to know the ONS secrets that no men would ever tell you about (since they would have disappeared right after the sex) … Enjoy!


1. More Alcohol Doesn’t Equate to Better Sex

You can be dead-assed drunk, but when you wake up the morning after, things are certain to be awkward.

So don’t start glugging down a whole load of alcohol thinking you would make the sex any better.

Have just enough to be tipsy, and a little more open and naughty in bed.

But steer clear from drinking too much, because it would definitely make you clumsy during sex, and you may make a mistake that you may regret for life.

It is always good to be sober enough to enjoy the pleasures.

So don’t ever think it is a good idea to get drunk, to get it on!


2. A ONS Relationship May Last Longer than it Sounds

The term One Night Stand isn’t necessarily always a one-time thing.

You may see him again and there is always a chance that he may become a frequent Friends With Benefits, your date or even your future boyfriend, if you both hit it off!

So, do not ever think that this is just a one-off situation.

Just be clear with him if you are keen and if he is also interested, then who knows?

You both may turn out to be a story with a happy ending.


3. Contrary to Popular Belief, ONS Casual Encounters are Mostly Mediocre

You both probably met that night, and you don’t exactly know where she likes to be touched and caressed.

She doesn’t know what’s your favorite sex positions nor your erogenous zones.

So, it is very likely that it is not going to be some mind-blowing 1 Night Stand sex, that’s always incorrectly portrayed in the movies.

Nonetheless, it’s novel, fun and exciting. And that should be good enough.


4. Guilt is a Common Side Effect for an ONS Relationship

It’s not uncommon for people to wake up next to a stranger in an unfamiliar bed, and feel all dirty and guilty for sleeping with some random guy.

What’s important is to not let it cloud your judgment, for it is alright to have some fun every once in a while (with safe and appropriate protection of course!).


5. It Could Turn Out Wrong

If you haven’t been controlling your alcohol intake the night before, your chances of feeling sore down there is pretty much on the high side.

Well, it could be that the sex was all too raunchy and rough, but it could also mean that more than one man had a piece of you while you were knocked out cold.

It’s definitely not a good place to be, given that you have just exposed yourself to diseases and what nots.

If you don’t even know who you have been with the night before, it’s probably going to be tough tracing back what had happened.

Just make sure it doesn’t happen again, and pray mightily hard that you didn’t catch anything.


Concluding Insights on ONS Relationship: Understanding a One Night Stand Better

You would have realized by now that ONS encounters are not always rosy and fun, and that proper precautions must be taken to guard oneself.

So long as ladies do their part to keep themselves safe, a 1 Night Stand would be mutually beneficial, fun and exciting for both ONS parties who are involved.


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