Friend Zone: Top 5 Obvious Ways to Know Whether You Are in the Dreaded Friendzone & How to Deal With It

Friend Zone: Top 5 Obvious Ways to Know Whether You Are in the Dreaded Friendzone & How to Deal With It

Have you ever wondered if the person you like feels the same way towards you?

Or have you been relegated to the friendzone of the apple of your eye?

Do you even have any idea on how to tell the difference between the two?

Wasting your time and energy chasing after someone who isn’t interested in you in the same way can be very demoralizing and a downer to your ego.


Friend Zone: Understanding the Friendzone Definition & Friendzone Meaning

Let us now nip the problem in the bud and help you prevent yourself from wasting your time.

If it isn’t easy for you to talk to someone face to face about such personal matters, the next best thing you can do is to watch for signs instead of talking it out face to face.

Are you in their friendzone or are they interested in you? Here’s how you can tell … Enjoy!


1. Your Interaction with The People Around Them

If your special someone considers you as nothing more than a friend, a bunch of random friends will tag along even though you intended the meeting to be between just the two of you.

They aren’t comfortable hanging out with you alone, but they’re too chicken to tell you to your face.

Thus, all these friends are coming along as a buffer to take off some of that awkwardness from having to be with you alone.

However, if they’re interested in you, they will prefer to be alone with you as much as possible.

You go out together alone a lot. It’s almost a date, but neither of you have classified it as such yet.

You do things which couples normally do on a date. Watching a movie, having dinner, going to arcades – alone together. They’re almost telling you outright that they like you.

It is also possible that you’ve met their family.

This is a tricky point to make – some people who’re friendzoned know their crush’s family very well.

If you’re always hanging around them and you meet their family accidentally all the time, there’s nothing much to be excited about.

However, if you got to know them because you’re invited to special family events or something similar, there’s definitely something more than friendship on your crush’s mind.


2. The Things You Talk About

When you’re in the friendzone, your crush will preferentially talk about others rather than the two of you.

They will talk about people they find “hot”, they will talk about their friends, your friends, basically everyone else but the two of you.

You might think that they’re trying to ignite your jealousy, but don’t overestimate yourself! It could very well be true, but the fact that they continually do this to you would mean that they’re not interested in you in the very least.

You don’t talk about things you aren’t interested in, do you?

They could also stress on the fact that you’re a friend, because they don’t want to be associated with you in any other way.

If you hear them call you a friend more than once, you’re in the friendzone.


3. The Way You Interact

If you’ve ever had someone like you for more than a friend, you’ll know the feeling we’re talking about here.

You just know that there’s something more between the two of you.

Of course, some people are less perceptive than others, and it can be really hard to gauge if someone likes them – which is when it becomes important to look at all other signs indicating that you’re in the friendzone.

If you see these signs festering, in addition to the absence of affection from your special someone, you can safely say that you’re in their friendzone.

Touch is one of the love languages. If someone is interested in another person, they’ll feel inclined to touch them for some reason.

It doesn’t have to be in a perverted way – an innocent touch simply to initiate skin contact counts too.

If the person has put you into their friendzone, it’s very unlikely that they’ll touch you because they’re just not interested in you in that way.

On the other hand, if they’re constantly making skin contact with you, there’s no way that you’re in their friendzone. Just give them a little time to let them make their feelings known.


4. The Way They Describe You

When you meet their friends, they’ll have no hesitation at all to introduce you as their “friend”.

They also make sure that no one else will think that the two of you are anything but friends.

You might not have noticed this action on their part previously, but now that you know about it, keep your ears open the next time they introduce you to their friends.

If they hint to you that you’re what they’d love in a potential partner, or proclaim something similar to their friends, it’s very likely that they feel they’re the one in your friendzone, and they’re struggling to get out!

If you see them doing this, you should probably tell them how you feel about them, and that your feelings are mutual.

They made the first move – you just have to keep the ball rolling!


5. The Way They Treat You

They only ever talk to you when they have problems that they want you to solve, or simply to use you as a listening ear. Otherwise, there is no form of contact from them.

When you’re being treated as a therapist, there is no chance ever that they consider you anything more than a friend. You’re stuck deep in that friendzone, buddy.

On the other hand, if this person was interested in you, they would give you special treatment – they have many friends of both genders, but they’re all treated the same way.

You are that one special cookie who gets treated differently (in a positive way) from everyone else!

They tease you; they flirt with you. There is no indication at all that you’re in their friendzone.

When you’re together, they never focus on their phone – the phone is often out of sight. You capture their attention fully, even though everyone else is stuck to their phones.

With their other friends, they’re often absent-mindedly typing away on their phones, but with you, the phone is tucked away somewhere you can’t see.

They make full use of their time with you, because they see you more than just a friend! You’re free of the friendzone!


Concluding Insights on Friend Zone: What to Do if You have Been Friendzoned

If you still find yourself confused after reading all of this, it’s totally not an issue.

You’re not alone – many people have the same problem!

Take your time and test the waters. Learn how to get out of the friendzone. Or, simply take the easy way out – ask them!

That will stop you from wasting your time wondering whether you’re in the friendzone, or you’re something more than a friend to them.


(Last Updated: 11 July 2020)

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