Friend Zone Definition: What is "Being Friendzoned"? Understanding the Friendzone Meaning & Handling It Well

Friend Zone Definition: What is “Being Friendzoned”? Understanding the Friendzone Meaning & Handling It Well

Let us start by establishing that the term “friend zone” is overused, and is a cliché used by people who were rejected by someone who they’re interested in.

The fact that you like someone does not put them under any obligation to like you back – as such, the term “friend zone” technically doesn’t exist.


Friend Zone Definition

You should take a look at yourself before being lazy and deciding that the other person is an evil being who friend zoned you, when it could be something as simple as them not liking your personality or table manners.

It is never the other person’s fault if they don’t like you back – it isn’t your fault either.

It isn’t anybody’s. it’s just a mismatch of what two people seek in a partner.


1. The Origins of the Friend Zone

In general terms, the friend zone was, for lack of a better word, “invented” by men who were unhappy at being rejected by a woman who they have a lustful or romantic interest in.

This term was invented by men, and is mostly used by men.

Women hardly ever use the term; they seem to accept it better when the person they like isn’t interested in them – very rarely do you hear a woman complaining about being stuck in the friend zone.

There is nothing worse in the world than your crush telling you that they aren’t interested, especially when they’ve spent the better part of their days flirting hard with you.

There are people who do this for fun – yes, don’t be surprised!

If you’ve unwillingly landed in such a situation, you need to pluck up the courage and strength to walk away. Such people don’t deserve your time and friendship.

However, if that person you like never gave you and indication that they’re interested, and you jump in assuming that everyone is madly in love with you, then it’s totally your fault.

You aren’t in the friend zone, you’re just a regular person with an over-inflated ego.


2. Why Shouldn’t I Demonize Someone Who Friend Zoned Me?

When you “realize” you’re in someone’s friend zone, there’s a high chance that the person has never thought of you in a special way in the first place.

It was all in your head, dreaming up a pleasant relationship with someone you like, though they don’t feel the same way at all.

How is that their fault? They’re only human – they can’t force themselves to love someone they don’t.

They aren’t doing it intentionally to hurt you, even though you might feel a great amount of hurt because of their decision.

Put yourself in their shoes for a second – if someone you don’t like likes you, and expects you to return their feelings, how would you feel?

You should respect fellow human beings instead of getting mad or defensive, or look at your existing friendship with them as the bane to your existence.

Often after such confessions, friendships might dissolve. You should in fact rejoice in the fact that you remain friends with them even though you’ve just put them in a really awkward situation.

If your objective of befriending someone was to be “rewarded” with sex or a romantic relationship with them, you don’t deserve that person’s friendship.

Humans aren’t objects to be used as a prize for you when you complete a certain number of hours acting as the “nice” guy or girl.

Often movies portray the situation as such, whereby the hero or heroine gets the love of their lives or gets to sleep with someone hot after making a series of “good” decisions.

This is never the case in real life – remember that instead of being the leading role in a movie, there’s a higher probability that you’re only a paltry side character.

Those people don’t always get what they want.


3. The Deceitfulness of Trying to be “Nice”

There are countless lovely people out there, who respect someone’s personal space, and are perfectly fine with maintaining a platonic relationship with everyone around them, and remaining friends with people who’ve rejected them.

These people accept rejection graciously, and take it as part and parcel of life.

On the other hand, there’s a bunch of toxic people who think that the object of their affections is obligated to reciprocate their affections just because they’re “nice”.

This kind of “nice” person is showing a fabricated side of themselves – they’re only nice until they realize that they’re not going to get what they set out to get.

These people then turn spiteful and angry, and push all the blame onto the person who rejected them – the same person, who if given a choice, would never want to be a part of that mess in the first place.

We all know someone like that – someone who starts out nice, then becomes a living nightmare in either their hate or persistence post rejection.

These “nice” people are the same ones who “have no idea why they’re single”.

They don’t know why people reject them, ignoring the fact that they’ve probably intruded into others’ private boundaries and made the person they like uncomfortable.

When their ego takes a hit with rejection, these people immediately turn aggressive – physically or emotionally, and harass or torment those who rejected them.

It is a pretty sad and ironic situation, really.


Concluding Insights on Friend Zone Definition: Understanding the Insights & True Meaning of Being Friendzoned

There are lots of people who rely on the term “friend zone” to justify rejection.

They are blind to their negative aspects which repel people from liking them back.

Don’t be that person who follows their path. Before you were interested in them, this person was your friend.

Don’t chastise them or hate them for not developing the same feelings that you did.

Don’t guilt trip your friend into being with you – a forced relationship will never be a happy one.


(Last Updated: 11 July 2020)

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