Friend Zone Meaning: The Top 3 Reasons Why You are Friendzoned in Their Friendzone

Friend Zone Meaning: The Top 3 Reasons Why You are Friendzoned in Their Friendzone

It’s easy to build up hatred and direct it on someone you like after they throw you into the Friend Zone.

What is the meaning of being in the Friendzone? Before you take out the voodoo dolls and curse spells, take a moment to think about why you might be in this position.

Why do they not think of you in the same way you view them? For this, you need to understand the Friend Zone Meaning.

You only get vengeful and angry when you’ve relegated yourself to either staying in the Friendzone pit, or climbing out of it and becoming their partner – which you’ve already determined as impossible earlier.

This might surprise you, but those aren’t your only options.

You don’t have to confine yourself in that manner. What you need to do is climb out of that pit and move on in life.


Friend Zone Meaning: Here’s Why You are Friendzoned

Doing something like that won’t be easy, but there are ways to make it easier. To do this, let us understand the other side of the story, and the reasons as to why they have put you into their Friend Zone.

Understanding their point of view might help you understand their actions better, and help dissipate some of the hatred and vengeance you feel.


Part 1: The One Who Does the Friendzone-ing

These people come from a variety of backgrounds – they could have been your best friend, a complete stranger, or someone who used to love you. No matter what role they had or currently have, they all have something in common – at some point, for some reason, they made the decision to shift you into their Friend Zone.

Often, the person who is Friendzoned feels an upsurge of negative emotions. They suddenly hate the person who Friend Zoned them, only because they used to love them so much. They feel hurt, used, and unwanted. Something they neglect to realize is that they have no right to feel this way in the first place.

The Friendzone is not restricted to people who are friends with you. Someone might meet you for the first time and shove you into the Friend Zone for no reason at all. It’s not your fault, it’s not theirs either. It doesn’t mean that you have feelings for someone, that they’re obligated to reciprocate your feelings for them.


Part 2: The One Who Gets Friendzoned

How do you end up in the Friend Zone? Often, it’s really not your fault at all.

The person who is rejected usually puts all the blame on themselves, because that’s how humans think, in general. They think that the world revolves around them though it really doesn’t.

Usually the one who gets Friendzoned doesn’t realize that they’re in that position because the preferences or the situation which both parties are in isn’t conducive for a relationship.

People who do the rejecting often end up being the epitome of villainy, when it isn’t their fault either. Since when did expressing your feelings become a sin?

Why are they the villain when both of you simply expressed what you truly felt? If you look upon your friend (or ex-friend) as a villain just because they turned down your confession, you’re being silly.

Your friend probably treasured your friendship as well, and feels dejected at having to turn you down and hurt you because they don’t feel the same way.

Put yourself in their shoes for a second. Think of someone you enjoy hanging out with, but would never date. That’s you from their point of view.

How would you like it if that person confessed to you and acted like you were a bitch after you turned them down?

Sometimes, all it takes to understand someone else’s point of view is to think about things from their side of the story.


Part 3: The Top 3 Reasons for Putting Someone in the Friendzone – (Top #1 Friend Zone Meaning)

(a) They see you as a sibling

For the average person, it is impossible and really gross for them to even think about carrying out intimate acts with their siblings.

If you and them are close to the point that the other person considers you as a sibling, it would be close to impossible to change their mindset into considering you as a lover.


(b) Their heart belongs to someone else

If it were so easy to control a person’s feelings, then the same should apply to yourself. Just tell yourself that you can’t love this person, so just stop loving them.

Things don’t work that way. The same applies to your crush too – if they’ve already got their heart set on someone at the moment, no matter what you do, it’d be pretty hard to change what they feel. It doesn’t mean that they know you like them, that it’d be any easier to forget the person they initially liked.

If they’re someone who could love two people at the same time, do you really want to be with them?


(c) You’re not what they want in a partner

The two of you could get along really well as friends, but that doesn’t mean that they’d love to have you as a partner. The two are not the same – unfortunately more people need to know this.

In fact, confessing your feelings to your friend out of the blue could shock them and make them extremely uncomfortable because they don’t have feelings for you, but they also don’t want to hurt you as a friend by turning you down.

If you look at it from their point of view, haven’t you just put them in a very unfavorable position? Yet here you are, hating on them for being brave and doing the right thing by telling you the ugly truth.

Would you rather they lead you on for ages before you find out yourself that you’re not their type?


Part 4: Perspectives from the Person Who Friendzones You – (Top #2 Friend Zone Meaning)

When a friend has no choice but to put you in the Friend Zone, it often hurts them as well.

Other times, people don’t care about your feelings because people often put themselves first – why should they endure a relationship with you just because you confessed, when you’re not what they want?

You can hate them all they want – they don’t care. Sounds really harsh, but that’s how reality works.


Concluding Insights on Friend Zone Meaning

If you’re going through the process of being Friendzoned by someone, take a second to think about what the other person is going through.

Do you want to demonize your friend who you get along so well with, just because you were selfish and put yourself above all else?

Think back about why you might be in this position too, and you might find that it’s much easier to accept the situation you’re in, after all.


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