Friendzone: Top 7 Best & Most Effective Dating Tips & Dating Advice on How to Get Out of the Highly Dreaded Friend Zone

Friendzone: Top 7 Best & Most Effective Dating Tips & Dating Advice on How to Get Out of the Highly Dreaded Friend Zone

Knowing what to do to turn a friend into a potential love interest is a sacred and pretty much unknown field.

Not knowing how to do so cripples you with a host of disadvantages.

Everyone has that person in their lives – that person who they’ve known forever, yet there doesn’t seem to be a way to progress to a relationship beyond friendship.


Friendzone: Knowing How to Get Out of the Friendzone After Being Friendzoned

It isn’t the most terrible thing that could happen to you if you do like your friend in a special way.

As their friend, you have easy, open access to their time and presence, which not many other people can say the same about.

You know so much more about them that few other people do.

You need to look upon your position as an advantageous one rather than a curse.

Now that you’re in the correct frame of mind, let us find out how you can avoid the friend zone … Enjoy!


1. Hush the Crush

When they bring up someone they like, or some other person who they find attractive that isn’t you, stop it. Immediately!

You can choose to steer the conversation to flow in a different direction, or you can tell them outright that you dislike hearing them talk about people they’re interested in.

Either way, the aim here is to stop them from treating you like a wish fountain where they can offload all their worries and thoughts.

When you let them do that, you’ll seem more like a family member or a best friend rather than a romantic interest.

When that happens, you’re doomed to stay in the friend zone.


2. Let them know you’re available

Some people use jealousy as a tactic to garner more attention from their crush.

Sometimes it works, most times it backfires.

If you keep telling someone how cute that other person is, or how hot yet another person is, the listener will start to believe you, sooner or later.

It is a turn off for most people if someone they like likes a different person.

This is when they think, “Oh, he/she is taken, time to treat them as just a friend.”

As a rule of thumb, stop all the talk about crushes when you’re around the friend you like.


3. Find novel ways to compliment them

When a person gets too used to you, that’s when they marginally lose attraction, or in some cases, it might be a total loss.

Just like the pebble on the side of the road, no one is going to notice you or develop feelings for you if you stay doing the same old things and blending into the background.

If you’ve never told them how attractive they are, do it.

When they notice that you’re looking at them in a different manner, that’s when they’ll do the same for you, and wallah, you’re out of the friend zone! It’s all about reciprocation.


4. Show them a side of you they’ve never seen

In this case, you can take advantage of the fact that you’re their friend, because you know where their soft spot lies.

If they have a thing for people who’re good with animals, and you happen to be that person, show it to them.

If they love a partner who can cook, show off your prowess at every opportunity you can. Whatever you do, never ever lie for the sake of impressing someone.

It’s the surest way to get out of the friend zone by losing your friend altogether when they discover your lies.


5. Let them know how awesome it would be to be your partner

You could start by narrating the things you would do for your significant other, bringing up especially the things you know she likes.

If she likes gentlemen, take the opportunity to point out how you would act if you had a girlfriend.

Tell her how you would always open doors for your girlfriend and make sure she walks on the inside of the sidewalk.

If he likes girls who can cook, tell him how fun it would be if you could cook for someone other than your family.

Name all the wonderful dishes you’d make for your boyfriend.

When you muster up enough courage to move to the next step, start doing all the things you said you’d do. In short, act like they’re already yours.

If you act like their friend, you’ll be stuck in the friend zone till the end of time.

They need to see that you’re not just a friend, and you want to be something more than that to them.

As their friend, you have the power of knowing what makes them feel loved, and you can easily apply it as you deem fit.


6. Take some time away

When you see someone too often, there’s the tendency to take their presence for granted.

People always want what they can’t have – it’s ingrained in their nature.

If you’re always around when they want you to be, they’ll never realize your value, and go for someone else who looks more “valuable” in their eyes.

You need to take yourself away from their company, enough for them to miss you.

The time apart will also make them happier and more excited when you next see them, which is never a bad thing.

They will also start to realize how important you are, more than a normal “friend”.


7. Look better

No matter what people or self-motivational books say, people would always choose an attractive person over an ugly one, all other things remaining equal.

Though people might say someone’s personality or kindness or you-name-it is more important than looks, there is no denying that being attracted to your partner is an important aspect of maintaining a long-lasting relationship.

There is no need to have a model’s chiselled looks or a Greek god’s body before you approach your friend.

You just need to become a better version of yourself.

Dress neatly and spend some time sorting out your diet. Start exercising.

When everyone notices how much better looking you’ve become, your friend will too.

If you don’t make the change, there’s no reason for a change in your relationship with your friend to take place out of the blue.


Concluding Insights on Friendzone

Getting your friend to see you in a different light can be really difficult, especially if your status has stayed as a “friend” all this while.

You have to rebrand yourself and return with a new image that they can easily accept as a romantic interest rather than just another person in their friend zone.


(Last Updated: 11 July 2020)

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