Friendzoned: Here’s the Ultimate Guide on How to Make Them Want You & Leave the Friend Zone

Friendzoned: Here’s the Ultimate Guide on How to Make Them Want You & Leave the Friend Zone

Before we start, let’s understand the “Friend Zone Meaning”: The Friendzone is not an actual geographical location, unless you haven’t noticed.

It’s pretty much an undesirable situation to be in, whereby you’re romantically interested in someone, but you’re nothing more than a friend in that person’s eyes (i.e. you have been “zoned” merely as a friend, and not as a potential relationship partner, by that person).

Even when you and another person use identical approaches, yours are futile because you’ve already been predetermined as a friend.

You can tell them how much you love them a hundred times a day, but it’ll land on deaf ears because they’ll assume that you’re joking.


Reasons for Falling into the Friend Zone & Being Friendzoned

1. You Lack the Drive

What? How is it your fault when you like them, and they’re the one who put you in the Friendzone? First off, you need to ask yourself – what’s the difference between a friend and a romantic interest?

The latter puts in much more effort to be nice to their partners, and in caring for them. They’re more protective of their partners, and constantly think of ways to make them happy.

Maybe they see that you don’t have the commitment to do these for them. Perhaps you’ve also never flirted with them, so they can’t imagine doing intimate things with you or seeing you in a romantic light.


2. You’re a Spare Tire

You’re that person they talk to while waiting for their crush to reply. Ouch.

That’s often the harsh truth when you see them reply enthusiastically sometimes, but they just ignore you at other times.

Attractive people often have a larger pool to choose from, and they don’t always choose immediately. They will place hopefuls into categories in order of who they’ll be most likely to date.

If you’re going after an especially popular person, the chances are even higher that you’ll land in the reserves group.


3. They Don’t Like You in that Way – (Top #1 Reason for Being Friendzoned)

You could have the most exciting and scintillating conversations with them, but at the end of the day, it’s someone else who makes their eyes light up.

Yes, sure, they like you, just not as a potential boyfriend/girlfriend.

It’s really heartbreaking, but all of a sudden you realize that no matter what you do, you’ll be stuck in their Friend Zone because you’re just not their type, or they doesn’t see you in that way.


Been Friendzoned? How the Mindset for Leaving the Friend Zone

So Here’s our Top 10 Extremely Valuable Dating Advice on the topic “How to Get Out of The Friend Zone” to help you transition from being just another of her/his friends, to becoming THE potential relationship partner … Enjoy!


1. Set a Goal

Make sure that you’re determined to leave the position they have set for you.

Are you sure you want to leave the Friendzone? It’s not going to be easy.

You need to be determined and work methodically towards your goal. Are you sure they’re worth putting all this work into?

If your answer is yes, and you have your goals firmly set, you’re more likely to succeed.


2. Get Ready to Wait It Out

Having been Friendzoned, getting out of the Friend Zone isn’t something which can be accomplished with the snap of your fingers, or by clicking your heels.

It may even take months or longer of unwavering effort and determination.

Before you start on this endeavor, you need to prepare yourself for the long journey ahead and pace yourself, or get ready to burn out and fail.


3. Make a Better You After Being Friendzoned

If you’re in the Friendzone as you are now, and you don’t make any changes, there’s no reason that you’ll magically be removed from that position.

If you want this special person to see you in a different light, you need to change yourself. No one is asking you to change your personality.

It’s more about brushing up on your rougher sides to make yourself more attractive in the eyes of others.

Lazy people who rely on the excuse that they want to be liked for who they are can just stay comfortably in the Friend Zone and remain Friendzoned.


4. Think of Relationships in a Different Light

You need to remove the notion that Dating Relationships in real life are going to work out the way they do in fairy tales, because they don’t. Simple as that.

Waiting in your room and singing your lonely heart out won’t magically land the person of your dreams at your doorstep. You need to do something about it.

You also need to stop thinking that the world revolves around them. It’s not the end of the world if they only think of you as a friend.

Often, it’s the clingy or desperate airs which some people give off which makes their love interest shove them down the Friendzone dungeon.


5. Just Be Yourself

Have you seen people acting weird and awkward around their crush, which makes you cringe really hard?

Maybe that’s how you act around your crush too, you just don’t realize it. You’re probably not acting that way on purpose, but were driven by nerves.

What you need to do to avoid that pitiful plight is to relax. Without the nerves, your voice won’t shake or shoot up 5 octaves higher.

You’d also be more likely to be able to speak your mind and give off a more calm, sophisticated air, which is way more attractive than a jittery mess.


Concluding Insights on Being Friendzoned: How to Get Out of The Friendzone

It can be extremely frustrating and really hurtful when we fall for someone special, but end up being locked up in their Friend Zone.

The truth of the matter is being Friendzoned is not uncommon, as is being rejected outright. If we do nothing, we’re doomed to remain there forever. Practically speaking, tough situations like these call for even tougher decisions: Do we want to try to get out of the Friend Zone? At least if we still fail, we’ve at least tried.

But counterbalance this against the time lost and wasted effort if we fail, and possibly other missed romance opportunities if we fixate ourselves on just one person. Do realize that whilst miracles do happen, the chances of touching the next base as a “Friendzoned” is not encouraging. If you really like her/him, a practical approach could be to set a fixed time frame and put in effort to change things, and move on thereafter if still nothing happens.

Knowing just “How to Get Out of the Friend Zone” as a Guy or Lady is extremely important to do damage control in your current situation. It’s even more important for you going forward so you know how to avoid even landing yourself into the Friendzone pit with your next love interest.

Saying which, when Friendzoned – quit sulking and stop mulling over your misery. Pick yourself up – either make a decision to give things a final chance, or simply move on and find other bees and honey. The oceans are beaming with fish aplenty, if only you know where to search.

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