How To Friendzone A Guy: Top 9 Tactful Baby Steps to Take If You Want to Friend Zone a Man Without Hurting Him

How To Friendzone A Guy: Top 9 Tactful Baby Steps to Take If You Want to Friend Zone a Man Without Hurting Him

You love hanging out with guys, but occasionally you get into a dilemma whereby one of your male friends starts exhibiting signs that he’s interested in you romantically.

You’re an attractive girl, so who can blame all these guys flocking to you?

The question here is what you should do next.

Just remember that you are never obligated to return his feelings, no matter how close of a friend he is.

If you’ve made up your mind that this guy is never going to be your boyfriend, you need to make him realize this.

It can be really hard to make things clear, so this insightful and valuable Dating Guide, with its excellent Dating Advice and Dating Tips, is here to help you out!


How to Friendzone a Guy: Follow these Top 9 Steps to Friend Zone Him Properly and NOT Hurt Him


1. Tell him directly

This can be one of the hardest conversations you can have – especially when you don’t want to hurt the person you’re talking to.

It will be even harder if you intend to keep this person as a friend.

You have to choose your words carefully, but if you get it right, this would be the easiest way to let him know how you really feel.

It might hurt him initially, but when he gets his head around it, he will realize that what you did was the best for your relationship.


2. Don’t confuse him

If you don’t want him as a boyfriend, don’t confuse the poor guy by acting like you’re his girlfriend.

No cuddling, hugging, or any other form of physical contact while you’re trying to let him know he’s in the friendzone.

If you give him mixed signals, he’ll think that you’re playing hard to get, and he’ll try even harder.

It might be nice to bask in his attention, but while you’re at it, you need to draw a line somewhere – when are you stepping over the boundary of “friends”?

If you find yourself longing for his touch or you can’t stop yourself from touching him, then you might unconsciously consider him as a romantic interest – best to take a look at your feelings for him again, girlie.


3. See him less often

How often do you see this friend of yours?

If you find that he’s in your schedule book every day, for most hours of the day, this is something you need to stop.

While it is true that absence makes the heart grow fonder, the opposite might be true for a guy who’s obsessed with you.

Seeing him so often will only reinforce his feelings for you.

Take some time away from him so that he’ll reinstate his life before you came in.

When he realizes that it’s okay without you in his daily life, he might just let go of his infatuation with you. It would also be healthy on your part to spend time away from him.

Take part in new activities, go out with friends you normally “don’t have time for”.


4. Discuss your crushes

Don’t make it blatantly obvious that you’re trying to get him to drop his feelings for you, but you have to gently bring up other girls while you’re talking to him.

When a girl talks about other girls who might be a potential love interest for the guy she’s talking to, it’s a clear sign that she isn’t interested in him in that way.

You’re letting him down gently by showing him that he needs to find someone else to take your place in his mind.

You can also talk about guys you’re interested in.

He might be the kind of supportive best friend who will stand behind you no matter what you do, so make it clear that he’s got no chance of becoming your boyfriend.

Make it obvious that he’s not the guy you want in a partner.


5. Dress down

Physical attraction is a crucial component of the deciding factors for a man when he chooses a girl to like.

If you put in lots of effort to look extra nice whenever you see him, you’re not helping the situation here.

You could start by dressing really casually, and tone down on the makeup when you know you’re going to see him.

Skip on the perfume, and don’t style your hair too meticulously.


6. Don’t get too close to the people close to him

This might be a downer for you to read, especially if you’ve been really close to him all along, and you already know all his friends and family anyway.

If the two of you have a large bunch of mutual friends, avoiding them would be really hard, and seem unnatural.

The first step you can take is to avoid seeing his family, or hanging out with them too often.

Family members and close friends might be the ones putting pressure on him to make you “his girl”, and push him to go the extra mile even when he knows you aren’t really interested.


7. Don’t involve him too much in your life

Don’t let him be the first person you text about everything.

When he knows so much about your daily life and he knows he’s the first one you tell about anything and everything which happens to you, that’s when misunderstandings are bound to happen.

When you send him texts nonstop and involve him in too many aspects of your life, you can’t blame him for thinking of you as more than a friend.


8. Don’t hang out alone with him

As of the day you decided to friendzone him, stop hanging out with him one-on-one.

Being alone together, doing the things which couples do on dates, makes him feel like he’s dating you.

You know what they say – if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is a duck.

Don’t complicate the situation by doing activities with him which emulate a date.

When he invites you out, bring your friends along, or suggest that more people come along.


9. Keep his wallet closed

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a tight financial situation, or if you enjoy receiving free things.

If you’re trying to friendzone a guy, the worst thing you could do is let that same guy pay for everything when you’re out together.

Not only are you taking advantage of the poor guy, you’re sending him the wrong signals.

Don’t let him pay for things which might nurture a feeling in him that you owe him something.


Concluding Insights on How To Friendzone A Guy

You don’t have to feel sorry for the guy if you need to friendzone him.

If you don’t have feelings for him, you don’t.

Being wishy-washy and sitting on the fence will only delay the time you have to tell him the truth, and by then his feelings might be even deeper for you.

For the sake of your platonic friendship, be honest and clear from the start.


(Last Updated: 11 July 2020)

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