How to Get Out of The Friend Zone: Top 10 Tips for Men Lost Deep in the Friendzone

How to Get Out of The Friend Zone: Top 10 Tips for Men Lost Deep in the Friendzone

Something is making you feel uneasy because of something a girl you liked said the other day. What was it..?

Ah. When her bestie asked about you, she said that “we’re just friends”. She was talking about you. Yes, you.

You have fallen into that dungeon which is the substance of legends; That dungeon no one can ever get out of – better known as the Friend Zone. Simply put, you have been Friendzoned by the lady.

It pretty much feels like a death sentence because it means that the girl you like has never seen you as a love interest.

Do you want to get out of there? Yes, you do! Which is why you landed on this article in the first place.

Let us find out how you can do this – i.e. how to get out of the Friendzone.


How to Get Out of The Friend Zone with Her

So Here’s our Top 10 Extremely Valuable Pointers on the topic “How to Get Out of The Friendzone” to help you transition from being just her friend to become her potential relationship partner … Enjoy!


1. Let them know how you feel – (Top #1 Dating Tip on How to Get Out of The Friend Zone)

Girls are usually shy creatures. If they feel like a guy has no feelings for them at all, they’d rather treat the guy as a friend rather than suffer the embarrassment of rejection.

For all you know, she has a crush on you, and only tells people you’re “friends” because she’s afraid of how you would respond if she had said something else.

To let her know how you really feel about her, you could choose to tell her or show her.

Often, it’s a good idea to put effort into little actions to show her you like her, before telling her outright. You don’t want her to reject you out of shock from the sudden confession.


2. Make the two of you the protagonists of any conversation

If she’s telling you how so-and-so’s boyfriend did something for or to their girlfriend, tell her about how you’d do things differently if you had a girlfriend.

You could also show her beautiful vacation spots or tasty food and tell her about how you’d bring your girlfriend to enjoy these treats with you.

When she mentions her period cramps, talk about what you’d do for your girlfriend if she were experiencing the same problem.

Make her envision how wonderful it would be to have you as a boyfriend.


3. Don’t listen to their relationship woes

If she starts telling you about how some other guy will never like her, or how she was turned down by some other guy, don’t listen. Just don’t.

Make an annoyed face and tell her you don’t want to talk about it, or change the topic. Alternatively, you could just leave the room.

If you let them discuss such matters with you, you will never be the topic of those matters.

Ever. If they’re talking about such things with you, in their eyes you’re their brother or their best gay bff, not boyfriend material.


4. Find out why they wouldn’t want you as a partner – (Best #2 Dating Advice on How to Get Out of The Friend Zone)

Maybe she only likes men taller than her. Maybe she only likes men who’re smarter than her or those who have bronzed skin and defined abs.

Whatever the reason is, you have to find a way to find out what it is. For the reasons she gives, you can change yourself to fit her ideals. For others, you can’t.

The decision is now in your hands to see if you’d want to morph yourself into her idea of a perfect man, or give up on her because you’ll never reach that level.

At least now you’ll know that you’re giving up for a reason, and at least you tried.


5. Try flirting

Guys are pretty much well known to hit on girls they like. If you’ve never made a move on her, then it’s no surprise that she thinks of you as nothing but a friend.

If you show her that you only flirt with her and no other girl, she’ll get the message that she’s the one you like.

This is a great way to get feedback as well – if she flirts back with you, she obviously likes you too!

At the same time, you’re letting her know that you like her as more than just a friend.


6. Disappear

No, don’t wipe yourself off the face of the earth. Wipe your presence from her life, for a while.

What normally happens when you make yourself available to her all the time, is that she gets used to you, and takes your presence for granted. It’s comfortable, and she likes you being there, but she doesn’t see your value.

If you intentionally cut off contact with her for like say, a week, she’ll start to notice your presence and miss you. Don’t act like you despise her or something, just make yourself really busy.

Plan it so that your entire week is filled with activities and you have no time to contact her unless she makes the initiative to text you first or come and see you.


7. Plan little surprises

Having stayed by her side for so long, you have an advantage above the other studs whom she’s got her eye on.

You know what she cares about, what she likes, what’s important to her.

Plan a little surprise on a memorable day, such as the day she brought home her beloved puppy, and gift the puppy something. Make use of what you know about her that no one else knows.

Show her how much attention you’ve always paid to her, by the fact that you know and remember all these things that no one else does.


8. Pretend you’re not in the Friend Zone

Hey, you know what they say – fake it till you make it. If you don’t want to be in the Friendzone, you have to pretend that you weren’t in it to begin with.

Keep up the act till you receive positive affirmation that you’re not in it anymore. Treat her as nicely as you would if she were your girlfriend.

Buy her romantic gifts on her birthday. Open doors for her. Carry things for her. Offer to drive her home.

Don’t make any physical moves on her though, you don’t want to be arrested by security.


9. Realize that sometimes, it’s not your fault

People can sometimes be in a situation where they’re in no position to think about relationships, or they’ve had a trauma or bad memory from past relationships, which make them reluctant to date again.

In this case, no matter what you do, it won’t work. You’re not the only one in the Friend Zone, everyone else is in there too because she just isn’t ready.

In this case, the best thing to do would be to be understanding and back off. Perhaps she’ll remember this in the future and think of you when she’s ready for a relationship.


10. Accept that you’re just friends

Often times when we like someone, we start exhibiting strange behaviors that we normally wouldn’t. These can be a turnoff for some people.

If she had liked you the way you were before you turned strange, then it’s no wonder that you landed in the Friendzone the minute you started doing weird things to get her attention.

Sometimes you just need to step back, and just be yourself. People undervalue their attractiveness when they’re just being themselves.

The best part about this is, you wouldn’t need to pretend to be someone else if the person she likes is the you who’s just being yourself.


Concluding Insights on How to Get Out of The Friend Zone with Her

It can be a really painful realization that you’ve landed in someone’s Friendzone.

However, it doesn’t always have to be that way. It’s not a life sentence in the Friend Zone prison.

You just need to act correctly to be let out on parole.

This is where this list of tips on “How to Get Out of the Friendzone” will come in to help you out of your despair.

Ideally, you should use these valuable pointers to your advantage to prevent yourself from even falling into her Friend Zone in the first place.


Stop mulling over things, or groaning in your misery.

You’ve got to make a decision now – either try to get out of her Friend Zone with the tips above, or treat her merely as a friend and move on and date someone else.

Try using – there’s a lot more fish in the ocean than the one you’re sulking over now.


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