How To Know If A Girl Likes You Over Text: Top 10 Subtle Signs to Pick Up on How Can You Tell If a Girl Likes You

How To Know If A Girl Likes You Over Text: Top 10 Subtle Signs to Pick Up on How Can You Tell If a Girl Likes You

It is hard enough trying to tell if she likes you when she’s standing right in front of you. You don’t hang out enough and aren’t on that level of closeness where you’d hang out regularly anyway.

Your only connection to her is via texts, and she seems to be the master of subtlety. You envy your friends who are talking to girls who wear their hearts on their sleeves.

So, how to know if she likes you through text? Well, you don’t have to battle the green-eyed monster!

If you just know how, spotting all the subtle signs in her texts that she likes you isn’t all that hard! Let us show you in this article … Read on!


How To Know If A Girl Likes You Over Text

So Here’s our Top 10 Extremely Valuable Pointers on the topic “How to Know if a Girl Likes You Over Text” to help you know if she treats you more than just a friend (or merely as a good friend) … Enjoy our valuable Dating Advice and Dating Tips on How Can You Tell If a Girl Likes You!


1. The Tone of Her Replies

Is she replying you out of courtesy or because she genuinely likes talking to you?

This is one aspect of relationships that no amount of reading is ever going to teach you. You need to feel it in your bones.

Ask yourself and answer honestly: Is she interested in you based on how she’s replying?


2. She Initiates Contact – (#1 Top Tip on How To Know If A Girl Likes You Over Text)

If she’s often the first one to send a message to you, that’s great news in your favor.

Girls like playing the game of chase, and they like being the ones doing the running away. If they give up that thrill to talk to you first, then you know you’re in solid.

If you’re the one doing all the conversation starters, you might want to consider stopping and letting her wander back to find you.


3. Butt-load of Emoticons

Yeah, we know what the edgy kids say, that emoticons are the cancer of society and whatnot.

Fact is, people still use them, and we use them often with people we like and feel closer to. You have to consider what kind of girl she is though.

If she’s the kind who spams emoticons for no apparent reason then you don’t have to feel all that elated when she sends a bunch to you.

However, look out for those kissy-lipped or heart-eyed emojis which rarely come out unless a girl is attracted!


4. She Asks You Stuff – (#2 Best Tip on How To Know If A Girl Likes You Over Text)

Does she constantly wonder what you’re doing?

If you’re not that close to her, she probably wants to talk to you but has no idea what to say. She’s also trying to get to know you better by asking you questions.

If a girl isn’t interested in you, she won’t be spending that time and effort on texting you, even if the contents of the messages seem mundane.


5. Friendly Teasing

If she often does this with you, and you don’t respond to her teasing, you are an almost lost cause. She likes you!

There’s no promising that she’s head over heels in love with you, but she certainly likes you to some extent if she does this.

The next time she does this, you do it right back to her. Go get her boy!


6. Unnecessarily Draggy Words

If you say hi to her and she goes “Hiiiiiii”, and you’ve been desensitized to it since she has been doing it for the longest time, start paying attention.

It is a big deal: A girl does this to give off a cute and playful airs to her messages, so if you see a girl constantly doing this with you, it’s time to start flirting!


7. Social Media Interaction

Keep your eye on that girl who always likes your posts (or even comments) on social media.

She could even send you a text after you’ve posted something, and tell you how funny you are or how she totally relates to what you posted.

She’s watching you boy – She’s definitely interested in you!


8. Quick Replies – (#3 Obvious Tip on How To Know If A Girl Likes You Over Text)

When a girl likes you, her replies are instantaneous, or if they aren’t, she apologizes or explains what she was doing in the time she was missing.

Or for girls with really busy schedules, she will reply within the day.

If she takes two weeks to reply you, she isn’t busy. She just doesn’t care.


9. Life Updates

She tells you about what she’s up to, and you feel like you’re the first person she tells when something interesting or funny happens.

She snaps photos of objects or happenings which remind her of you, and send it to you instead of posting on social media.

This is definitely a positive sign of her showing interest!


10. You Laugh Together

People who laugh together, stay together … so apt and true!

She finds your jokes funny, and you can tell even through text, because it’s “HAHAHAHA” followed by a ton of emojis or something similar instead of a noncommittal “lol” or “lmao”, which is the equivalent of a “k”.

Girls love funny guys, and if she finds you funny that’s a sign in your favor.


Concluding Insights on How to Know if a Girl Likes You Over Text

So, How Can You Tell If a Girl Likes You? Forget the “She likes me, She likes me not” self-questioning and self-doubts.

Rather, if you’re interested in the question “How to Know If a Girl Likes You”, or more specifically, “How to Know If a Girl Likes You through Text” in your current case, then all you need to do is to scroll through all your messages with her to date.

Observe whether you can spot any of the above 10 hints in them … to know how she feels about you!

If “Yes”, congratulations! You need to decide if you want to reciprocate to her feelings. If “No”, perhaps its time to move on, rather than to hang in there and get yourself mired in even more emotional misery.


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