Online Dating Tips For Women: If You’re a Lady Looking to Find Love Online, Read this Dating Advice First

Online Dating Tips For Women: If You’re a Lady Looking to Find Love Online, Read this Dating Advice First

So you’re single, and you have got your profile written up, in more than one Dating App or Dating Site.

That’s perfectly normal, since you’re hoping that someone might chat you up and that with some luck, you may even start dating.

However, you probably didn’t expect that you’d be receiving a flood of messages from random guys, from all sorts of Dating Apps and Dating Sites which you have signed up for. Some of these messages may likely be invitations to a Casual Hookup.

If you’re not into such Casual Relationships, you probably should take note of the following Top 4 Online Dating Tips for Women … Enjoy!


Online Dating Tips For Women


1. Don’t send the wrong signals

Be clear about what you want in a Dating Relationship – is it fun, self-exploration, or to settle down?

If you want fun, that means you are into Casual Dating and looking for a Short Term Relationship.

You are probably looking for companionship and sex, but not the other serious aspects of a Committed Relationship (like commitment, loyalty, or exclusiveness).

If you are there to explore and learn more about yourself, you may just be at the point, where you want to see what types of men are more suitable for you. But not to the extent, where you want to find your soul mate, and settle down anytime soon.

You may be trying to date a few people to ascertain what your likes and dislikes are, and find out what are the things you look for in a guy, and what really pushes your buttons.


2. Be crystal clear about your intentions

Be sure to include your intentions of not having a Casual Encounter in your bio. Better still, use an top notch Best Dating Site like, which makes it easy for you to state explicitly that you are “only” looking for a Serious Relationship.

Let potential suitors know that you are not interested in just a booty call or a fling, but rather, a Long Term Relationship with someone who can commit to you.

You can include something humorous yet direct in your profile description, to filter away unsuitable or irrelevant people. For example, you can write: “If you are looking for someone to “netflix and chill” with, I am probably not your cup of tea. But I would be up for some tea if you are a lovely person looking for a great relationship!’.

Just to be on the safe side though, because some people tend to be oblivious to profile descriptions, and swipe right when a girl is hot.

Try talking to the other party first. Attempt to establish if he’s just there to get into someone’s pants, or if he actually wants to get to know you better as a person.

This will tell you if you are both headed towards the same direction, so you wouldn’t just be wasting your time with a f*ckboy.


3. Don’t lead them on

The best way is to let the person know, your expectations and intentions right from the beginning.

Do this at the point when they send you the first message.

Don’t drag it on, because things aren’t just magically going to change its course, if his actual intention is just to sleep with you.

If there’s some great chemistry going on between the both of you, subtly and casually plant it in your conversation.

Emphasize and tell him that you are in this for a serious stable relationship, and ask him if he’s on the same page.

This is crucial, because you definitely do not want to be wasting your time, on a man looking for a One Night Stand or a Fling, and is pretending to be nice to achieve that.


4. Choose a decent profile photo

It’s simple logic really – if you don’t want to attract the wrong guys, dress up modestly, and use that as your main profile photo.

Obviously, you’re going to lure horny jerks if you’re showing your cleavage, or wearing a tight mini skirt, which reveals that lacy pair of panty you’re wearing underneath.


Concluding Insights on Online Dating Tips For Women

The good news though, is that ladies would never have a lack of advances from guys in almost all Dating Apps.

Just make sure you learn how to safeguard yourself against all sorts of weird advances from guys, and all should be good for you!

Enjoy your Online Dating endeavors, and find your ideal romance partners soon! Remember, your choice of the right Dating App and Dating Site is a “make-or-break” for you to find that special someone.


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