What Is Friend Zone: Top 5 Warning Signs that You're About to Be Friendzoned (or Already in the Friendzone)

What Is Friend Zone: Top 5 Warning Signs that You’re About to Be Friendzoned (or Already in the Friendzone)

Sometimes, it can be hard to tell if she’s showing genuine interest in you, or if she’s merely treating you like a good friend and nothing more.

The thing about ladies is that they are capable of keeping a friendship strictly platonic, but this in actual fact is an uphill task for guys.

For that reason, it can be quite confusing to read the actions of the ladies sometimes.

If you need some help navigating through this gray area, you might want to look out for these tell-tale signs …


What Is Friend Zone

Here’s the Top 5 Warning Signs that you are about to be in the Friendzone (or already Friendzoned by her) … Enjoy!


1. She tells you who she has a crush on – (Top #1 Definition of What is Friend Zone)

She gushes and tells you about this hot guy she’s been into for the longest time.

In fact, to rub salt into the wound, she’s been stalking him on his socials.

And, it drives you crazy that she goes all giggly when her crush likes her photos or comments on one of her Facebook posts (if only she would react the same way when you did any of those insignificant things).

It is painful, but she doesn’t seem to get the point that you aren’t exactly interested to know every single detail about him; and the only reason why you’re sitting through this is just so that you get to spend time with her.


2. She tells you that you’re cute

Whenever you try to sit down and have an honest conversation with her about your feelings, she laughs and say ‘aww, you’re so cute!’ – chances are you are being Friendzoned.

Trust us, when she says you’re cute here, don’t take it superfically as a compliment.

Disappointing as it is, she only sees you as a friend and nothing more.

That’s why instead of taking the conversation further, she cuts you off abruptly with a false compliment to disperse the awkwardness of the situation.


3. She’s not there whenever you need someone – (Obvious #2 Meaning of What is Friend Zone)

Whenever she’s in a bad mood or upset about something, she comes running to you.

She seeks solace and finds comfort in you and knows that you are someone she can always rely on when she’s having a bad day.

Because you are so readily available, she exploits that fact and makes use of you.

However, things are never the same for you.

Whenever you are depressed or unhappy, she doesn’t seem to be there for you.

Although it is likely that she’s probably enjoying her time hanging out with her friends and having a whale of a time (while you are crying your eyes out or yearning for some company).

The harsh reality is that this ‘relationship’ is not reciprocal, and you’ve been Friend Zoned.


4. You see her without make-up – (Clear #3 Sign of What is Friend Zone)

She doesn’t bother to put on make-up or dress up for you.

You’ve seen her in her frumpy pajamas complete with bed head, without even an inch of make-up on her face.

Since she’s not there to impress you or make you like her, she wouldn’t care to do these things for you.

However, you’d see her making the stark effort to dress up to a school event, or to a retouch her lipstick every so often, whenever her crush is around.

These clues actually point towards you being in the Friendzone!


5. She shares her most embarrassing moments with you

Similarly, she doesn’t mind sharing details of her most embarrassing moments with you.

Because she treats you like a friend, she is willing to share these funny yet humiliating moments with you.

The sad thing is that she’s likely not interested in anything romantic with you, because she’s not even trying to impress you, or make herself appear desirable to you.


Concluding Insights on What Is Friend Zone

One can imagine how easy it might be to fall into the trap of a one-sided Dating Relationship.

Be vigilant, and don’t let it be you!


(Last Updated: 31 May 2020)


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