Define Platonic Friendship: Top 10 Best Platonic Dating Tips to Maintain a Successful Platonic Relationship

Define Platonic Friendship: Top 10 Best Platonic Dating Tips to Maintain a Successful Platonic Relationship

Platonic relationships can be one of the hardest kinds to maintain.

They are mind-boggling and downright confusing.

It is a huge endeavor requiring lots of determination, to stop yourselves from crossing over the line sometimes.

Even when you’ve kept yourself fully in check, there’s still the problem or partners and lovers who cannot fathom the fact that a woman and a man can be nothing more than just friends.


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Define Platonic Friendship

Once you’ve overcome all these hurdles in your torturous path to a successful platonic relationship, it can be the best friendship you’ve ever had, just like any other friendship with members of the same gender.

However, that’s under the assumption that the two of you do not give in to temptation and are able to pass through the tests put forward by the devil challenging your friendship.


(A) Platonic Friendship Rules – 10 Guidelines You Must Adhere to In Order to Succeed in Your Platonic Relationship

What does a man and woman have to keep in mind in order to ensure a successful platonic relationship? Read on to find out more.


1. Don’t Give In to Lust – (Top #1 Way to Define Platonic Friendship)

You have to understand, that giving in to lust will only jeopardize the friendship you currently have, with this person.

Things will not go back to normal, no matter what you initially thought.


2. Avoid Being Alone With Each Other

Don’t let lust creep in between the two of you.

Avoid situations where the two of you are alone doing something, which could ignite lust.


3. Don’t Ever Flirt With Each Other

Never ever flirt, even in person or through text.

It is much too easy, for two members of the opposite sex to get engrossed with each other, when you’re flirting all the time.


4. Touch Each Other in a Non-Sensual Manner – (Best #2 Way to Define Platonic Friendship)

If you’re together most of the time, it’s inevitable that some skin contact comes about.

Don’t make it flirty or sensual. Make the touch brief. Make it firm and aggressive.

Think of the way you’d pat a buddy’s back, instead of the way you’d rub your partner’s back after a long day.


5. Find Traits of Persons You Would Never Date

Pick out one of the traits that you both know your platonic friend has.

Stress on the fact, that there’s no way that you’d ever date a person with such traits.

You could start it off as a joke, but make sure that your friend gets it loud and clear that you aren’t joking.


6. Stress Often that You Both are “Just Friends” – (Popular #3 to Define Platonic Friendship)

Repeat as often as you can naturally how much you value them as a friend

Stress on the word friend so that they know you’re not interested in crossing over the line.

Or if they were trying to get over, your words will knock them right back in place.


7. No Such Thing as “Just One Time”!

Don’t ever give in thinking “it’s just once”, or “just this once”.

No such thing will ever happen and the two of you will be trapped in a really messy situation, especially if one or both of you are already attached.


8. Have More Friends of the Opposite Gender

Make more friends of the same gender as your friend.

You can really get a clouded, tunnel vision view of your friend when they’re the only one around who makes you feel special.

You might potentially confuse this feeling of novelty for something else.


9. Let Your Platonic Friend See the “Real and Less Pleasant” Side of You

Act like you’ve been married for 50 years.

When your friend sees the “gross” or less flattering sides of you, they might think twice about dating you.

It’s a pretty good deterrent, if you know for sure that you’re never going to date this person.


10. Share About Your Love Interests (or S.O.) with Your Platonic Friend

Show off your love interests or significant other.

As much as you possibly can without coming off as a jerk, make it known to your friend that you’re taken.

Let it be ingrained in their mind, that you already belong to someone else, so they’d be best off staying where they are.


(B) HOWEVER, Just in Case You’ve Already Crossed the Line …

Know that you’re only human, and admit that you’ve made a mistake…

You’ve tried your best to follow all the rules above, and kept your guard out, till one fine night where you’ve had too much to drink and let the alcohol take over.

It’s okay, mistakes happen and you can learn from it.

Don’t be in too much of a hurry, to terminate your friendship over this one error.

Get over the mistake, and move on. Together.

Mistakes will always happen – it’s how you deal with the mistake, that makes you (and your Platonic Relationship) stronger.

On the flip-side, if you notice that these “accidental” incidents happen way too often, it is an obvious sign that one or more parties between the two of you are all too eager to cross the line.

Find out who it is and nip the problem in the bud before it flowers too aggressively.


(C) A Fight Against Nature

Regardless of what people say, nature never intended for two members of the opposite sex, to be “just friends”.

A Platonic Relationship has a higher percentage of failing and succeeding, whereby a “failure” is classified as the scenario whereby one or both parties end up crossing the line unintentionally.

If the feeling is mutual, of course there is no issue with proceeding beyond friendship.

If all else fails, you need to know that you have the option to walk away from this mess, and take pride in the fact that you did succeed in having a platonic relationship, even if only for a little while.


(D) Concluding Insights to Define Platonic Friendship

If you feel like you’re all geared up to take on a platonic relationship, keep this list in your back pocket for easy access at all times.

It’s all a mind game in the end, and takes mental power to maintain.

Your mind just has to be stronger than your carnal desires, and you’re all good to go!


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