Define Platonic Relationship: Top 10 Best Dating Advice & Tips for Getting Over Your Romantic Crush Quickly & Easily

Define Platonic Relationship: Top 10 Best Dating Advice & Tips for Getting Over Your Romantic Crush Quickly & Easily

Trying to get over a romantic crush in a friend you’re supposed to be in a Platonic Relationship with, can be one of the hardest things you’ve ever experienced.

This friend is someone you care about, and meet on a regular basis. So how do you re-define Platonic Relationship status with such a person?

The usual self-help Dating Tips & Advice, given to help you get over relationship breakups, are of a completely different nature.

Because you feel some degree of resentment towards an ex, and are able to cut them out completely from of your life.

These elements which are clearly missing in a Platonic Friendship, with a friend whom you really like more than just a friend.


Define Platonic Relationship: How to Get Over Your Romantic Crush


1. Keep it real – (#1 Dating Tip to Define Platonic Relationship)

In a way, having a romantic crush on a friend can be better than crushing on a random stranger, or someone you don’t know as well as your friend.

Fantasizing feeds the crush, something you can easily cut short, because you know your friend so well.

You know their positive traits as well as their negative ones. What you need to do now is harp on their negative traits.

Those very same traits which make them less attractive or inaccessible, will help you get over the crush. Because you logically know, it’s not possible to further your friendship with them beyond a Platonic Friendship.


2. Surround yourself with positivity

Confide in someone you trust, someone who will give you the honest truth, but at the same time will be supportive of you.

Someone who will guide you to make the correct decisions, instead of forcing their thoughts on you.

Someone who will keep things said between you private.

Don’t go around blabbing about your crush, to every single person you know.

You don’t want word to reach your friend’s ears and make things awkward.

Tell that one person you trust, instead of telling the whole world.

Don’t put anyone down, because of the spitefulness you harbor from the situation you’re currently in.


3. Don’t pretend that nothing is wrong

Be honest with yourself, and admit that something doesn’t feel right deep down in your chest.

It’s not like as if things will correct itself, if you pretend that the problem doesn’t exist.

You might do a really good job of concealing your feelings, and making everyone else feel that nothing is wrong.

But how about you? You’re not okay, and you know that.

You’re hurting inside, and hiding the pain from other people won’t make you hurt any less.


4. Take a break from them

When you like someone, you want to see more of them.

However, this can perpetuate, and even intensify the feelings you have for your friend.

You know that these feelings you have for them were nurtured due to the time you spent together, and the nature of your interactions with them.

Spending some time away puts a stop to additional events, which foster your feelings for your Romantic Relationship crush.

You don’t have to block them on every social media platform, nor delete their mobile number.

You don’t even have to tell them you’re doing it.

Just gradually spend less time with them, to let your feelings die down.


5. Don’t put on a spare tyre

When faced with a situation like crushing on a friend you’re not supposed to like romantically, most people resort to finding a substitute to replace that person, so that they can “forget them faster”.

This isn’t true in most cases, because what ends up happening, is that you realize your substitute is nowhere as good as the real thing. And you end up craving for your crush even more.

What’s worse is that this spare tyre of yours is a person with feelings too – don’t hurt someone else to heal yourself.


6. Avoid stalking them

The point at which a crush turns into an obsession, is when your mind is constantly on that person.

You want to see them, and know what they’re doing every second of the day. Which is when the social media stalking starts.

Sure, it’s nowhere as obsessive as physical stalking, but it comes pretty damn close.

Seeing them continually through their social media, can still intensify the feelings you have for them even though you’ve physically distanced yourself away from them.

When trying to get over a crush, the best thing you can do for yourself, is to avoid seeing them in any way or form.


7. Don’t compare yourself – (#2 Dating Advice to Define Platonic Relationship)

When your crush is attached or they like someone else, often people’s first instinct is to compare themselves to that significant person in their crush’s life.

They then try to convince themselves, how much better they are compared to that person. The thing is, that person is who your crush chose.

No matter how much better you think (or actually) are than that person, it is your crush’s choice at the end of the day.

Comparing yourself to other people will only demoralize you, and make you doubt yourself.

It will also cause you to downplay your redeeming qualities, and make you think you’re not good enough – when that clearly isn’t the case.


8. Don’t fantasize – (#3 Top Dating Tip to Define Platonic Relationship)

The human mind is a powerful too. If you let it drift, it will think of things which it likes.

In other words, if you let your mind wander when you have nothing to do, you will think of your crush.

And the beautiful fairy-tale endings you could possibly have with them.

Which is the worst possible thing you can do, while trying to get over them.

Fantasizing gives you hope that is non-existent in reality. It can be a really dangerous mentality to have, when you’re trying to get over someone.

Rather than stalking them on social media, you’d be better off spending your time engaging in a new hobby, which takes your mind off things.


9. It’s okay to be sad

Crushing on someone you know you can’t be with may sound trivial to the ears, but you should never underestimate your emotional well-being.

You know you’re sad, so there’s no need to pretend that you aren’t.

Of course, don’t mourn to the extent that it affects your work or social life, but just take some time out on your own specifically to be sad.

Eat whatever you want, or pump out a good session in the gym – whatever it takes for you to recover.

Give yourself a time limit to be sad – tell yourself you’ll grieve for a day then move on.

You don’t want to be stuck perpetually in a sinkhole of self-pity.


10. Take your time

Feelings don’t happen or dissolve at the snap of a finger.

It doesn’t mean that you decide to get over your crush today, that you succeed tomorrow. It’s okay to take your time.

Different people have different “recovery rates” from crushes, so don’t panic when some time has passed, and you haven’t fully gotten over your crush “when you should have”.

There isn’t a time limit – when it happens, it happens.

When you find yourself thinking about them less and less as the days pass, you’re well on your way to succeeding – and maintaining a Platonic Dating friendship with your romantic crush.


Concluding Insights on Define Platonic Relationship

Follow the above 10 Excellent Platonic Dating Advice & Tips, to get over a romantic crush in a Platonic Dating relationship.

You can now embark on your journey of getting over your crush, knowing that you’ve set yourself up for success, and removed most of the major stumbling blocks.

Good luck with that as you re-define the meaning of Platonic Friendship in your personal life! Kudos to that!


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