Platonic Dating: How to Date a Guy Platonically in a Platonic Relationship or Platonic Friendship

Platonic Dating: How to Date a Guy Platonically in a Platonic Relationship or Platonic Friendship

Learning how to hang out with them, without worrying that they’ll try to sneak into your pants, is a valuable skill all women should know.

While most people don’t believe in this fact, it is actually true that a male and a female can date without any romantic involvement.

In the first place, most people don’t understand that a date doesn’t have to be romantic – the dictionary defines that it can be a social appointment with someone.

For those women out there, who claim that guys don’t ever want anything else other than getting into your pants, maybe they just don’t know how.

It isn’t hard to keep things platonic with a guy, even though you see them often one on one – aka date them.

The difficult part is knowing the secret to getting them to see you as a Platonic Friend.


Platonic Dating: How to Date a Guy Platonically in a Platonic Friendship or Platonic Relationship

Due to their ego, self confidence or a compilation of other reasons, guys will always be under the assumption that a woman who is in constant contact with them, is interested romantically.

While this may apply to some girls, others are only interested in making friends – and nothing more.

Some guys are more persistent than others, and these are the kind you want to drop as a friend – they were never really interested in being a good friend to you anyways.

However, there are always the good cookies of the batch, who will understand that you only want a friend out of them.

These are the ones you can keep by your side many years into the future.

Without further ado, let us learn how to date a guy platonically! … Enjoy this insightful article!


1. No flirting

Some people are more inclined to flirt than others – it’s in their nature.

However, if you want your male friend to see you in a platonic light, there is no way that you can flirt with them and expect that out of them.

It’s just in a guy’s nature to detect the possibility that any female is attracted to them.

The next time you’re hanging out with your friend, think before you speak.

Would you say the same thing to a different male friend who’s not as close with you?

If you don’t want your friend to misunderstand you, don’t lead him on, even if you’re doing it unintentionally.


2. Talk to them like you would talk to any other friend

It is fully understandable that he’s a friend who’s particularly close to you, and you would want to talk about things which you normally wouldn’t share with people.

If you truly treasure him as a friend, you shouldn’t lead him down the wrong path and put him in a difficult position.

Not only would this jeopardize your friendship, you also risk hurting him.


3. Don’t discuss romance with him

When you talk about something with someone, it is in human nature to imagine themselves in the situation in order to come up with an appropriate, invested answer.

As your friend, he won’t give you a lackluster answer that shows he��s answering for the sake of answering.

When you constantly discuss romance and relationships with him, you’re forcing him to imagine himself in a relationship with you continually.

Don’t do that. If he likes what he sees in his mind, that’s when he can’t see you in a platonic way anymore.

He will want to court you as his girlfriend. Don’t talk about it so he won’t let his imagination run too wild.


4. Don’t confuse him

Make it really clear that you only intend to be friends, but don’t overdo it.

Mention it often enough that you don’t see him in a romantic way that he understands it, but not so often that they get annoyed and your ploy backfires because your friend might become competitive and try to prove you wrong instead.

Get your point across, then hold back from harping on it till he makes his next move.

Usually, after a few cycles of pushing him away, he will understand that you want nothing to do with him in a romantic way, and give up.


5. Be mean

This is something you can’t start out of the blue nor overdo because your friend might get shocked and hurt.

Start gently, and maintain it at that level.

Be mean to him just enough to show that you don’t really care about hurting his feelings because you’re not interested in him in that way.

Keep in mind that you still want to be his friend though.

A good way to do this would be to hang out with his guy friends and see how they tease each other.

Copy the way they do it and act like one of the guys. If he sees you as one of his group of guys, he will be less likely to think of you in a romantic way.


6. Show him that you don’t dress up for him

When you know you’re meeting him alone, don’t dress up for him. Tone it down and dress really casually, and don’t put on perfume.

Don’t overdo it on the makeup either – you want to put on enough that you look presentable, but not so much that your friend assumes that your dates are a special occasion to you.

You want him to think of you as one of his bros, and guys don’t dress up for each other.

You don’t have to dress like a man or in the ugliest clothes you can find. You can wear whatever you’re comfortable with.

However, the second your friend feels like you’re dressing up for him, you can kiss your Platonic Friendship goodbye.


7. Don’t get overly involved with your friend

When your friend is in trouble, or having a dilemma over something, it is of course, okay as a friend to help them out.

However, when they venture into problems involving personal matters, it is best to step back and wash your hands free of it.

For example, he wants to know why he can’t get a girl like you, and wants you to help give him a makeover which will make him more attractive to girls like you.

Alternatively, he could ask you how to behave or what to say to make girls like him more. These are all red flags that he’s trying to become your idea of a perfect man.

Shrug it off and make a joke about it, but whatever you do, don’t get yourself involved in these seemingly harmless little projects.


8. Make him value you as a friend

You want him to recognize your importance as his friend.

When he sees you as a friend he values in his life, he will think twice about harming your relationship by crossing the platonic line.

This can be a difficult piece of advice to follow, because different guys value different things in their friends.

Look at his group of friends and see how they interact with each other – perhaps this will give you a clue.


9. Be funny

People like funny people. Guys in particular, like hanging out with people who have the same sense of humor.

You can combine this with the earlier trick of being mean to them – joke about them so that your meanness doesn’t hurt them, but at the same time, they understand their place, and you both get a laugh out of it!


10. Accept that some guys just don’t get it

When it comes to this step, you can rest assured that it’s by no fault of yours.

You’ve done your best and gave it your all to prevent them from crossing the platonic line.

Some guys just want to date every single girl they come in contact with.

There is no such thing as a female friend to them.

If this sounds like your friend, the only thing you can do is give up, and move on.


Concluding Insights on Platonic Dating: Dating a Guy Platonically in a Platonic Friendship or Platonic Relationship

Male friends are really fun to have, especially if you dislike the dynamics which inevitably come about when groups of women gather.

Following the 10 tricks above, will help you in making male friends you can date, while avoiding getting into bed with them.


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