Platonic Friendship Meaning: Top 7 Proven Advice for Hardships Faced By the Platonic Girl Friend in a Platonic Relationship

Platonic Friendship Meaning: Top 7 Proven Advice for Hardships Faced By the Platonic Girl Friend in a Platonic Relationship

If you’ve spoken to any girl with a boyfriend, 99 out of 100 of them will feel strongly against their boyfriend having a female best friend.

Often when a girl is friends with a guy who’s attached, the girlfriend will wreak havoc and unrest out of sheer jealousy because she doesn’t believe that a guy and a girl can be friends and nothing more.

As a girl with a male best friend, you can be involved in lots of sticky situations involving your bestie’s girlfriend.

Jealousy is such a powerful and ugly emotion. It is an emotion which will definitely surface, when your best friend is an attached male.

His girlfriend can either act directly on her jealousy by screaming and cursing you out in public to embarrass you, or she could be the sleazy type who makes life difficult for you behind the scenes.


Platonic Friendship Meaning

It doesn’t make sense for you to give up your friendship because of this new girl – after all, you were there before she was.

Before your bestie’s girlfriend’s emotions boil over and scald you, there are steps you can take to appease her, which might involve your bestie, all for the sake of appeasing his girlfriend’s jealousy.


1. Talk it out

Before his girlfriend has the chance to find out on her own about you, the two of you need to make her know about your presence.

He might be afraid to bring something like that up in the fear that it’ll jeopardize his new relationship, so you need to convince him that not telling her will only bring greater harm in the future.

She needs to know the relationship between the two of you, so that she’s not surprised when she first sees you.

After you’re introduced to her, you need to find some time when you’re alone with her to reiterate the nature of your relationship to her boyfriend.

Tell her how lovely you think she is and how glad you are that your bestie has found someone like her.

You need to let her know that you’re in no way jealous or angry over his new girlfriend.

If she understands that you’re her friend and not her competition, she won’t be so riled up over your existence.


2. Befriend her, too

This is one of the best ways to let your bestie’s girlfriend feel assured that you’re not someone who’s there to ruin their relationship.

If you become her friend just as you are her boyfriend’s friend, you’ll become more of a mutual acquaintance rather than an exclusive friend to her boyfriend.

This position will probably leave you in a very uncomfortable situation when they fight and ask you to be a mediator or judge. When it comes to that, run away! It isn’t your obligation or duty to mediate their fights.

After becoming your bestie’s girlfriend’s friend, you now need to build up her trust in yourself.

She needs to know that your presence has no hidden intentions – you’re just there as a friend and nothing more.

She needs to trust you before she can accept that a platonic friendship can exist between you and her boyfriend.


3. Expect her to not be OK with you

Even though you were there first, even though your bestie’s girlfriend knows nothing about you and has no right to judge you as a relationship wrecker, you need to be okay with her not being okay with you.

Complicated, huh? Yes, but not really.

You have to accept that it’s perfectly natural for her to be jealous of your existence – you have known her boyfriend far longer than she has, and you were there before her!

Give her time to accept you, and don’t expect her to be okay with you anytime soon.


4. Empathy

The easiest way to understand someone’s point of view is to put yourself in their shoes.

How would you handle it if you had a boyfriend and you don’t believe platonic relationships exist?

Then you learn that he has such a friend, who knows him on a deeper level than you do, and they seem to have a lot of fun together.

It would only be expected and normal to feel some level of jealousy and insecurity over that other girl.

Just keep this in mind when you hear or get the feel that your bestie’s girlfriend doesn’t really like you.


5. Involve her in your outings

You have to understand that things are different now.

It was okay in the past to monopolize all his time alone and go out one-on-one on various outings with him.

However, this is the sure-fire way to get your friend’s girlfriend to hate you.

You have to share some of your time with him together with her. Invite her out to hang out with you guys to show her that you really aren’t doing anything dodgy when you go out together.

Never let her feel left out when you’re hanging together. Your friend’s girlfriend is part of his life now – if you hurt her, you’re hurting him too.

Make sure she feels like she’s your friend too. When you want her to come along on your outings, don’t tell your friend to do that asking – you do it.

Text her or call her and invite her so that she knows you harbor no ill feelings towards her, and she’ll reciprocate the feeling.


6. Give in and give way for her

Don’t compete with her for his attention. This isn’t a competition so don’t make it seem like one.

Yes, he probably has much less time to spend with you now that he has a girlfriend.

Yes, he needs to prioritize her first regardless of the “bros before hoes” code which you guys agree on.

You need to remember that in his girlfriend’s eyes, you are not a bro.

You are a girl competing with her, vying for her boyfriend’s attention. That’s not a good look in any way. She’ll hate you.

You need to cut out all activities which might give his girlfriend the wrong impression, such as touching him a little too much, or sleeping over at each other’s places.

It is very hard to understand a Platonic Relationship for a majority of the public.

His girlfriend will be one of those people too, especially because their relationship is new and she doesn’t have fully grounded trust in him yet.

You have to accept that your friend will no longer play such a major role in your daily life any longer.

He has new obligations now, and new responsibilities with the appearance of his girlfriend.

He will probably commit more of his time to her and less to you as their relationship progresses.

As his friend, you must be willing to give up part of your platonic relationship for the success of his romantic relationship.


7. Tactful reminiscing

You have to be careful that you don’t make it sound like a competition when you reminisce about your friendship with him.

Whatever you say cannot make her feel like she’s inferior with regards to her relationship with him.

Of course, it’s only natural that you know way more about him since you’ve known him for longer.

You might even have access to a library of information which you could use to blackmail their relationship.

Even if you personally think that the dirt you’re about to spill on him is funny and won’t harm your relationship, it’s best to keep all your information on him on lockdown.


Concluding Insights on Platonic Friendship Meaning

Being in a Platonic Friendship with someone who’s attached can be the hardest thing in the world.

You often need to swallow your pride and you have to be okay with being second in line for your friend’s attention.

To handle being a Platonic Girl Friend without harming your friend’s romance, you can always refer back to this list to understand the “Platonic Friendship Meaning”.


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