Platonic Relationship Definition: Top 5 Ways to Tell the Difference for Platonic Friendship Hugs vs Serious Dating Hugs

Platonic Relationship Definition: Top 5 Ways to Tell the Difference for Platonic Friendship Hugs vs Serious Dating Hugs

Hugs are a common act between friends, which often mean nothing more than an act to show how close you are to each other.

However, it is not difficult to misunderstand the act when one’s mind is thinking down a different track.

What makes a hug different between friends and lovers?

Hugs are a means to show affection between fellow human beings.

So, what makes the feelings so different while carrying out this act, when you do it with someone you’re romantically interested in vs doing it with a friend or family?

Is the difference even of any importance?


Platonic Relationship Definition

In simple terms, it might be easy to think that the significance of a hug, depends on the one sharing it with you.

However, you can easily realize that this isn’t true.

Even when you hug someone you love, the hug doesn’t always feel romantic.

Likewise, a hug with a friend does not always constitute friendship alone.

So, where does the difference lie?


1. The Duration

How long do you hug this person? Often, when you hug a friend, it’s more of a touch-and-go type of hug.

It’s comfortable and just of the right tightness. It’s more of a hello kind of hug, to show affection to a friend.

On the other hand, a romantic hug is one which lasts just a little too long, and takes up noticeably more time than a friendly hug.


2. The Touch

Think of the time you were congratulating your friend for succeeding in something with a hug, or the hug you have your sibling at their graduation. It’s an amicable hug which might involve pats on the back before parting.

Conversely, a romantic hug will involve more intimacy. Rather than a firm pat, the touch on the back is gentler, like patting a little kitten or puppy.

The touch might also fall on the lower back rather than the upper one as would be the case in a platonic friendship.

The face is not looking frontwards, but often downwards and nuzzled into the other person’s shoulder.


3. The Affection – (#1 Top Platonic Relationship Definition Tip)

When someone hugs you from the side, it often means friendship more than anything else.

It’s like you’re comfortable enough to initiate skin contact with someone, but not so much that you’d hug them frontally.

The space directly in front of someone is actually part of their private space, and a stranger needs to be further away from you frontally as compared to when they’re sitting beside you to maintain a comfortable distance.

When you touch someone gently and lovingly in a frontal caress, it is almost definitely a romantic hug.

This kind of hug is sometimes exhibited in the case where someone is trying to comfort a friend.

The area where the caress falls on definitely plays a big part in differentiating a comforting hug of this nature versus a romantic one.


4. The Body Alignment

When you hug a friend, it is normally the faces, shoulders or arms which touch.

Even with the closest of friends, the hips and waists of the two people hugging hardly ever touch.

It is because the hips and waist are considered by most as a private and intimate area, so people don’t go around mashing these bits together.

In a romantic hug, the entire length of the bodies align with each other.

It can also be the case where one person is enveloped in the other person’s hug.

It shows a level of intimacy and closeness which will be absent in a friendly relationship no matter how close the two friends are.


5. The Place you Reach for – (#2 Obvious Platonic Relationship Definition Sign)

A hug that is mutual is always friendly. It means that one person asks for the hug and you respond.

The place you reach for in each other is similar or the same, often ending in hugging each other’s backs.

Romantic hugs tend to fall lower for the taller person involved in the hug, and the shorter person will reach higher up.

People of the same height will still place their hands lower in a romantic hug as compared to a friendly hug.


Conclusions on Platonic Relationship Definition

This list is by no way all inclusive or exhaustive.

Depending on the situation between the people involved and their personalities, things might turn out vastly different.

Rather than relying on lists compiled by someone else, it is often best to only use these as a reference.

And, still rely on your instincts to tell if your hug is a romantic or a friendly one, based on the feelings it spikes in your core.

It can be useful to know the difference between these two types of hugs.

As, it can help prevent a lot of misunderstandings, or even tell you when to make a move on that friend you’ve been eyeing.


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