Platonic Relationship Meaning: The Top 10 Bare Truths Revealed About What is a Platonic Friendship

Platonic Relationship Meaning: The Top 10 Bare Truths Revealed About What is a Platonic Friendship

Platonic Relationships are the mythical beasts of the dating world – people talk about it, so much has been said about it, but the eyewitnesses are scarce, if there’s even any. Which is why, it goes without saying that most people don’t believe such a friendship can exist.

For real though; Can a friendship between a man and a woman remain purely platonic, and they as nothing more than friends? The answer to that age-long question is somehow ambiguous and not very well documented. We can affirm that a Platonic Friendship between a man and a woman can exist in the short term, that is, until one of the two gives in to temptation or falls in love.


Platonic Relationship Meaning

The Question here is: Can a man and a woman stay platonic in the long-term? Let us have a look at the circumstances surrounding a successful Platonic Relationship, and what the people involved have to deal with … Enjoy!


1. You are “that couple” that’s not a couple

You do everything together, you’re together all the time, you’re close enough to know everything about each other, maybe even live together. Yet you’re not a couple. It can be really tiring and annoying explaining to the same friend for the fiftieth time that you’re not a couple. Even after telling the for the fifty-first time, they still don’t believe you. It’s okay though, because the two of you are going through this annoying thing together, and you have each other to complain to and joke about the situation with.


2. You don’t even remember when you started being friends

It’s the basic storyline of platonic friends – you’ve known each other forever, and you know just a little too much about each other to be romantically attracted to each other. It’s not a bad thing though! You probably have yourself a precious friend who others won’t even be able to find in a million years.


3. You can’t imagine having sex with them

You know the feeling you get when you think about your parents and their sexual escapades? Yeah, that feeling is oddly the same one you get when you think about having sex or anything sexual to do with your platonic friend. Just an uncomfortable, strange feeling of “Urggghh”.


4. They give good, honest advice

Your friend only wants the best for you, so when you ask for advice, they give you some which they think will result in the best-case scenario for you. They are not afraid to tell you the truth when it hurts because they know it’s for your own good. They have nothing to gain from telling you lies which might harm you, so only genuine advice spills forth from them.


5. They’re always there for you

They’re the kind of reliable friend you can rely on, and there’s no situation whereby you’re too embarrassed to ask for help. The opposite works true too, of course. Did you just run away from home and is in need of shelter and urgent finances? Have no fear, your friend is there for you. They’d provide it while counselling you to go home to settle that petty argument you had with your parents prior to escaping.
They share in your sadness, fears, joys and successes. They can empathize deeply with you no matter the scenario because of your level of closeness.


6. You don’t want to cock-block your friend

Since you’re constantly together, people around you and especially strangers are bound to think that both of you are taken by each other. You don’t want this perception to mar your friend’s chances of getting a partner or getting laid! You love hanging out with them, but at the same time this worry is constantly on your mind.


7. You have memorized a list of reasons as to why you can’t date each other

The list is not there to convince yourself, or your friend. The two of you came up with this list so that you can quickly and efficiently answer people who can’t mind their own business and keeps urging the two of you to date. It can really get on one’s nerves when there are 50 different people asking the same thing, so this list is the quickest solution to end it all.


8. One or both of you are happily in a romantic relationship with someone else

You see no logic in ending your friendship just because it makes your partner(s) uncomfortable. Your friend has been there way before your partner(s) have, and you know they’ll be there for you for a long time more to go. Romantic relationships come and go, so your partners either have to accept this platonic friend of yours, or find someone else to romance.


9. You have to appease your partners’ jealousy sometimes

It is not uncommon that you have to bring your friend to face your partner, so that you can both explain the nature of your friendship, and that your partner has nothing to worry about. It is not your partner’s fault though – having known each other for so long, the friendship radiating from you and your friend, together with your level of closeness is bound to make anyone jealous.


10. You promised to grow old together – in more than one way

You know you’ll be friends till the end of time, so that’s one of your promises, to be friends forever. You have also probably joked that if the two of you haven’t found a lover by the time your age hits the mid-century; you’d get married to each other. Not a bad deal in reality, compared to couples who spend every waking hour of their married life quarrelling and hating each other, it’s not a bad idea to spend the rest of your life with someone who’s been there for the first half!


Concluding Insights on Platonic Relationship Meaning

Platonic Friends are pretty much misunderstood by most people, and it leaves most people in disbelief that a Platonic Relationship can even exist.

They do though – if you happen to spot a couple happily involved in a Platonic Friendship, you’d just see how beautiful and special such a friendship can be.

Having understood the Platonic Relationship Meaning, it’s time for you to decide if a Platonic Friendship is for you, or you are looking for something more in a Dating Relationship. Join to find your ideal Dating Partners and Dating Relationships right away.


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