What Does Platonic Friends Mean: Top 10 Rules to Remain in a Platonic Friendship or Platonic Relationship

What Does Platonic Friends Mean: Top 10 Rules to Remain in a Platonic Friendship or Platonic Relationship

For a guy and girl who are Platonic Friends, the guy will often try to break the Platonic Friendship first.

If you ask any girl, she’ll tell you that guys she’s been friends with have always tried to go to the next base with her, even if they weren’t playing baseball in the first place.

The reverse could also be true for some guys. While it can be good for someone’s ego to be wanted by their friends, it can make the friendship awkward an uncomfortable when the attention you shower on your friend is unwanted.

Or worse, when one or both of you is attached.


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What Does Platonic Friends Mean

The optimal situation would be when both parties are single, you’re mutually attracted to each other, and you end up in a Romantic Relationship.

However, this is hardly ever the case. This is when we need to learn how to keep the relationship at a status quo – as Platonic Friends.

It would be pretty convenient if there were rules written out to follow, in order to maintain a platonic Relationship when you’re interested in someone.

Sadly, no such writing exists. Or does it? What do you think this article is for?

Let’s get started! … Enjoy our Top 10 Proven Insider Tips to Maintain a Successful Platonic Romance!


1. Be mindful of everything you say

When someone likes a person, they tend to see that person through rose colored glasses.

Everything that person says seems like an invitation or an encouragement for them to act on their actions.

Their brain is often not the best at making rational decisions at this stage.

Whether you’re the person who’s trying to cross the platonic line, or the one who’s trying to prevent the other person from crossing it, you need to be careful of what you say to your friend.

You won’t even realize how clingy or stupid you sound till you think back on it a few years later.

Or, as the person who’s being crushed on, you have no idea if what you’re saying is a major turn on for the person crushing on you. either way, keep your thoughts to yourself, and don’t say anything to your friend that you wouldn’t say to a stranger.


2. Talk it through

Yea right, who has heard of someone having a crush and actually telling their crush about the truth? No one. However, this is actually the best way to let things come to a proper closure.

Before you decide that you want to keep things platonic, you need to find out what the other person things.

If they reciprocate your crush, then it’s all good for you. If they tell you they only want to be friends, then it isn’t necessarily a bad thing either.

You already know that they’re not interested in you in that way, so you know for sure that the little things they accidentally do which makes your heart beat faster actually mean nothing.

It makes it easier to keep things platonic when you know for sure that the other person feels absolutely nothing for you in the romantic sense.


3. Keep your distance – (#1 Practical Advice on What Does Platonic Friends Mean)

If you’re trying to remain on platonic terms with someone, there’s no worse thing to do that constantly hang out with them, which might stoke the fires of your feelings for them.

It could be them who’s creating all these opportunities for you to further confuse your feelings because they don’t know what’s going on.

Which is why you need to talk about this situation with them as mentioned previously.

In that way, you could also cover some ground rules between the two of you.

What interaction with your friend is permissible which doesn’t cause your feelings for them to deepen?

It could be something like not spending too much time at each other’s’ houses, or not seeing each other after dark.

You have to know your own triggers in order to set up these rules.


4. Respect the Significant Others

If one or both of you are attached, be very mindful of the existing partners.

There are probably only a handful of partners worldwide who’re able to understand their significant others spending lots of time alone with someone of the opposite sex.

Everything you do or say, you need to ask yourself if your partner(s) would like it.

If you have the slightest doubt, just don’t go through with it


5. Don’t attempt to tease your friend

If you have a crush on someone and want to be more than just their platonic friend, it’s best that you suppress your feelings before you know how they feel about you.

If you start dressing differently or start hanging out with a whole bunch of other people of the same gender as your friend in an attempt to incite jealousy, you’ll be in for a bad time.

The first thought which will come to their minds is that you don’t have time for them anymore, and you’ll lose them even as a friend instead of getting your feelings reciprocated.


6. Treat them as friends of the same gender as yourself

You don’t touch your friends of the same sex in a suggestive manner, nor do you flirt with them.

A friend of the opposite sex should be treated in the same manner, there is absolutely no reason to act otherwise.

Touching and flirting can also give rise to unwanted feelings, whether in yourself or in your friend.

You don’t know how your actions and words can impact them emotionally.

If your intention is to keep your relationship with this friend as purely platonic friends, it’s best to refrain from touching them unnecessarily or flirting with them.

Touch is probably the worst tool for friends who’re trying to remain platonic.

You never know if what you consider as a “normal” touch is considered crossing the line in someone else’s books.


7. Don’t be impulsive

Just because you feel your heart racing every time you interact with this friend, does not mean that you definitely have to make them your boy/girlfriend.

The fact that they interact with you, does not mean that they’re romantically attracted to you. And, they’re under no obligation to reciprocate your feelings, even if you confess.

In fact, they might not even have anything to do with making your heart race – it’s all wishful thinking on your part.

As such, keep your feelings to yourself, and don’t brashly act upon them just because you think “the moment is right”. The same goes for sexual tension.

There might be some event in your lives where there is a brief spark of electricity between you, but that isolated event does not mean anything.

You might even have felt it on your own and your friend felt nothing. Just treat it as a random event which signifies nothing.


8. Don’t talk about anything with sexual connotations – (#2 Best Advice on What Does Platonic Friends Mean)

Conversations of the sexual nature can be really interesting to discuss, especially when it’s with someone you’re comfortable with.

However, it can be the bane of platonic friends because it lets the imagination run wild.

Just don’t do it.


9. Don’t act like a couple – (#2 Top Advice on What Does Platonic Friends Mean)

If you don’t want to be a couple, then don’t act like one.

Don’t cuddle under the sheets together while watching a movie.

Don’t touch each other carelessly.

Don’t go on trips together and stay in the same room alone together.

In short, don’t give yourself opportunities to mess up. Don’t set yourself up to fail.


10. Think of the consequences

Think about how comfortable your Platonic Friendship is right now, and how messed up it would be if you started dating each other when there are no clear feelings involved.

Being Platonic Friends can be pretty fun, it’s just like having another sibling to confide in and joke around with.

If you bring sex into the equation or try to force a Romantic Relationship to work, you might end up losing it all.

Think about that and factor it in before rushing into anything.


Concluding Insights on What Does Platonic Friends Mean

The relationship between Platonic Friends is a beautiful thing.

It is not easy to maintain, and also equally difficult to pull yourself back into the Platonic Dating state, when you’ve accidentally fallen for your friend.

If you just follow these 10 fundamental rules on Platonic Intimacy, things will get much easier for both you and your Platonic Friend.


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