What Is A Platonic Friendship: Top 6 Characteristics and the Meaning & Definition of a Platonic Relationship

What Is A Platonic Friendship: Top 6 Characteristics and the Meaning & Definition of a Platonic Relationship

We’ve all experienced a Platonic Friendship and Platonic Dating.

It’s one whereby you really like your friend, and the feelings of elation and excitement upon seeing them is pretty similar to those you get when you see your crush.

The difference lies in that you don’t wish to date this person, sleep with them, or pursue anything of a romantic nature with them.

Isn’t that such an odd Type of Dating Relationship to have?


What is a Platonic Friendship

Kind of, but not really. As said before, many of us have experienced this kind of friendship. Yes, even between members of the opposite gender.

People do not openly admit to feeling this way though – they’re afraid of what other people would say, when it comes to be known to everyone that they’re not interested in being romantically involved with that perfect human being they have a wonderful Platonic relationship with.

Just why?! It makes one feel inadequate somehow … Enjoy our extremely insightful sharings on What is a Platonic Friendship in this article!


The Importance of Platonic Friendships

With each passing birthday, you’ll come to realize that your social circle is shrinking further and further.

There are no exceptions to this rule unless the person is actively maintaining and expanding on their friend group.

We don’t mean acquaintances and connections, we mean friends.

As you get older you just have less energy and time to maintain friendships and make new ones.

It might also be because as you get older, you get wiser, and you start to realize that what constitutes a “friend” goes beyond liking the same activities and hanging out together when you have free time.

Which is why a Platonic Relationship is even all the rarer.

People who think along the same frequency hardly get the opportunity to run into each other.

This is all the more reason why you should maintain a Platonic Friendship if you have such a friend.

Getting involved in a Romantic Relationship with someone who gels well with you, but you’re not interested in dating would only cause you to lose a very good friend.

How do you spot a Platonic Friend so you don’t rush into making the wrong decisions to pursue them romantically? Let’s find out how.


Spotting a Platonic Friend in Platonic Dating & Platonic Intimacy


1. You finish each other’s sentences

You almost always know what they’re going to say, and the same works for them in your case, because the two of you think way too similarly.

It’s not that one of you is trying to do some apple polishing on the other – you just naturally think on the same frequency.

You approach things in the same way, and hold onto the same or similar values.


2. You follow them closely on social media

There’s following someone just for the sake of following back, or to check out their lives when you’re bored.

Then there’s following someone out of pure interest, because you want to know the details of what they do on the daily.

In fact, you want to know as soon as they do something, and you have no qualms against “liking” their posts or commenting on it.

Seeing their posts just makes your day!


3. You care about what they think – (#2 Meaning of What Is A Platonic Friendship)

You want this person to approve of everything you do or say, because they’re someone you respect as a person, and you value their thought process and any opinions they might have on you.

It might come down to the fact that you know you have the same way of thinking and find the same things in life important, so it’s like seeking a second approval from yourself.

It could also be that you value their rationality and decision making, so it matters to you when they disagree with you.


4. You want to know all about them – (#3 Meaning of What Is A Platonic Friendship)

This is in a way similar, yet different to that inquisitive phase you develop when you’re interested in someone romantically.

In the latter case, you want to know what kind of person they like, their dating preferences and other similar things because you’re interested in becoming their romantic interest.

In a Platonic Relationship when Platonic Dating, you want to know all about them because you find this person interesting.

And, you want to know what other similarities you have so that you can have other topics of conversation for a scintillating discussion with them.


5. You admire them. A lot.

You hold this Platonic Friend of yours in the highest esteem.

You love the way they go about doing things, and you aspire to achieve their level of competence.

No matter what they do, they do it flawlessly and perfectly in your eyes.

You want to be like them, but it’s not jealousy you feel.

You don’t harbor any ill feelings towards them, just pure respect and veneration. They are your inspiration.


6. You don’t want an intimate relationship with them – (#1 Meaning of What Is A Platonic Friendship)

With a Platonic Friendship and in such a Platonic Dating situation, you can love this person in all the ways you can think of, but there is absolutely no desire to get intimate with them.

You don’t feel the sexual tension you feel in a romantic relationship.

You don’t want to date this wonderful person.

You don’t want to get laid by this awesome friend.

You just want to be nothing more than friends (or perhaps close friends).


Concluding Insights on What is a Platonic Friendship: How to Successfully Maintain a Platonic Relationship

Being in a Platonic Friendship is something deemed as rather rare, but pretty much everyone has had one of these Platonic Friends at some point in their lives.

People just have to know how to spot such a relationship, and maintain it rather than ruin it by trying to pursue something further.

If you want to spot a precious Platonic Relationship so you can keep it alive, you’d do well by referring to the points above!


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