What is a Platonic Relationship: Demystifying the Mechanics, Meaning & Definition of a Platonic Friendship

What is a Platonic Relationship: Demystifying the Mechanics, Meaning & Definition of a Platonic Friendship

How common is it to see a man and a woman getting together out of coincidence, get together perfectly well, have interests which resonate deeply with each other, but remain nothing more than friends? The answer? This scenario is not common at all.

Usually, Platonic Friendships only exist when the parties involved are have been friends or at least acquaintances for the longest time, with their friendship surviving through the years where hormones rage and rule over rational thought.

Platonic Relationships are one of the best platforms where you can get an objective view of the other gender.

It is common for the guy in the Platonic Friendship to try and turn the friendship into a sexual one.


What is a Platonic Relationship

Let us help you demystify the “ins” and “outs” of a Platonic Friendship in this article … Enjoy!


1. Why do Men Find it so Difficult to Remain Friends with a Woman? – (#1 Question on What is a Platonic Relationship)

When a man is in a Platonic Relationship with a woman who is attractive to him, he finds it really difficult to see her as just a friend. He will get urges to commit some form of sexual act if he can get away with it.

It’s ingrained in his DNA and the genetics of a man to seek out a mate. If he fails to understand that trying to cross the line with you will bring more harm than good to your relationship, he will always try to attempt something sexual and go further down the bases. He needs to calculate the pros and cons of following his desires blindly.

If a woman only wants to maintain a Platonic Friendship with her male friend, their platonic relationship could very well cross the line even if she’s keeping her distance, because her male friend is actively trying to cross over to her side.


2. Do an Evaluation of Your Need for this Platonic Friendship

At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself this question – how much do you need to be involved in this Platonic Relationship?

If it’s stressing you out and causing you undue anxiety, you probably want to reconsider keeping this guy as a friend.

You’ll most probably be confusing a lot of people by staying in a Platonic Friendship like this.

You’ll be confusing your family and friends, not to mention your significant other who’ll probably feel insecure over the existence of someone of the same gender as themselves who’s so close to you and probably knows you better than they do.

There’ll be a lot of constant explaining to do, and appeasing your partner in the case that they feel threatened or jealous by your platonic friend.

Even after you do so much for the sake of maintaining this Platonic Relationship, you never know if your friend will do the same for you, or betray you by forcing themselves over the line.


3. Maintaining a Platonic Relationship

If you don’t identify with any of the concerns mentioned above, and you feel that your bestie and yourself are above the trials and tribulations which other Platonic Friends go through, it might very well be the best outcome for you to maintain the status quo and remain as friends.

It won’t be an easy relationship to maintain, but it’ll be a long-lasting one full of rewarding, new experiences.


To help you out, there are the top most Two Essential Rules you must absolutely live by:


(A) Avoid Excessive Physical Contact

Unless one of you in the relationship is gay, it is absolutely forbidden to engage in acts which permit you excessive levels of physical contact.

Hugging for oh-too-long or cuddling under a warm blanket together on a cold night could perpetuate thoughts which encourage one or both of you to cross the line.

Even if it seems like it’s justified, avoid prolonged physical contact even if he’s looking at your hand to remove a splinter, or you’re holding onto his arm while walking because it makes you feel safe.

Think of it this way – put yourself in a 3rd party’s shoes, and if you think that what you’re about to do would make you misunderstand your relationship with your friend from that point of view, don’t do it. Simple as that.


(B) Remove the Triggers

People are curious of the unknown. It is partially because you’ve never seen or explored each other’s’ bodies that the temptation is so alluring.

Of course, this is no reason for the two of you to carry out sexual acts to satisfy your curiosity. You can never turn back once you go there.

What you need to do is to find a way to view each other in a non-sexual way. You can do this by spending more time with them (ironically), and trying to find points about them which disgust you.

Alternatively, you could think about what are absolute deal-breakers for you in a partner, and try to find these points in your friend.

In the fateful event that a sexual encounter nearly happens between you and your friend, make a joke out of it and highlight how silly they are for acting that way.

Even if you feel obligated to respond to your friend in that scenario, never give in to temptation if you intend to keep this relationship platonic.


Concluding Insights on What is a Platonic Relationship: How to Successfully Maintain a Platonic Friendship

Maintaining a Platonic Relationship can be extremely exhausting and might be difficult to do without hurting your friend’s feelings.

However, if you persevere and succeed, there’s a lot of rewards to be reaped from such a special “close friend to close friend” sincere relationship.

Such benefits include having a trusted and reliable someone who can be your worthy confidant, companion, listening ear, emotional support, pillar of wisdom. Your Platonic Friend can also provide you with unbiased, truthful, grounded and valuable advice, from the perspective of someone who genuine cares for you.


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