Bisexual Dating: Every Lady's Essential Guide to Dating a Bi Sexual Guy & Top 5 Best Bi Dating Advice & Relationship Tips

Bisexual Dating: Every Lady’s Essential Guide to Dating a Bi Sexual Guy & Top 5 Best Bi Dating Advice & Relationship Tips

So you’ve finally decided to take the plunge, to try and date a guy who may not necessarily be of a conventional sexual orientation.

First off, kudos to you because not many people would be willing to do that. As much as we would hate to say, ladies tend to shun Bisexual men like the plague.

That’s their loss really, because bisexual guys may probably be the nicest bunch of people you’d meet.

Here are few things to just take note of, before dating a bi-guy …


Bisexual Dating

Here’s the Ladies’ Essential Guide to dating a Bisexual guy … Enjoy our Top 5 Dating Tips & Dating Advice on Bi Dating too!


1. Understand that they may be having a bit of an identity crisis – (Top #1 Bisexual Dating Advice)

A significant number of bi-guys have been rejected by their dates, because they were simply too upfront about telling their dates that they are bisexual early on in the relationship.

Yes, bisexual guys certainly know that open and honest communication is key in a healthy relationship.

However, they do not know how you’d take to the news of them being romantically attracted to individuals of both genders.

Bi-guys are afraid that you may develop a sense of distrust or apprehension towards them, or worst, avoid and ghost them altogether.

It takes a lot for a partner to understand this aspect of bi-guys; that they are capable of loving you wholeheartedly if they’ve chosen to commit to you seriously as a partner.

Thus, it can be difficult for them to be 100% open and honest to you about their sexual orientation – especially right at the beginning of your relationship, because they are not sure how you’d react to this piece of unexpected news.


2. They watch all sorts of pornography – so don’t freak out – (Best #2 Bisexual Dating Tip)

Bisexual men watch a wide variety of porn (gay porn, bi porn, straight porn, lesbian porn) because it turns them on.

So don’t be a prude and go all dramatic, just because you see these sorts of porn appearing in his Google search history.

Even if they’re not exactly your cup of tea, maybe you could be a little more open about this because porn is really something people enjoy watching just for fun and it’s just fantasy.


3. They may exhibit certain characteristics of the other gender

Your gay guy friends are gonna be telling you, “you know your boyfriend’s actually gay right?”.

That’s because full-blown gays may think that bi-guys could still be in that transition phase of getting out of the closet, so that’s why they are still on the fence (bi-sexual).

Therefore, take this information in with a pinch of salt, if not you’d be driven nuts.


4. They tend not to be extremely masculine – (Interesting #3 Characteristic of Bisexual Dating)

Bi-guys are superficially deemed more masculine, just because they also go to bed with women.

Not only is this stereotype untrue, it is bi-phobic, sexist and homophobic at the same time!

It may be you trying to take things a little too far with your imagination, but not all Bi Sexual guys are macho and manly just because they sleep with the ladies.


5. He’s not your typical f*ck buddy

Many straight ladies actually perceive their bisexual partner to be their gay BFF whom they make out and have sex with.

They don’t actually foresee themselves to be romantically attracted to bi-guys and want a serious and committed relationship with them.

This makes bi-guys feel like they’re being exploited and made used of because bi-guys can also develop real feelings for women too.


Concluding Insights on Bisexual Dating

Sure, it may take awhile for you to get a hang of how to manage a relationship with a Bisexual guy, but it’s not that tough really. They’re humans too.


(Last Updated: 30 May 2020)


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