Bisexual Dating Sites: Top 6 Free & Best Dating Apps & Dating Websites for Bisexuals to Achieve Success in Bi Dating

Looking for the best and free Bisexual Dating Sites to achieve success in bi dating?

Logically speaking, Bi Sexual individuals tend to experience more success in finding a partner for Casual Encounters or Hookups.

That’s because the numbers are in their favor – they can select from both the Heterosexual as well as the LGBTQ+ pool of potential partners.

If you belong to this lucky group of individuals known as Bisexuals, we’d highly recommend the following 6 Online Dating Apps & Online Dating Sites for your needs … Enjoy!


Bisexual Dating Sites: Knowing the Top, Best & Free Dating Apps & Dating Websites for Bi Dating


1. BiCupid (

BiCupid claims to be ‘The World’s Largest and Bisexual Dating’ website.

Established in 2003 under Successful Matches (which is one of the more reputable dating platforms in the industry), you are bound to find someone suitable for you be it if you are bi-curious, gay, lesbian, straight, bisexual or even a bi-couple!

Explore your sexuality with open minded, hot individuals and couples who are keen in BDSM and threesome as well! The possibilities are endless.

Why not have a try at it, since it’s free to join?


2. Match (

Match needs no introduction because it’s probably one of the most well-known and successful Dating Apps around.

Because of its popularity, it attracts people of all sexual orientations (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, bi curious), ages, ethnicities and background.

Select your preferences and Match would recommend you suitable dates that share the same interests, hobbies and lifestyle as you.


3. Hornet (

Hornet is a social platform designed by gay men for gay men; therefore you can be assured that they sure as hell know their stuff!

They have a huge network of over 25 million members in different parts of the world so you can find queer men who live near you or just about anywhere around the world!

In addition to that, Hornet have also adopted the hashtag system where you would be able to find gay men who share the same interests as you so you can message and connect with them!

This site also allows you to create posts that reflect your personality and interests that would encourage interaction between users on this platform!



Sick and tired of fake users and spam accounts, wasting lots of your precious time on genuine dates in social networking sites?

SCRUFF prides itself on having 100% real members as their team efficiently eliminates inactive accounts and deletes spammers off their platform.

With more than 15 million gay men to interact with, your life with SCRUFF would never be the same again!

You even get to be on the forefront with GBTQ events and parties and pride parades to meet like-minded gay men too.

Furthermore, with its ‘Venture’ feature, gay men who travel often would be in for a treat!

Talk to other queer men at your travel destination to get local tips and upload your travel itinerary so gay men within that location would know when you are arriving!


5. Surge (

A firm believer of #NoLabels, here at Surge you are encouraged to be whoever you want to be!

There’s certainly no judgment to be yourself on this platform.

With a whopping 10 million monthly chat sent within this Gay Dating Website and 3.5 million plus members, you may just find your soul mate here!

Upgrade to premium to view users who like you and message them for a chance at love!


6. HappyMatches

HappyMatches will overwhelm even your highest expectations, if you are looking for a phenomenal and second-to-none Online Dating experience as a Bi.

Be sure to either register your “Suitor” account (highly preferred), or “Date” account.


Concluding Insights on Bisexual Dating Sites

The possibilities are endless. In fact, you’d be so spoilt for choice, you might have a few to choose from in a given night!

The trick to maintaining this privilege is to make sure you never reveal your sexual orientation to people around you.

That way, you’ll always get to enjoy the perks of whatever the hookup and casual dating scene has to offer you!


(Last Updated: 7 June 2020)


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