Best Casual Dating Apps: Top 6 Best Dating Apps for Different Types of Casual Relationship Seekers

Best Casual Dating Apps: Top 6 Best Dating Apps for Different Types of Casual Relationship Seekers

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all. And the same rule applies for Online Dating.

In order to fully maximize what the internet has to offer, a myriad of dating platforms targeting different niche audiences have begun to spawn almost overnight.

It’s not a surprise really, given that all individuals have a diverse range of taste and preferences.


Best Casual Dating Apps

Here, we share with you the Top 6 Best Casual Dating Apps to explore for different niche audiences looking for Casual Relationships … Enjoy!


2. For an elite audience –

The name of the website says it all – it’s like any other dating platform, only that a restricted group of people are allowed to use it. This website prides itself on serving an elite crowd, because obviously only the elites wouldn’t mind paying for its subscription fees. Why would an elite want to date an elite you ask? Well we aren’t very sure either. Perhaps it increases the chances of a ‘true love’, one who isn’t just looking for a sugar mummy / daddy? Well that’s just our guess. The site boasts a 385,000+ additional members every month, and that 85% of their registered users are highly educated. If this fits your bill, go check it out!


3. For a mature audience –

Worried that your age might put people off? This website serves an audience that is slightly more mature. Well obviously you’re still going to find young users here, but chances of finding someone of a slightly more mature age (say 38 and above) are higher here. features a very clean and easy-to-use layout that guides the user through a step-by-step registration process. It seems to us that this website has more users looking for serious relationships rather than casual ones, but who knows you might be lucky!


4. For a ladies only –

You’re a lady looking for a lady? Nevermind if you’re heterosexual or homosexual; the site doesn’t discriminate, and we don’t either. It’s a place for like-minded ladies to find each other to get into a range of relationships – casual, serious and what not. The site supports users through communities and HER-hosted events to facilitate mingling and people to get together and make friends. It also focuses A LOT on safety since there is a dedicated team of moderators looking through profiles 24/7 (or so they claim) to sieve out any suspicious characters. Go on and try it!


5. For BDSM and alternative lifestyle lovers –

The go-to platform for people with a BDSM fetish – the site boasts 977,000+ users looking to find someone for an alternative lifestyle and explore all sorts of fetish. If you’re one of those with a fetish that you’re afraid to reveal, this might be the place to do it. Where bondage is concerned, there is an exploding number of users across all categories – self bondage, shibari, Japanese bondage, lesbian bondage, latex bondage and rope bondage; not to mention that this categories continue to expand by the day as people get more creative with their BDSM activities. The site is very well-maintained and we reckon it’ll give you your bang for your buck.


6. For men only –

Now this is what we call no-nonsense. The name of the site says it all – gay friend finder. When it comes to men-looking-for-men platforms, Grindr might come into mind. But most users who prefer GFF often commented that the former is far too impersonal. The website spots a clean feel, and it’s pretty easy to navigate around. We suppose GFF works best for users looking for a long-term serious relationship as opposed to a casual one. So if you feel Grindr’s not for you, why not check out GFF?


Concluding Insights on the Best Casual Dating Apps

Just make sure that you’re clear about what you’re looking for in these platforms so that other users don’t get confused.

Surely, you wouldn’t want to waste your time meeting up with that person for a quick booty call, only to realize that he or she isn’t into that sort of a meet?

In any case, stay safe and have fun!


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