Casual Dating App: 7 Best Hookup Apps & One Night Stand App Which have Successfully Withstood the Test of Time

Casual Dating App: 7 Best Hookup Apps & One Night Stand App Which have Successfully Withstood the Test of Time

Fancy a Casual Date, but don’t know where to start? You want to find your ONS, Fling, Casual Encounter and Hook Up. And you want to know how!

We understand your pains – after all there are thousands of Casual Dating App options out there vying for your attention.


Casual Dating App: Knowing Which Casual Encounters Apps to Use

Here, we have done the very difficult job of curating the 7 Best Casual Dating App platforms, which are most likely able to help you score your desired attractive Casual Hookup dates … Enjoy!


1. Happy Matches ( – (World’s #1 Best Casual Dating App)

HappyMatches is the World’s Premier & No. 1 Dating App and Dating Site for Casual Relationships.


2. Tinder (

Need we say more about Tinder? Tinder is probably one of the most popular Hook Up Apps among users, where Casual Relationships is concerned.

Boasting one of the largest number of users, and the highest number of successful matches to date (over 6 billion, mind you!), it would be pretty difficult not to score a Casual Date with this Casual Dating App.

It’s obvious why Tinder works for so many – the interface is clean, it’s user friendly, and most importantly, it serves the very purpose which it exists for.

So if you���re looking for somewhere to start looking for your One Night Stand or Casual Fling partner, look no further.


3. OKCupid (

The interesting bit about OKCupid is that users get to attempt a variety of questionnaires, and their responses allow the website’s algorithms to match users accordingly.

That way, OKCupid ensures that only users who are compatible with each other to a certain extent cross paths.

This smart algorithm really reduces the amount of time people spend on dating apps significantly since suggested matches are mostly relevant.

That of course, assumes that users attempt those questionnaires truthfully.

Given that it’s after all still an Online Dating App, we would say that users are not too keen in going through a tedious process – they just want to hook-up with somebody fast.


4. AbsoluteHookup (

As the name of the app suggests, it’s perfect for people looking for instant gratification, but surely it is not somewhere to look for a Serious Relationship date.

This Hookup App has quite a number of active users, and it actively encourages users to upload high-res images, so that their profile would be “bumped” up to the top of the page.


5. Blendr (

One of Blendr’s best features would be its location and proximity filter, which allows you to find potential Casual Dates who are literally a stone’s throw away from you.

It’s especially useful when you’re out partying, and not quite in the mood for someone to turn you down.

Just whip out your phone, launch the Blendr app and voila! You’ll be on your way to some sexy good time.

This Hookup App boasts a huge user base of over 200 million, so we’ll say you’re in pretty good hands there.


6. Pure (

Signing up with Pure is fast and easy – almost instantaneous.

Because all you need, is a nice, flattering selfie of yourself to get started.

We would consider it a no-frills app that you use to quickly Hook Up with someone who is in need of a good f*ck.

The Hook Up App places a limit on conversation duration, but that really doesn’t bother us since the Hooking Up would already be underway by then.


7. Whiplr (

Whiplr is the go-to app if you’re into fetish and kinks that you’re afraid people might judge you for.

The great thing about having Casual Flings Apps like this is that you get to explore all sorts of weird things that get people off – things that you’d never imagine.

The founders of Whiplr are certainly happy to see the community growing, alongside the list of fetish as more users register on its Online Dating App.

It’s an amazing app to explore even if it’s just for fun. After all, you’ll never know what new ideas you can bring to the bedroom, after just 10 minutes of exploring here!


Concluding Insights on the Best Casual Dating App for Casual Encounters

Haven’t started your search yet? You should really get going before all the hot chicks get taken up!

Not to worry though because we’re sure you’d be fine by yourself since there’s so many readily available high-res images in these Casual Dating apps 😉


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