Casual Dating Rules: Top 5 Must-Knows If You're Looking for a Casual Relationship or Casual Encounters in 2019

Casual Dating Rules: Top 5 Must-Knows If You’re Looking for a Casual Relationship or Casual Encounters in 2019

Try asking how your parents or even grandparents met, and it won’t be long before you realize how much the times have changed.

The possibilities of Online Dating have opened up thanks to the technology that has enabled them – today, hundreds of Dating Apps and Dating Sites are available for singles looking for a Serious Relationship to find their special someone to spend a lifetime with.

Not surprisingly, many other Online Dating Apps and Online Dating Sites also offer other types of modern Casual Dating alternatives. This includes Casual Encounters, One Night Stand, Hook Up, Open Relationship, Friends With Benefits or a Casual Relationship.

If you’re looking to explore the exciting possibilities of dating online, these are the 5 Extremely Important Casual Dating Rules you need to know if you are looking for Casual Dating Partners in 2019.


Casual Dating Rules for Casual Relationship & Casual Encounters

Here, we share the 5 Golden Casual Dating Rules, Advice & Tips you should always bear in mind for your Casual Relationship and Casual Encounters … Enjoy!


1. Find Your Date Via a Dating App or Dating Site First

A couple of years ago, the easy way to score a Casual Date is to hop down to a bar or a club. Fast forward to 2019, people use Online Dating Apps to score booty calls and dates.

As found by an online survey done by eHarmony, they discovered that a whopping 27 percent of adults utilize dating apps these days; as compared to a mere 10 percent in 2013. That’s almost triple the increment (and we are certain the number’s just gonna keep going up!)

Moreover, Dating Apps and Dating Sites are gaining popularity nowadays, and Online Dating is slowly but surely becoming a norm.

Young adults are embracing these ways of socializing and getting to know others through various Best Dating Apps and Best Dating Sites. So, ditch the drinks and hop on the bandwagon and join an Online Dating App!


2. Be Ahead and Get to Know the Online Dating App or Online Dating Site

Truth to be told, not all Top Dating Apps and Top Dating Sites are created the same and each app is known for different purposes.

If you are keen on a stable and serious dating relationship, you can consider Happy Matches, Coffee Meets Bagel or Hinge.

However, if you are in for some fun Casual Relationship or a Casual Hook Up, you can consider HappyMatches, Bumble or Tinder.

Getting to know the overall vibe of the Dating App or Dating Website can help you to understand the general types of people thronging these different Dating Apps, and you may be able to score yourself whatever you want!

No judgment here, just promise to have loads of fun!


3. Gender Equality is The New Rule

It doesn’t matter who pays for the date, or who calls or texts first.

In 2019, everyone is on equal ground and gender shouldn’t even be in the equation!

What’s important is to play nice, be respectful and things will probably turn out great during your date or Hookup ~  Enjoy it with your bae!


4. Always Practice Safe Sex and Safeguard Your Well-Being

Guard yourself and always be ready because you don’t want to be caught unaware and become pregnant or catch a nasty sexually transmitted disease.

Always be ready for such circumstances and prepare a condom in your purse or wallet.

You certainly don’t want to be killing the mood nor do you want to risk yourself just for a moment of fun and excitement.


5. Don’t Over-Analyze

Stop stalking your date and trying to see which girl’s photos he liked or whose photo he commented on and getting all zealously jealous you wish you could die.

Also, there’s totally nothing to decipher from the Tweet he wrote or the new Facebook status he posted.

All these stresses are self-inflicted and should not be the cause of your misery because of the mere existence of social media and your phone.

You have got better things to do and your life is worth more than this, so ditch your phone and move on to more purposeful things!


Concluding Casual Dating Rules for Casual Relationship & Casual Encounters

Feeling ready for a Casual Date now? Be sure to be cognizant of the above 5 valuable Casual Dating Rules.

Thereafter, Google away! There’re plenty of the established Best Dating Apps and Best Dating Websites to get you started.

Apart from which you can trust, just try not to get scammed and never key in your credit card details until you’re certain that the Free Dating Apps or Free Dating Sites you’re intending to use is going to give you your bang for your buck.

Good luck with seeking out your Casual Dates for your Casual Relationships and Hook Ups!


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