How To Casually Date: Top 5 Must-Know Casual Dating Tips for Ladies Who Are Casual Dating

How To Casually Date: Top 5 Must-Know Casual Dating Tips for Ladies Who Are Casual Dating

Casual Dating ought to be fun, senseless and free from emotional baggage that comes along with a Serious Relationship.

But in order for these good things to happen, ever girl’s got to play by the Casual Relationship Rules, and know how to casually date.


How to Casually Date

Here, we share the 5 Golden Rules that ladies should always bear in mind in Casual Dating … Enjoy!


1. Don’t lead him on if you have zero intentions

You don’t want to keep him hopeful or end up heartbroken so it is crucial for you to let him know that you just want it casual.

You don’t have to necessarily say it in his face right the moment when you meet him, but just subtly put into your conversations that goes something like this, “I really enjoy your company and spending time together with you, but I would like you to know that I’m not really looking for anything serious at this moment in time”.

Get him to think about this and see if he is still keen to continue with this Casual Relationship.

Perhaps he is also on the same wavelength and you have scored yourself a date, but if he isn’t it’s better to let him go as he is probably looking for a serious and committed relationship which you wouldn’t be able to fulfill in the long-run.


2. Treat him with basic respect

As with all Dating Relationships, whether a Serious Relationship, Casual Relationship or even something in the grey areas; it is important to treat everyone with dignity and respect.

Even though you may think this Casual Date is short-term and that there is a high chance that you will never ever see him again, you still have to give him the respect that all human beings deserve.

Don’t think you would be able to get away because you’ll never know when karma’s a b*tch.


3. Explore as much as you want

Precisely because there are no strings attached in casual dating, you don’t have to abide by the restrictions that a Serious Relationship entails; for instance, checking in regularly with your bae, being sensitive to his feelings and spending almost all your time with him.

You can meet as and when you like, and leave as and when you please. Ahh… What a liberating feeling!

Besides, you should always take the chance to explore what you have always wanted to – if you ever wondered how it is like to be involved in a threesome, go ahead and set it up.


4. Date a few different men on the go

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, a very wise saying indeed. This is especially so when you are Casually Dating, don’t just go with one man.

When you are casually dating only one man, you may over-rely on him and feelings may inevitably develop over time. The great thing about casual dating is that you can see as many people as you like and that is your given right.

If you are able to handle just casually dating one person, by all means, go ahead. However, it is often good to have variety and not invest entirely just on one person.

You’ll never know when he may end the casual relationship and you would end up all alone. There are plenty more fish in the sea, so cast your net out far and wide.


5. Don’t treat him you as if you were his serious girlfriend

There’s certainly no room for possessiveness in Casual Dating. You are not his, neither is he exclusively yours.

Thus, if you see him on Instagram posing intimately with a girl, don’t kick a big fuss and tell him off. Neither can he show any sign of displeasure when he sees you at the club with another man.

Once there is even a tinge of possessiveness, shut him down and move on to the next.


Concluding Insights to Ladies on How to Casually Date

The rule of thumb is this – if you ever find yourself feeling lots of heartache, you’re probably doing it all wrong.

People involved in casual dating have no interest in getting embroiled into emotional problems and unnecessary drama.

Just enjoy yourself with this guy, then move on to the next. That’s about it, really. This is how to Casually Date.


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