Define Fling: Top 4 Reasons Why a Fling or Hook Up Casual Relationship is More Excruciating An Experience Than You Think

Define Fling: Top 4 Reasons Why a Fling or Hook Up Casual Relationship is More Excruciating An Experience Than You Think

Casual Relationships tend to pan out well for the emotionless, heartless person.

That’s because these people hardly feel anything even when such an Open Relationship ends.

For those who tend to take Casual Dating relationships too seriously, they may not be able to tolerate the unexpected, brutal heartaches that come with even casual relationships.

While such Casual Hookups are supposed to be fleeting, some are just too emotionally attached, and end up developing feelings for their Fling partners.

When that happens, the pain is excruciating. Here’s why it happens in these NSA Relationships … Read On!


Define Fling: Top 4 Struggles associated with Casual Relationships (eg. Casual Flings & Hookups)

Casual Encounters and One Night Stand hook ups can be more excruciating an experience then you think.

Here’s the Top 4 Reasons “Why” this is so … Enjoy!


1. It’s tougher to find closure with flings – (Issue #1 When You Define Fling Relationship)

In long term Committed Relationships, during a breakup, you can bawl, mope and grieve openly.

So more often than not, you get closure.

On the contrary, for Flings, Hookups and other types of Casual Relationships, you dare not weep openly when it ends.

Because you are afraid to be seen as crazy and absurd, by the people around you.

This is because such Non Monogamous Relationships are merely known to be short-lived and fleeting casual encounters.

Nobody would really understand your heartbreak.

Oddly enough, these are the same Dating Relationships that keep you awake at 1am at night, thinking about the “what ifs”.

And, feeling all sore and heartbroken, because you never had a chance to pursue it further, and see what happens.


2. Your temporary haven disappears – (Practical #2 Way to Define Fling Experience)

Casual Flings are great at suppressing negativity, and the harsh realities of life.

When you are with your Hook Up, you get briefly transported to a place of joy, enjoyment and fun.

You forget how much your job sucks, you overlook the problems you have with your family, or the fact that your marriage is falling apart.

Therefore, when your One Night Stand partner decides to leave, it is like your emotional band aid is ripped out.

This leaves you feeling raw, hurt and vulnerable.

You suddenly lose this key distraction, that has been numbing the troubles and realities you are facing in your life.


3. It hurts because love was never in the picture

It is nothing but a fantasy because the love probably wasn’t even real or genuine to begin with.

In fact, it is so fleeting that you may have thought it was just a dream… your deepest darkest fantasy.


4. It’s akin to “you are not good enough for me”

During a Casual Relationship, it is likely that you are dressed to the nines, adorned with the sexiest lingerie and looking confident, hot and irresistible.

As such, your Fling partner would probably only see, the best version of yourself.

You would not be caught dead without make-up, with a bad hair day, or wearing no smile but a grumpy black face.

Or wearing your casual home clothes and comfy granny panties, like how you would really be in real life.

In fact, there are many aspects of you which he would never ever see (eg. bawling and insecure about your weight, lonesome and spending a boring weekend night at home alone etc…).

For that reason, a break-up with a Casual ONS partner can be the worst sort of rejection.

Because he’s only seen the glitzy and glamorous side of you; and yet he still didn’t seem to like it enough to stay…


Define Fling: Concluding Insights & Advice When Embarking on Casual Relationships (eg. Casual Fling & Hook Up)

The important thing to remember about Casual Relationships then, is to NEVER take them seriously.

Understand that these Casual Flings, Hook Ups and Casual Encounters, are just out there to fulfill your sexual needs and cravings.

Even if they do seem like potential soulmates or long term Serious Relationship partners, don’t be fooled.

Often, these people hide behind a highly desirable facade, just so that they can get laid with the people they meet.

They certainly do not have your best interests in their mind. So you’ll be foolish to believe all that they are saying, at face value.

Remember – safeguard your well-being, and just enjoy the Casual Sex with your open relationship Flings.

They are really NOTHING more, we emphasize – than MERE Flings.

Don’t get too attached to them, nor expect more out of them. Otherwise, the ONLY person who will get hurt, is none other than YOURSELF!

Be Wise – Enjoy your Casual Dating and No Strings Attached relationships WHILST they last!


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